A case study is the most commonly asked type assignment in courses like Law, Management, and Nursing.

So, what exactly is a case study? Case studies are boring stories that you have to read and analyse and interpret and present and conclude. The story can be about an individual (no, not Harry Potter) or an organisation (not the Ministry of Magic, sorry) or processes (this is not the step by the step guide of Defence Against Dark Arts 101) or any event (the trial of Harry Potter in Order of the Phoenix).

Oh boy, how we wish that these case studies were this interesting. But what do your poor soul get? Writing a case study to analyse the judgment of the court in Commonwealth v Tasmania in 1983 or the case study of the nursing practices in Royal Children’s Hospital or something like that. Madam Pomfrey would be disappointed.

Anyways, what can we do other than searching for how to write case study and then analysing if it fits your assignment requirements or not?

So, here we go. Wheeeeeeeeeee.

What’s the Point of This Irritating Assignment?

A case study is not liked by the student community. On the contrary, people and scholars and researchers have identified certain benefits and purpose that the case study has.

Let us see what are those.

  1. It gives you the actual story that lies within the result you are seeing.
  2. When you have the real story with you, there emerges an opportunity where you can highlight the success of the event (like when Harry Potter destroyed al Horcruxes) or challenge the outcome and highlight the shortcomings which were not taken into account (like the time when Dolores Umbridge order a detention to Harry).
  3. Any case study will either be effective, typical, interesting (yeah sure) or representative.

Limitations of Case Study

Oh, how happy you are by reading this header. But, do not try to outsmart your professor with this point, please. If you will present these limitations to him, you are most likely to get a backfired plan in return.

They Are Lengthy

Yeah, no kidding. A 2000 word long document which is strictly formal in tone and quality in content is no joke. If you are a blogger and think that you can manage these petty little assignments without any problem, then think again.

Do not try to justify an exceeded word length with this point, please. When we say that a case study is lengthy, we do not mean that you will write the entire case study stuffed with every single information that you could lay your hands on. Do not do that.

Cannot Be Generalised

If you are writing a case study on “If the decade of 1950 in Australia was the decade of man”, then you cannot generalise this finding on the global scale. Also, case studies are generally specific to one perspective or event. Therefore, to take out inferences from some other case study and using them is difficult.

The Process of Conducting Case Study

This is the part where the fun breaks down

It gets really serious, don’t smile now


Yes, the fun part is over. This is the thing you have been waiting for so long. So, we are not going to hover you for long. You will get what we promised. The process that you will undertake here is –


You do not jump straight into the cage with a lion without a plan on how you are planning to get out alive. Therefore, you have to plan the case study before you start writing it.

Identify the stakeholders that you have (i.e. all the people who will be directly or indirectly affected by the case study analysis). Generally, it comprises your professor, yourself and the class.

Talk to yourself, your friends, your girlfriend/boyfriend (when you both have nothing better to do) and brainstorm the case study topic. Identify what other people have to say about that.

If you have a list of sources that you need to restrict yourself to then you are the luckiest person who has to write a case study. For the general and majority population, boy, you have to conduct a research here and identify the sources that you are going to refer to.

Sharpen Your Weapons

Here, you will develop all the tools that you are going to use in your case study. Ready your army, sharpen your swords and prepare for the battle.

If you are going to conduct an interview, then develop the interview script, the questions, the guidelines, etc. If your interview is sensitive and classified, then ask the members to sign a Non-disclosure Agreement that what happens in the interview room, stays in the interview room.

It is a good practice to develop a guide for your own. If you ever think that the interview is going the wrong direction and you have no clue how to steer it back, then this guide will save your reputation.


This part plays a significant role in your case study. If you have selected a wrong data collection technique then you are not greeting a pretty face from your professor. Hence, it is really important for you to understand the question well and identify that the data collection technique you are going to use is right. Then –

You will gather all the data at a single place and it on fire. The second part was a joke, don’t take it seriously.


This is the section upon which the entire case study stands. If your analysis generated a wrong interpretation, then your entire case study goes down the drain. Literally. Hence, review all the data that you have collected. Read them over and over again. Ask your friends to read it. If they refuse, tie them up to a chair and read it to them. Caution – tying your friend can lead to criminal charges. Kindly proceed with a statutory warning.


This is the part which will give you immense pleasure. For real. When you conclude the case study, you provide a small brief of what you did, how you did and what did you find.

Data Sources For Case Study

You can find the data you need for your case study in –

  • An organisational document
  • Interviews of similar folks of your field
  • Questionnaire
  • Observing the population like Altair from Assassin’s Creed


Well, we hope you got a fair idea of how to write case study for evaluation input. The good news is that the experts at My Assignment Experts have written hundreds of such case studies and are writing more every passing day. Therefore, should you need a case study help or want to talk to an expert to know how you can proceed about with your assignment, we are available at your service.

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