A large proportion of assignments, rather almost every assignment, demands one common thing – an original content. Therefore, students turn to the most preferable of the anti-plagiarism tool available on the internet, Plagiarism. But, here comes a catch. To use Plagiarism, you need to purchase the tool.

If any website is claiming to provide a plagiarism checker free online Plagiarism or other, do not believe them. There are chances that either the website will be infected with virus waiting to take over your computer. If not, the authenticity of such free assignment checker services is not credible.

Why Check On Plagiarism?

Plagiarism check has become tremendously popular in the last decade among the students and a preferred reliable tool for plagiarism checking for the universities.

Plagiarism is a serious criminal offence, whether you are writing an assignment or an entire book. Copying the work of some other author and presenting it as your own can get you thrown out of the university in no time. Therefore, students prefer to get check assignment for plagiarism.

Here comes the tricky part. There are several websites who claim to be a free plagiarism checker Plagiarism. But, before you click on their website link and fall victim to a click bait, remember that Plagiarism is not a free tool! Whatever website is pretending to offer you a free Plagiarism checker is making a fool out of you. The plagiarism check at such websites will not give you an authentic report for your assignment’s plagiarism.

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Using Plagiarism (original, not plagiarism checker free online Plagiarism) has several advantages. The primary ones can be summarised as –

  1. You get to know the importance of crediting and giving importance to the work of other authors. When you don’t acknowledge the work of other authors, you are given an alert saying that your work is plagiarised.
  2. Also, Plagiarism tells you about the referencing techniques. If you are using the wrong style of referencing, you will get to know the errors when you will check your assignment on Plagiarism.
  3. You also become aware of the right approach to quote the text from a source. Every format has its own set of rules and you have to abide by the ones in your format.
  4. Plagiarism can easily detect from where you have copied the specific part of the assignment. It can tell you that if you have copied a part of the source work or the entire source material in your text.

How To Conduct Plagiarism Check?

The process of checking your assignment for plagiarism on Plagiarism is really simple.

  1. You upload your assignment file.
  2. You wait for the plagiarism report.
  3. You make changes where there is plagiarism.

Why Not Use Free Assignment Checker

If you are aware of the term that free things are not always good, then you would not be asking this question again. The primary drawbacks of doing this –

  1. Either the website will be a phishing website.
  2. The website will be a spam website.
  3. The report generated will not be authentic.


There are free plagiarism checkers like SmallSEOTools which students believe to be Plagiarism alternative. However, using them to check for plagiarism in your assignment will not give you the authentic plagiarism report.

What Free Plagiarism Checker Do Not Have?

Unlike the original version, the free websites do not have the following in their database from where plagiarism check is conducted –


The internet is anything that is public and can be accessed easily. Even your university website is part of the internet database. No, do not consider copying and pasting the entire paragraphs of Wikipedia. Oh, you saw your assignment’s similar question and decided to copy the solution? Too bad, because that also comes under internet plagiarism. Plagiarism free, though doesn’t exist, do not bother going that deep into the databases.

Published Works

Anything which is published by a legit source somewhere on the internet, generally journal articles and books, are counted as published works. If you referred to a small proportion of an e-book on Google Books, you have to cite it. Because if you don’t, it will be counted as plagiarism. If you think that you got by because you used plagiarism checker free online Plagiarism, you are very wrong. Because whatever that was, it was not true Plagiarism. Magazines also fall under this category, whether you referred to Playboy or BBC Top Gear.

Lodged Assignments

If you think that the University of South Wales will have their own database of the assignment so you can submit the entire assignment as it is from your buddy at the University of Adelaide, then you are so very wrong. The original Plagiarism remembers it all, your university or not. If some other university student uploaded their assignment, your assignment’s plagiarism will be checked against that too.

How Can You Have Plagiarism Check?

Generally, the top universities have access to Plagiarism which the professors use to judge the originality of your assignment. When you submit an assignment to your university’s Moodle, they generate a Plagiarism report of the same.

So, as a student, how do you check for the plagiarism by yourself? You cannot choose some free assignment checker as a Plagiarism alternative, neither can you purchase the licence for Plagiarism by yourself. The answer to this is simple – plagiarism checking services!

If you do not want to spend a fortune on buying the Plagiarism software or are tired of looking for a free Plagiarism checker then this service is for you.

My Assignment Services, a pioneer when it comes to providing assignment help to students, also has access to the premium database of Plagiarism. You can easily avail of our value-added service in which we can generate a Plagiarism report for any assignment that you send our team. You can also request a proofreading service with us where we will proofread your assignment for grammatical errors, typos, and edit the assignment as per the requirement of the question file.

The best thing about this is that we do it for a really small charge! Submit your assignment here for a quick Plagiarism check or send your query to our team at help@myassignmentservices.com.

Our Experts can answer your Assignment questions instantly.

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