There is a diverse scope of persuasive writing in the world today. There are different forms of persuasive writing such as advertisements, op-eds, reviews, and more across a vivid range of media channels.

Just as the name suggests, 'persuasive language' is a potent writing form used to emphasise any point and exhibit a stance on an issue. This is done to convince the readers of a particular viewpoint or opinion. Our academic assignment help experts cannot even deny the intricacies of this language; an amalgamation of extensive research and meticulous use of words to demonstrate the writer's point of view and convince the readers that viewpoint is what persuasive writing deals with.

My Assignment Services is a professional online platform with a vast pool of dedicated academic writers in the team. Our experts have helped several students learn persuasive language techniques to improve their writing calibre. In this blog, we will be dealing with some of those techniques. Let us begin.

7 persuasive principles

Top Persuasive Language Techniques That You Must Know

When it comes to persuading or convincing people, it is up to you how you want to do it. However, when you are working upon persuasive techniques, it depends solely on the choice of words. Over the last decade, our academic writing help experts have researched extensively in this field to get hold of some of the most popular techniques to persuade a reader.

So, before you get going with these assignments, you need to enrich your vocabulary with these persuasive language techniques.


This is one of the most effective techniques for convincing a reader on an issue. You can appeal to these areas:

  • Emotions
  • Pride in our country
  • Fears
  • Desire to look good
  • Need to protect their family
  • Desire to be healthy
  • Desire to be wealthy
  • Desire to be an individual


Using evidence has always been one of the most famous persuasive language techniques that students have been using in their essays and other assignments. When a writer or author uses evidence, it makes him seem knowledgeable to the reader. Not just this, even the claim or argument that has been put forth appears to be more rational or logical.

Some examples of evidence that our essay writers incorporate include anecdotal evidence, statistics, research findings, expert opinions, etc.

Rhetorical Questions

These are those questions that do not require an answer. The primary purpose of using rhetorical questions is to depict the effect. A lot of readers get engaged with these rhetorical questions. They also make the viewpoint obvious; anyone who disagrees with the viewpoint would be foolish.

Example: Do we want our women to be in a world full of rapes?


Attacks on opposing views is another persuasive language technique that students use in their essay. In this, humour is used to make fun of the opposing viewpoints.

Example: Townhall? Clown hall as per the statement of the mayor.

Inclusive and Exclusive Language

Inclusive words like 'we', 'our', 'us' and only words like 'them' impact readers' viewpoints to a great extent. In the former case, we include the readers and create a sense of solidarity in the latter.


There are different types of humour such as jokes, puns, sarcasm, irony etc. can be persuasive to a more significant extent than students use. They also use emotive language to express themselves in a better way

Example: If we use 'totally outraged' as a pun, 'outraged' is used as humour.

Colloquial Language

An informal, everyday language that sets the readers' down-to-earth tone is known as the colloquial language. This makes the wavelength match with the views of the readers.

Examples: That disgusts me.


Using complex technical language, we can easily persuade the reader that we are experts in a specialised field. This is why jargon has been used most of the time by our academic assignment help experts in most of the assignments as persuasive language techniques.

These are some of the best techniques that you can infuse in your assignments to make them more convincing for your readers. Not only will it get more manageable for you to persuade your readers with these, but the quality of your work will also get enhanced. Don't trust us? Just over this persuasive essay written by one of our experts for the reference purpose of students in Australia.

How Do Our Essay Writers Produce Impeccable Persuasive Essays? Here's One Sample for Your Reference

Now that you are familiar with some of the persuasive learning techniques that our experts have guided students on, it is the perfect time to provide you with some of the excerpts from the essays we have produced for our valued clients.

We have something in store for you to let you know how we work upon different persuasive essays.

Persuasive Essays sample

It has been depicted in the above image how we have discussed different ideas under separate headings. We have made use of different persuasive techniques in this essay to convince the reader of our viewpoints.

Coming to the next section of this essay, we address different arguments in each new paragraph.

Persuasive Essays sample online

This way, we conclude the essay where we fulfil the main motive of the essay, which is to convince the reader of our viewpoints. We ensure that only the main highlights of the essay are covered in this section, and no new information is brought here in this part.

If you would like to know more about persuasive learning techniques, you can get in touch with us whenever convenient for you. We are available 24*7 to cater to all your queries and provide you with instant solutions.

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