Legislation For Australian Citizens Moving Abroad
March 19, 2019
Author : Ashley Simons

Do you have an assignment in which you have to travel abroad and look for the legislations and rules? Are you looking for rules and regulations for a person travelling abroad or moving abroad? Then this guide is for you. My Assignment Services conducted an investigation of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade for this.

Here is a quick guide of everything that you should know in order to advise your clients properly. Remember, your assignment answer should cover the details that are mentioned by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

But the law assignment help expert made the job easier for you.

Few tips that you should advise your client traveling abroad

There are a couple of things that every law assignment writer should keep in mind and they are called hot tips. These hot tips are what that are going to make a solid ground of argument for your assignment.

So, if you have to advise a client travelling abroad, make sure that your assignment answer has the following tips in it -

  1. Subscribe to a travel insurance that covers all the places your client intends to visit. Elaborate on the use and application of having a travel insurance and why it is better for your client to take a travel insurance.

  2. The client should register themselves with the travelling agency of the Australian government. Why? Because you never know how the tides may turn. Therefore, your details should be with an organisation who can reach you in case of an emergency.

  3. It is better to have a passport whose validity is for at least 6 months from the planned date of return. Never advise a client to travel with a passport that is set to expire any time soon even if he says “I like to live dangerously.”

  4. Conduct a medical research on behalf of the client. For example, if the person is travelling to the UK, see what medical requirements does the UK government have imposed on the influx of tourists. This will allow you to recommend any vaccination that is needed to be able to travel to the desired country.

  5. Suppose your client is a working professional, a businessman, who is travelling abroad. In such a case, as their lawyer, you should ask them to appoint a power of attorney and have an updated will signed. This will allow to mitigate any legal complications that could arise if the traveller leaves this mortal world behind.

If your client is working overseas, do they pay taxes?

Okay, this might hurt to learn. Be it any profession, if you are a resident of Australia and are working overseas, you are still liable to pay taxes. This means that you have to pay tax to the Australian government on the foreign income that you are earning.

Does that mean that they do not have to pay taxes in the country they are working in?

No. Imagine that your client is a business analyst and is a resident of Australia. Now, he got an opportunity to work at the Silicon Valley and flew away. Now, the income he is earning while in the USA is subject to taxes as per the tax laws of the US.

Apart from that, he is also a resident of Australia and earning some income as an Australian national. Therefore, the Australian government will also charge tax on their worldwide income.

Hence, he has to pay tax in the two countries.

What are the identified foreign incomes?

The Australian Taxation Office identifies the following categories of foreign income that falls under the taxable income -

  1. Pensions and annuities that you are receiving from foreign are taxable. Certain pensions relating to World War II are exempted from this.

  2. All the income that is earned from a foreign service employment is taxable. The income of personnel employed in defence forces, police, international organisations and aid projects is exempted.

  3. You have to pay tax on the passive income received from interest, portfolio dividends, royalties and rent.

  4. The tax is charged on the income you earn through exports of goods and services that is defined as foreign income that does not meet the branch profits condition.

  5. The capital gains from the assets you have overseas are also subject to taxes.

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