The Teel structure is the best way to scan your final paragraph structure for any errors or mistakes.You can use the TEEL list as a checkpoint or a final checklist to run your copy through. One of the most distinctive features of the TEEL paragraph structure is that it describes the features of the evidence and gives examples.

Most students who have written essays in their schools might already know the meaning and scope of a TEEL paragraph. These paragraphs follow a defined structure that is pragmatic and logical. It helps you in demonstrating the required information clearly and manifestly. one of the most distinguishing features of a TEEL paragraph is that it is extremely well-organized. Here are the most essential components of a TEEL paragraph:

TEEL Paragraph Structure

Topic Sentence

The topic sentence is the foremost introductory sentence that describes the theme or the discipline on which the paragraph is written. The topic sentence provides an elucidate description of the topic. The topic sentence must be short, crisp and very clear. Just from reading the topic sentence, the reader must be able to get a fair idea about the broad theme of the subject on which the paragraph is written.


A TEEL paragraph is also inclusive of a brief explanation of the topic. Your paragraph must have a complete explanation of the topic with a complete description of the subject or object in question. An explanation is a more detailed account of the scope and application of the topic. If the subject of the paragraph is an object, it is also prudent to include a description of the physical attributes of the object.

Example or Evidence to Support the Topic

It is also important to include examples to substantiate the claims made in your paragraph. Even if you are not outwardly making a claim and simply stating the type of condition of a particular object, it will still be prudent to add examples or real-world instances. Instances and examples offer a clearer understanding to the student about the actual scope of a concept.

Linking Sentence

A linking sentence helps you in adding context and perspective to your write-up. You can put a linking sentence to put the entire paragraph in context. A linking sentence helps in linking the different parts of a sentence.

Here’s a Sample

The sample given below demonstrates the TEEL structure. The topic sentence, explanation, evidence, and linking sentence are highlighted in purple, yellow, red, and green respectively.

TEEL Paragraph sample

The Main Idea Behind the TEEL structure

To understand what the TEEL structure means, it is important to understand what it entails. The first sentence of your paragraph must entail the topic. The theme or the broad-gauged discipline on which the paragraph is written must be highlighted within the first one or two sentences. The TEEL structure aims at helping a reader easily identify the predominant theme of the conversation. Secondly, in any paragraph structured as per the TEEL structure, support sentences are provided in the middle of the paragraph. You can also make the last sentence a conclusion or a transitory sentence. To make smooth transitions between the variegated ideas, it is important to use transitory words.

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The Bottom Line

Here are some examples of each of the important aspects of the TEEL paragraph: In a TEEL paragraph, T stands for the topic sentence. This will help you understand what is TEEL? A good example of the topic sentence is “Mango is one of the most desired bounties of nature”. This instantly gives the reader an idea about the central theme of the paragraph. The next step of the TEEL paragraph; explanation provides support to the paragraph. A good example of this is “Mango provides a harmonious medley of sweet and piquant flavours”. In this sentence, the central theme is supported with the help of a description.

Here, the writer must be mindful of the target reader. the explanatory sentence must also be written in the light of the target readers. Example and Instance: The third part of a TEEL paragraph is an example or instance. Here the writer must provide an instance from the real world.

A good example of this is: An Alphonso variant is a beautiful sunny yellow. The example substantiates the central theme of the topic with real-world instances. The purpose of providing an example or instance is to provide any evidence to support the topic. Lastly, a linking sentence is put in to give context to the entire paragraph. An effective conclusion to the TEEL paragraph structure is also equally important as an introduction to the TEEL paragraph structure.

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