Every single registered nurse in a clinical setting has to follow a set of guidelines and code of conduct. These guidelines are essential for delivering quality care to patients.

Nursing Practice

The practice of a registered nurse is person-centric and evidence-based. You do not see nurses performing voodoo magic in the wards hoping that the patient will get well, do you? Their practice contains elements like preventive, curative, formative, supportive, restorative and palliative. As a nurse, you will have to work in a therapeutic and professional setting. Here, you will develop a professional relationship with individuals, families, groups and communities.

Registered Nurse Standards

Impact Of Guidelines on Nursing Practice

Guidelines are emerging as one of the most vital components of nursing in the 21st century. At the same time, there are instances when the guidelines were drawn up but only remained confined to a piece of paper. One can say that the process of development of guidelines in any clinical environment is an activity that requires discussion. However, when the task of making people aware of the guidelines and implementing them in the workplace comes, a large number of nurses are doubtful of the role and importance of guidelines. A mixed review from nurses can be inferred for the impact of guidelines on clinical practice. Some might argue that the guidelines restrict the delivery of healthcare and limit the nurses to follow a practice of cookbook medicine. On the other hand, some prefer that the presence of guidelines in a clinical setting ensures that safe and appropriate healthcare is received by the patient.

The Effectiveness of Clinical Guidelines

One cannot say for sure with determination if the clinical guidelines improve or affect healthcare delivery. A large number of studies have been carried out by a number of researchers that study the effect of clinical guidelines on nursing. To write your assignment, you have to take a dive into these research papers, study them and then formulate your own understanding of the issue at hand. To analyse the effectiveness of guidelines in nursing practice, some researches preferred randomised controlled trial methods. You can choose to focus on studying the changes in the process of delivery of healthcare rather than the outcomes. While there have been a number of studies that argue a significant change in nursing care due to guidelines, there are many who concluded otherwise. You will get to know why I am saying this once you read and analyse various literature.

Best Guidelines

The best guidelines developed are the ones which are developed locally, are evidence-based and are implemented through patient-specific reminders at the time of consultation. Too typical to read? Let nursing assignment help expert explain it to you. The level of intervention in conventional healthcare practice is rising with the increase in the number of guidelines. Therefore, the missing links between the aims and guidelines and their outcomes are a shortcoming. Hence, it is essential that healthcare settings identify their resources and organisational constraints to promote the effectiveness of implementing guidelines. In modern times, the use of guidelines is an attempt to rationalise the healthcare practice on scientific evidence. The global trends in developed countries show that healthcare systems are adopting guidelines as a means to regulate clinical practice.

The Code of Ethics for Nurses

According to the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia, there are a number of codes and ethics that the nurses have to follow. And every guideline aims to develop a safe and professional practice. The impact of guidelines on nursing are discussed -

Dual relationship

When the nurse is related to the patient professionally as well as personally, the best care is not delivered. To optimise the care, the nurse and the patient should not engage in dual relationships. If due to any reason, the dual relationship in the professional setting is unavoidable, then the nurses should be fully aware of the potential harm. Also, they should take all the necessary measures so as to minimise the risk. While delivering care to the patient, the nurses have to establish a professional boundary between them and the patient. This is also conveyed to the patient wherever necessary.


When you, as a nurse, receive any information within the professional environment, you should maintain the integrity of the information by keeping it confidential. You should also not use the information and the position for your own advantage. Before you disclose any information, you should evaluate the motives and justification. Self-disclosure is allowed when it has therapeutic or care value.

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