A whopping 3.81 billion! That's the number of people actively using Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, etc., which equates to more than half of the world's population. The users are on the rise ever since the inception of these platforms, accompanied by affordable internet. And from there opened the gates for even the SMEs to think globally. Remember the global marketing mindset? It just got easier after the advent of Social Media, just as Social Media Marketing Assignment Help got easier with premiers like My Assignment Services. It is because now businesses have an option to not only convey marketing-related information to a population residing in a remote corner of the world but to also easily access their culturally-tinted likes, dislikes, pains, preferences, languages, trends, lifestyles, etc., for tailoring their products and services to the targeted consumers' needs.

The reason Social Media Marketing has continued to create a buzz is because of its revolutionary nature than the traditional digital media counterparts like TV, Radio, SMS, etc. Yet another significant facet of social media marketing is that they are constantly evolving to assist businesses with fulfilling their two-decades-far 21st-century marketing goals. For instance, only a few years back, YouTube introduced 5 seconds of video advertisements to run on their videos. Investment poured in from businesses situated all around the world, for the incredibly innovative option YouTube/Google brought to the table.

Needless to mention, platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, are also incredibly smart at processing and utilizing user information. Unlike the traditional mediums that played ads without discrimination, Social Media does it in a much sophisticated, personalized and targeted way. Businesses can choose locations, age group, sex, etc. and design their campaign to only reach a certain group of people. Hence, Social Marketing has not only revolutionized digital marketing, but all the concepts and notions businesses once had. The impact of Social Media is ever-growing, impelled by the recent global health threat known as the Covid-19. With consumers spending more time on Social Media, and businesses being able to sustain the impact of the pandemic, nothing can be called more suitable and defining part of the term Internet Marketing.

The Social Media Marketing Binary - Paid and Organic

Obviously, advertisements are not the only tools available on Social Media. Businesses have discovered impressively innovative ways of engaging a large number of customers, without paying the platforms. This topic may not be the most ideal one, to begin with, but it indeed is the critical one in understanding the nature of social media, followed by making its most effective utilization.

paid social media marketing

As it can be inferred from the two terms, one is paid social media marketing in which businesses pay to be visible; and the other is organic social media marketing, which businesses use content, entertaining or informative, to reach customers. A popular yet wrong stigma attached to organic social media marketing is that businesses who have budget constraints go for it. It is outrightly a wrong assumption, simply because it's 2020. And just as Marketing has evolved, the philosophies must also evolve. Organic social media marketing is rightfully considered the ideal one by big marketers, for reasons including the use of creativity and information that people find useful, instead of the ads that are always cold and unnecessary. But again, paid social media marketing is much more designed to bring out the expected results. The tools of personalization that paid social media marketing offers cannot be accessed with organic social media marketing. Keep in mind that both are equally important for making the most out of Social Media, and the smart ones are those who can find a balance between the two in their marketing approach.

The Tested Strategies of Social Media Marketing – Assignment Help

For a silver lining in 2020, social media marketing has already been tried out, and results furnished. Marketers have several tested strategies to try on social media and start acquiring new customers. Businesses may go for one or more of them, based on the effects they are seeking to ensue.

To start with the basics, find out the content that is going to do the job of engaging new customers. The acceptable formats on most Social Media platforms are videos, infographics, images, texts, and audios, sorted by popularity and efficiency. This should be followed by instituting your business's specific style of engagement. For instance, Forbes on Instagram has been recently featuring individuals from various walks of lives, to show how they are pulling things off during these unprecedented times. Forbes also has a reputation of posting important information on subjects, which they inscribe on a series of images. The style of their content is 'smart-casual'. Therefore, also comes the imperative of choosing the topics that your prospective customers are most likely to be interested in encountering. Students from University of Technology Sydney, University of Melbourne, RMIT University, Griffith, and Curtin University, seeking social media marketing assignment help are requested to read on as they are going to become acquainted with the three popular marketing strategies.

The Strategy of Increasing Audience, Not Buyers

The first social media marketing strategy is for those businesses who believe in investing in long-term results. The results are not immediate due to the fact that steps taken in these forms of social media marketing are aimed at increasing the audience reading or listening to your business's content, rather than at making them buy your products and services right away. Entrepreneurs very well understand the intricacies of setting new benchmarks in outreaching people, which takes patience and a lot of effort in producing content that their prospective customers consume, and end up knowing their business/ being a part of their audience. This strategy is also proficient at creating a broadcasting medium for announcements about product launches, new ventures, news, etc. Stay connected with your customers 24/7 with social media marketing.

The Strategy of Reclaiming

The next and the obvious social media marketing strategy is retrieving the customers who showed interest in your products and services, however, for some reason did not buy. Content designed to target those prospective customers may involve posts containing the reasons why they should reach out to you immediately, or which is often done in paid social media marketing, i.e. use offers to attract those customers to join/buy from you. This would not be a huge task now since they have been among your audience. They even have probably visited your business website or signed up with you. Social media marketing assignment help seekers must focus on this dimension of the strategy, as you are here for the academic basis of it. The strategy of reclaiming is an insightful one, delineating the way businesses make use of social media.

Convert! Convert! Convert!

The next one is the ultimate social media marketing strategy since it's the old-school mindset of engaging customers, i.e., making them buy from you from the very first encounter. This strategy involves proactiveness in engaging prospective customers online through innovative techniques. For example, Boat, a relatively new music accessories company, had recently launched a campaign where they asked their followers on social media to fill a form 'now' to get an accessory for free, of course with terms and conditions. A large number of customers filled the form. Eventually, they all received the accessory in the form of a freebie, which they got upon buying their newly launched headphones. Like this one, calling your customers to action on social media is capable of ensuring an overwhelming response. And that is exactly the magic of social media marketing.

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