An Introduction of Law Of Conservation Of Energy

law of conservation of energy formula
October 11, 2021
Author : Albert Freddie

Gobble down five bananas and you will be able to swim for at least an hour. How? The bananas will give you the energy to do this. What is the phenomenon behind this? Interestingly, our body behaves as a complex machine that has the potential to convert one type of energy into another. The same phenomenon happens in cars as well. Be it the human body, or the automobile, both of these follow one of the most imperative laws in physics. This is known as the law of conservation of energy.

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What Is The Law Of Conservation Of Energy? This Is What Our Experts Have To Say

A lot of students get perplexed between energy conservation and the law of conservation of energy. Well, both of these phenomenons are not the same. The former simply concerns itself with saving energy from different sources like using public transportation, minimising the use of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) etc. However, there is nothing like this in the law of conservation of energy. The latter phenomenon simply deals with from where the energy comes, and to where the energy goes.

To put this law in simple words, there is fixed energy in every closed system. So, it is not possible to add or create any other type of energy in it or even destroy the ones that are already there within the system. However, it is possible to transform one form of energy into another and this phenomenon is called the law of conservation of energy.

Let us discuss a few examples of this phenomenon to give you a clear understanding of the aspects of this phenomenon.

Examples Of Law Of Conservation Of Energy: A Quick Overview!

In our day-to-day lives, there are so many instances that tell us how we are surrounded by things happening around us that revolve around the law of conservation of energy. However, we might often overlook them.

When students get assignments on this phenomenon, then the best way to do them is to use the law of conservation of energy formula and calculate the answers with ease. Before we proceed with some of those questions that have been covered by us, let us have a look at some of the examples of the law of conservation of energy.

  1. When you drive a car, it is not the same energy that you have at the end of the journey the same as the one that you began. There is always a transformation of energy from one form to another.
  2. If you boil water with an electric kettle, even then you can easily witness the law of conservation of energy in it.
  3. When we push a car uphill, it becomes quite a tedious task for us. This is because of the same phenomenon that is behind this process.

By now, you might have understood this crucial phenomenon. Now, what is the formula for calculating the conservation of energy?

formula for calculating the conservation of energy

This is the formula that we use in the assignment questions that are based on this phenomenon. Now, our science assignment help experts will give you a brief overview of this formula.

How To Calculate The Energy Of Conservation?

In the above formula, UT is the total input power, the initial energy of the system is Ui, the heat generated within the system is Q and W is the total amount of work done on the system.

Below are some of the questions that our science assignment help experts have solved for the reference purpose of students.

science assignment sample

Using the same formula discussed above, it does not take more than a few moments for us to solve these questions for them. Other than these, we have also covered the questions that are shown below.

science assignment question

Each of the questions above centres around the law of conservation of energy and can easily be solved using the formula. If you require any further assistance with these questions, then you can always bring them to our experts. Will will do our best to help you come out with flying colours in these assignments.

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