The Australian contract law is one of the most common types of law assignment that you can get. And when this assignment is connected with a number of scenarios where everyone is right, the question becomes even more complex. One such assignment is the boast sound system assignment. Here are law assignment help providers with tips to solve such assignments.

Question 1

The first question for the assignment is -

Question 1

For this LAW10004 research assignment answer, you need to first note down all the important details. These details are -

  1. A retail shop named High Five Systems offers 10 sets of Boast Sound System BS100 for $2000
  2. This ad was placed on 25 November

Date Client Mode of communication What Happened
25 November Jacob Call Accept the offer, will pay and collect set on 26 November
25 November Iris Call Could not talk to sales.

Left a message saying "I assume you are selling me 2 sets for the advertised price."

26 November Hamid Walk in Offered layby and settle full payment one month after.

Sales asked to confirm with the boss.

27 November (Morning) Ranbir Walk in Ordered all 10 sets.

Jimmy says if the sets are left, he will send it by evening.

27 November (Noon) Hamid Called by High Five No layby. Hamid said he will come the next day to pay and collect the set.

Jimmy sold all the sets in the morning.

Hamid wants one set because he accepted the offer on 26 November

27 November (Evening) Ranbir Delivery company collects 10 sets from High Five.

Before they can be delivered, Ranbir calls High Five and cancels the order.

The delivery company delivers the order later.

28 November Iris High Five Systems listens to her message on answering machine.

You now need to tell all the parties - Jacob, Iris, Hamid, Ranbir and High Five Systems in the LAW10004 research assignment answer.

For you to use the Australian contract law, you first need to be aware of what actually a contract is. A contract is an agreement that involves two or more parties where they accept an offer. There are some elements that must be fulfilled so that the contract is valid -

1. One party must clearly make an offer

High Five Systems asked one price for the product. This does not mean an offer unless a customer agrees to pay the price asked.

2. One party must accept the offer

All the customers who called High Five Systems or visited them wanted to buy one or more pieces of the product. Thus, they were willing to pay the price asked by the store.

Therefore, High Five Systems became an offer or and the customers its offered.

3. Consideration

Consideration is the price paid in exchange for a promise. There is no mention of the payment confirmation in any of the case. Therefore, it is hard to conclude if consideration was there or not.

4. Mutual intention

For the contract to show mutual intention, there should be -

  • consideration provided in the agreement
  • the capacity of the parties to the agreement
  • relationship of the parties
  • any conduct of the parties after the contract was made, and
  • context of the creation of the agreement.

5. Terms of the contract should be certain

The High Five Systems have advertised a product, they know what they have and how many products do they want to sell at what price.

The customers also know how much they have t pay.

6. Each party must be capable to enter the contract

They should be over 18 years of age and of sound mind.

High Five Systems is a store that is capable of.

All the customers are also capable.

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