What isthe accounting information systems(AIS)? In simple words, an AIS is something that predates computers. It is a combination of processes that involves a lot of steps. For instance, a student studying this needs to gather data about all the accounting transactions taking place within an organisation, record and organise it, summarise it and finally draft the financial statements and reports that can be referred for internal as well as external purposes.

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Remember the Three Basic Functions OfAccounting Information Systems


Tired of solving this riddle while doing assignments onthe business process? Don’t worry, we have covered it all for you.The first step towards working uponMAC002A Accounting Information Systems assessmentsis to know how an AIS functions.

So, here are the 3 basic functions of an AIS:

  1. Gathering and processing data
  2. Equipping the decision-makers with appropriate information
  3. Monitor the data processes

So, when you are given an assignment on AIS, these are the functions around which the assignment must be formulated.

How Reliable IsAccounting Information Systemsfor a Firm?

The main reason why an AIS is reliable is that it stores a lot of valuable information that is crucial for any organisation. Therefore, five basic principles can easily tell us how reliable anaccounting information systemis.

These are:

  1. Security- This is the factor by which a system and its data can be monitored and also access to data can be limited to only those users who are authorised.
  2. Confidentiality- How sensitive information can be protected from unauthorised disclosure.
  3. Privacy- With the help of an AIS, the personal information that is collected and used is safe.
  4. Processing integrity- An AIS also lets a user process the data completely and accurately
  5. Availability- AIS is always available to cater to the operational and contractual obligations.

Write MAC002A Assignments Just Like AnAccounting Expert!

Accounting Expert Sample

In this modern competitive world, every student is aiming to outshine others and what’s a better way to do this other than a MAC002A assessment?

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For this assignment, the requisite is to know the parts of an accounting information system. This is because when we are aware of the parts of the system, only then we will be able to determine how the system affects the business process in an organisation.

These are:

  1. Those people who use AIS, which include people like accountants, business analysts, managers, etc.
  2. All the instructions and procedure that are useful in collecting, storing, processing and retrieving data
  3. All the information that is fed into the AIS, also known as data.
  4. All the computer programs that become helpful in processing the data.
  5. The hardware that becomes useful for the AIS to operate. This is also known as information technology infrastructure.
  6. The security measures that are used to protect data

Primarily, for these assignments, the most common form is a case study.

Have a look at the two case studies that have come to us under this question.

Case study 1:

Case study 1

Case study 2:

Case study 1

As you now know the parts of anaccounting information system, based on these case studies, you would be able to relate those parts and their functions with the business process going on in an organisation. This way, you will be able to represent this information in the form of an organised flow chart.

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