Have you ever heard the term eidetic memory? You might also know it as photographic memory. Rings a bell?

Do we not often wish that we had some superpower where all we had to do was read something once and the never forget it? As a student, you would be the happiest person in the world if this power was granted to you. We also wished for that back in the day.

But, in the world of today, 21st century is so advanced that we can do wonders with the technology that we have. It so happens that we can even use that technology to improve what you and we call memory.

What Is Memory?

Memory is what you are left with when your loved one leaves you and marry some rich and handsome guy.

There is some other kind of memory also, isn’t it? Hmmm, what was it? Oh, yes. Memory is the ability of the brain to retain information. Do you know that the human brain can store data that even hundreds of NASA servers will fall short for? Yes, that is true. There is no limitation to the capacity of the human brain. In the words of Sherlock Holmes played by Benedict Cumberbatch, “Human brain is a hard drive” and that is so true.


Human Brain – A Wonder

A human brain is a wonderful machine that has endless opportunities. When used right, what not can the humans achieve. The coolest example of this is the fact that we remember alphabets that we studied in our childhood.

What the matter of concern is that the students often fail to recall information in their examinations or tend to forget details like the order of a process. It really doesn’t matter that if you are a student, a working professional, a housewife, a retired old man or any other person; a sharp memory is always a boon for the people.

Do you know that studying the same topic over and over for an entire night is not going to make it any better? It all goes in vain when the day of judgment arrives and you are unable to recall everything at the hour of reckoning.

Quick Hacks

There are numerous blogs over the internet and numerous ways of techniques for improving memory for beginners. The most common way is using images and sounds for remembering things.

Speak Less, Observe More

Do you know that we are ourselves degrading our memory? Yes. We do not pay attention to the little details, we do not shift our focus to the areas of interest, we do not take interest in observing our surroundings.

In short, we are not doing all that will help to improve our memory. Observation, focus and concentration are called the founding stones of a good memory.

When you will be able to observe, you pay close attention. You pay close attention, then your brain has its focus on the activity. When the brain has its focus on the activity you are observing, you will be able to retain its information for longer.

Identify Your Learning Style

Every mind is wired in a different way. Hence, every person has a different learning style and technique. Have you ever wondered why you remember the lyrics of the song that you heard today for the first time? Or how do you remember the dialogues of the movie that you saw last Christmas?

This is because there are three basic learning techniques through which we retain all the information that we gain – visual (by seeing things), auditory (by hearing things) or kinesthetic (learning by doing).

Knowingly or unknowingly, you already have a preference for the learning technique. When you identify your learning style out of the three, you are able to embed the data in your system that aligns with your learning technique and you will be able to retain for a longer period of time.

Push Your Imagination

The human mind can imagine anything and everything. It is because of the imagination of the people that a large number of things became possible and were realised as an invention. If you are an avid reader or consume novels like a child’s play, you will be able to relate. While reading novels, it often happens that you are able to picture everything in your mind like a movie as you read the story word for word.

Push Your Imagination

Try to include this technique in your daily life and all your learning styles. Try to have the visual understanding of the topic as much as you can while studying. A good practice is to watch YouTube tutorials where the concept is explained with the help of animations and visualisations.

This will enhance your memory and you will be able to recall everything through imagination when you have to write the answer.

Study With Organised Approach

There is a step called organisation of information which usually comes after you have collected the data. When all the information is handy, organise it into various sections and groups according to their class and information type according to colours, folders, categories, etc.


No, we are not planning to send you to the Himalayas as a sage. Meditation is a powerful technique to channelise your energy into a productive flow. Imagine that your brain is a notepad and you are scribbling everything continuously on it. After some time, you will grow tired of writing and will then jumble all the information.

You can improve this with the help of meditation. When the person mediates, the brain calms down and the activities subdue. This results in a relaxed mood and the fast running processes in the brain are no longer hindering the functioning of the brain.

Eat Healthily

Food and memory have a direct connection, like brothers. When you eat a proper and balanced diet, all that is necessary to make your body function effectively is gained. Thus, you are able to work actively and focus more than you normally would. As a result, the memory improves over time with a proper and healthy diet.

These were few of the ways that you can improve your memory with. Do let us know in the comments below how and which technique helped you. Also, you can share the techniques that you use to improve your memory with our other readers.

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