Being a mother and parent is always considered a blessing for every woman, but with this, there comes a lot of complications that every woman has to face during the pregnancy, the hormonal changes lead to many diseases during the pregnancy that can affect both mother and the growth of the foetus. Gestational diabetes and maternal asthma are examples of such diseases.

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changes in asthma severity during pregnancy

The Impact of Asthma on Pregnancy

The most frequent chronic disorder that concerns pregnant women is asthma. However, well-controlled asthma is not a cause for worry during pregnancy.

If a woman manages them with good therapy, asthma symptoms are insufficient to experience pregnancy issues.

It is crucial to understand that asthma symptoms might flare up in up to 45 percent of pregnant women who have the illness. Asthma symptoms during pregnancy might raise the risk of problems if they are severe or not managed appropriately.

A 2013 medical study concluded According to a reliable source, women with moderate asthma rarely produce more serious conditions during pregnancy. Pregnancy may aggravate the symptoms of women with moderately severe asthma.

If difficulties intensify, they are more likely to occur midway through the second trimester. Symptom exacerbations occasionally occur between late pregnancy and labour.

Stopping or lowering medication use during pregnancy might aggravate symptoms in women with any kind of asthma.

Complications of Having Asthma During the Pregnancy

If a woman's asthma is uncontrolled during her pregnancy, she is more likely to develop preeclampsia.

Preeclampsia can be harmful to both the mother and the foetus. Without treatment, the illness can worsen fast and is expected to cause at minimum 5–8 % of all pregnancies.

Preeclampsia symptoms include:

  • High blood pressure protein in the urine
  • Abrupt weight gain
  • Headaches
  • Abdominal discomfort
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Vision changes

Early detection and treatment are critical. Preeclampsia, if left untreated, can be fatal to both the mother and the unborn child. However, with the proper therapy, most women recover completely.

Asthma is among the most prevalent medical problems encountered during pregnancy. Other complications are significant and may encompass:

  • There is a slight increase in the chance of preterm (early) labour and delivery.
  • High bp and pre-eclampsia, a related issue
  • Birth weight is too light
  • Hypertension

It is unknown if asthma is the causative factor of these issues or if other factors are to blame. Keeping asthma under control may help lessen the likelihood of problems.

What Effect Does Unregulated Asthma Have on Foetal Growth?

Uncontrolled asthma lowers the oxygen concentration of your blood. Because the foetus obtains its oxygenation from your bloodstream, this might result in lower oxygen levels in the foetal blood. As a result, foetal development and survival may suffer. For appropriate growth and development, the foetus requires a steady supply of oxygen.

There is proof that controlling asthma during pregnancy lessens the risk of foetal or infant mortality. It also promotes foetal development within the uterus. There is no evidence that your asthma leads to either unplanned abortion or foetal deformity.

The difficulties arise due to the infant not receiving enough oxygenation during the gestational period. This might happen when asthma symptoms constantly hamper a woman's breathing.

Women who suffer asthmatic flare-ups throughout maternity are more likely to have kids with lower birth weights than women who maintain stable asthma symptoms. Premature delivery and foetal growth restriction can result in a variety of additional paediatric health issues.

prenatal factors that influence asthma

How Can You Prevent Such Complications?

The goal of asthma medication during childbearing is to keep flare-ups at bay. This aims to guarantee that the foetus has a consistent flow of oxygen, lowering the risk of problems.

A doctor will increase a woman's therapy based on the severity of her symptoms, then lessen the meds once the signs are under control.

The doctor will check the woman's lungs and modify her treatment strategy. They may also do an ultrasound to monitor the baby's growth.

Among the strategies for preventing asthma difficulties throughout pregnancy are:

  • Seeing a doctor on a regular basis, taking medicine as prescribed, obtaining a flu vaccine, as the virus can cause an asthma flare-up, avoiding asthma triggers, such as stopping smoking
  • Lowering stress, for example, via yoga, meditation, or mindfulness consuming fewer calories, and not lying down right after that to minimise the risk of indigestion, which can aggravate
  • Asthma symptoms recognising early indications of a lightning and seeking medical attention when this occurs

Frequently Asked Questions by Affected Mothers That You Must Know

Are Pregnancy Allergy Shots Safe?

If you are already taking allergy injections (immunotherapy), you should be willing to proceed if you are not experiencing any side effects.

To lessen the risk of a serious allergic response, your allergist may reduce the amount of the allergic extract or, at the very least, maintain the dose the same. However, increasing the dosage during pregnancy increases the likelihood of a response.

Is it safe to get flu shots when pregnant?

Asthmatics should have flu (influenza) vaccinations. Pregnancy has no effect on this suggestion. Pregnant women may be especially vulnerable to the flu.

Asthma Attacks During Childbirth?

Asthma episodes nearly seldom occur during labour and delivery if asthma is under control. Furthermore, most women with asthma may use breathing strategies during birth without a problem.

Will I Pass Asthma on to My Child?

Genetics influences whether a new born develops asthma. In other words, asthma is more likely in a new born if their parents have it. The environment is also very essential.

Is There Anything I Can Do to Prevent Asthma in My Baby?

Maternal smoking is a substantial prenatal risk factor in the development of asthma. It is critical to stop smoking cigarettes. Other prenatal variables that may impact asthma development include:

  • Diet for Maternal Stress
  • Levels of vitamin D
  • The use of antibiotics
  • Method of distribution
  • Discuss with your physicians how to identify your risk factors when making safe modifications in preparations for your new baby.

Final Outlook in the Complication of Maternal Asthma on Mother and Child

Asthma that is not well managed or treated during pregnancy can lead to health issues for both the mother and the baby. Preeclampsia, stunted development, low birth weight, early birth, and the necessity for a caesarean section have become more common.

The best method to control asthma symptoms is to stick to a treatment regimen.

Well-controlled asthma does not raise the risk of problems, and many asthmatic women have successful pregnancies.

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