Human Relationships and Life Transitions Assessment Answer
March 19, 2021
Author : Keith Morris

For a nurse, understanding human relationships and life transitions are as important as gaining a comprehensive knowledge of providing safe and effective nursing care to patients. The reason behind this is that these concepts help in making informed decisions in nursing and midwifery practice.

There are so many frameworks that are used to promote a deeper understanding of the different components of human development. These include the psychological, moral, social and cognitive components. The self develops throughout the lifespan. Human relationships and life transitions 401005 is an integrated unit in nursing that help students in gaining insight into the different life transitions like normative and non-normative transitions.

Over the years, we have established a professional panel of experts who are solely engaged in providing Western Sydney University assignment help to students who get stuck in completing their assignments on time. Talking of this unit, our nursing assignment writers have tried their hands over a wide variety of assignments in this field and helped students in coming out with flying colours. In this blog, we will take this discussion a little further and try to give you an overview of the best way of approaching these assignments. Let’s get started.

Aims of studying human relationships and life transitions

3 Types Of Assessments That Our Nursing Assignment Help Experts Have Covered So Far For Students

For this unit, we have come across three different kinds of assignments in the past ten years. For each of them, our Western Sydney University assignment help experts have fortunately covered all the crucial topics and delivered flawless reference assignment solutions to students right at their fingertips.

So when you will get enrolled in this unit, you will get these assignments to complete. In case you get stuck at any step, you can simply contact our nursing assignment experts.

  1. Quiz (10%)

Human relationships and life transitions 401005 Assessment 1 consists of 20 multiple choice questions that will be based on the concepts that fall under this unit. Students are given thirty minutes to complete this assignment. In these years, we have solved a variety of such questions and helped students in completing their quiz assignments with ease.

  1. Essay (40%)

This is the second type of assignment that you will get for this nursing unit. In 1200 words, students need to complete an essay on human interactions and life transitions. For this, at least five references have to be used of which two of them have to be peer-reviewed journal articles.

  1. Multiple Choice Questions (50%)

The last assessment (examination) that students get for this unit in nursing comprises 100 multiple choice questions that test the knowledge of students on all the vital topics under the broad umbrella of human interactions and life transitions 401005 unit.

Through our one-on-one live sessions, you can bring all your doubts to us and we will help you clear them instantly. This will prepare you well for this examination. Do you want to know how our nursing assignment help writers approach these questions? Well, we have the perfect thing for you then. Now, we will put forth one of our previously-written assignment samples for your reference.

How To Write Human Relationships And Life Transitions Assessment Answer Just Like An Expert? Here’s All That You Need To Know!

Now that you are already aware of the assignments that will come your way, it is the perfect time to provide you with an instant sample to give a clear picture of the approach that our Western Sydney University assignment help experts follow for these assignments.

Here, we will discuss human interactions and life transitions 401005 assessment 2. The main objective of this assignment is to explore the psychosocial development of children. All  the components that contribute to this process will be examined. With the help of this, students have to study the different life transitions in a child and write an essay on this.

For students enrolled in Bachelor of Midwifery, this is the case study that you have to consider.

Bachelor of Midwifery

And for the students who are enrolled in the Bachelor of Nursing, this is the case study that you have to consider.

Bachelor of Nursing

As you can see in the images above, the main essay question has been given at last. Let us share a few excerpts from the essay solution that has been crafted by our nursing assignment help experts for students all over the world. We will be discussing the essay that has been written for nursing students here.

Human Relationships And Life Transitions Assessment - Introduction

As shown in the image above, this is how our professional writers begin with an engaging introduction for the nursing essay. Here, we have introduced normative factors that contribute to the development of children. This is what the entire essay will be based upon.

Human Relationships And Life Transitions Assessment - Understanding

Next, we start discussing each of the aspects introduced in detail now. The most crucial concept here is psychosocial development. So, the above excerpt shows how we have used several credible references to define it and then taking it further into a narrower direction of research.

With the help of the theories on psychosocial development that have been given by famous theorists like Freud Sigmund, Erik Erikson etc., we discuss concepts like the eight stages of personal development and more. This way, we reach a solid conclusion that proposes firm solutions to all the problems that have been addressed in the essay.

However, this is not the complete solution for human interactions and life transitions 401005 essay assignment. Through this, our essay writers just provided a brief approach to such assessment tasks. In case you require a complete solution to this file or any other similar assignment questions. Also, our bonafide team of nursing assignment help experts are all at your disposal 24*7 via the live one-on-one sessions, in case you want us to cater to any of your urgent needs instantly.

How Our Western Sydney University (WSU) Assignment Experts Help Students In Dealing With All These Technical Assignments?

Usually, all the courses and subjects that are offered by WSU are technical in nature, which is why students do not get ample time to complete them within the given time frame. Added to it is the intricacies involved in them. To help students combat with them easily, My Assignment Services hosts an experienced team of over 2,500 PhD experts who not only have diverse knowledge in different fields but also stand strong in this dynamic education industry for over a decade now.

Thus, when students approach us with their doubts and queries, we cater to all of them at the earliest and get back to them with instant answers. This has encouraged them to turn to our nursing assignment help experts over and again, and also made us the leading assignment providers in Australia.

The Benefits That Our Western Sydney University Assignment Help Experts Provide:

Knowing all the hardships that bring students to us, in the last ten years, we have made sincere efforts to cater to them all swiftly. Not just this, together with providing reference assignment solutions to students right at their doorstep, our assignment help experts have also come up with a wide range of benefits for them.

Some of these perks include:

  1. Free Plagiarism reports: Plagiarism is a serious academic misconduct in every university across the globe, which is why it causes a great apprehension in students. To help them combat this fear, our assignment experts make it a point to pass each of the drafts via the Plagiarism. Also, we send a free copy of the report for you to check our authentic work.
  2. Multiple quality checks: One of the major reasons why students lose out on their grades is due to poor quality work. To eliminate this situation, our professional experts carry out multiple quality checks to provide the utmost quality work to our clients. Our client-satisfaction manager supervises all these processes and ensures to resolve all the student queries at the earliest.
  3. Mobile application: Students spend a large amount of time waiting for their queries to get resolved. This is why we have newly launched an interactive mobile application for students. With this, you can easily avoid all the waiting time and sitting right at your home, track each of the processes related to your assignment order. Additionally, you can even stay up-to-date on all our latest and upcoming offers and discounts.

Additionally, we have also initiated some interesting referral programs for students. With these, you can start earning as and when you learn with us. There’s a lot more to grab from us. Just get in touch with us today to know more about them.

Our Experts can answer your Assignment questions instantly.

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