Well, as the name goes, informal essays are written just for fun. Out of the blue for the purpose of enjoyment. Therefore, the informal essay topics are also chosen just like that, like pulling out a rabbit from a hat. But make no mistake because you might have the privilege of selecting a topic for fun, there are a few things that you should always keep in mind when you are selecting the informal essay topics. The first and most important one you already know. Yes, keeping the interest of the readers piqued.

Generating Ideas and Arranging Them

There has never been an essay which was created by not adhering to the academic guidelines. Yes, not even an informal essay. So, your informal essay topics should never go out of the league of the university specifications. Here are the three most important things that you need to keep in mind while writing even an informal essay -

  • Generate ideas and then apply them in the content
  • Show clarity of thought with the help of secondary literature
  • Be creative because it is an informal essay after all

Informal Essay Topics Are Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea

Yeah, I know you are probably thinking what is the big deal in choosing a fun topic that is also in the interest of your academics, right? Had this been the case, you would be writing an essay right now instead of reading this blog. No, you cannot. So, here is how you should choose the so called fun and enjoyable informal essay topics for an informal essay!

Search through your life experiences

The best motivation to choose a topic is to look into your own life. Go back in your mind and search various memories that you have. Maybe talk about your first dog, or the first part time job, or maybe your most embarrassing moment ever. Such informal essay topics give you a lot to talk about. And when you are writing your own story, narrating your own personal experience, you are able to keep the readers interested.

Pick A Topic With A Pinch of Humour

The readers love a topic that is humorous. Satire is also a loved theme when it comes to writing an informal essay writing. Consequently, the informal essay topics that show your laughing side are a bonus. The professors love to read essays that narrate a funny experience or a story that is humorous. Yes, the professors actually take this much interest in your misery.

Choose anything that fascinates you

It is really important that the informal essay topics you choose are in resonance with your interests. If you do not like to discuss your first accident or how World War II impacted the world, don’t. Nobody is forcing your hand. The topic should be a part of something that fascinates and interests you. If you are not interested in what you are writing, there is no way you will be able to engage your readers. Informal essay topics deserve more respect than that.

Research your topic before you start writing

A lot of students make a mistake that they choose a topic first and then research it. The ideal way to do it is the other way round. When you research the topic well, you know that you will get all the details that are necessary and with ease. Informal essay topics also require research. Yes, you read that absolutely right. Why? Because, kid, you are writing an academic document, even if the topic is informal. You do not have the privilege of writing whatever that comes to your mind. As a result, the need for secondary literature and taking the help of other authors’ work is there still.

Informal essay topics do not mean you can be totally casual

A lot of students think that when they are asked to write an informal essay they are at the top of the world. They go on from strictly formal to full-on metal really quick. But you have to make sure that the informal essay topics are not way too informal. Yes, I mean to say that do not choose topics that include the “x” talk. Don’t lose your temper yet. I will tell you why I am saying this. When you start flowing with the ideas and start being informal, you lose the essence of the essay writing process. Once you lose the essence of this, your content is going straight down the line.

A Few Informal Essay Topics You Can Start Writing On

I know you were looking for some fancy heading like 100 best topics or 50 topics you are not going to believe or maybe 10 topics that are going to blow your professor’s mind. But they all are already taken so I am going to stick to just informal essay topics that you can start writing on.

  1. The television show I liked as a kid
  2. My first pet and the struggle
  3. The best movies that I saw last year
  4. My most embarrassing memory
  5. The latest television series I am watching
  6. The first time I punched someone
  7. My worst date
  8. The reason why I am still single
  9. The most hilarious wedding fail I have witnessed
  10. The list of things I think should be declared illegal
  11. My most adventurous memory
  12. What would I do if I was invisible for a day
  13. Why was I fired from my first job
  14. The stupidest advice I ever gave someone
  15. The weirdest Halloween costume I have ever worn
  16. What would I do if I won a million dollar lottery
  17. Weird traditions and rituals in my family
  18. The most idiotic thing my roommate did
  19. My worst fear
  20. How would I like to die
  21. The worst summer job experience I ever had
  22. The worst advice someone ever gave me
  23. What did I do when I lost a bet
  24. The first time I got arrested
  25. Funniest thing I did when I was drunk
  26. A weird superstition I believe in
  27. How was I dumped for the first time
  28. The most embarrassing thing I did at a party
  29. The worst dates I ever went on
  30. Why I quit my job
  31. One secret that I am embarrassed about
  32. How I got caught in a lie
  33. The worst lie I ever told someone
  34. Funniest thing someone did at a party

There you go, some fun and interesting informal essay topics that you can get approval on from your professor and start typing.

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