How to Write a Dissertation Proposal?

April 06, 2020
Author : Bill

Congratulations, you have now successfully gone through thousands of assignments and hundreds of exams and god know how many semesters to get here. It is that time of the year again and students all over the globe are gearing up for their culmination of the program. The only thing left is to submit your dissertation report successfully and graduate your college with flying colours. But wait, it isn’t a cakewalk. You need to make sure that you know all the nuances and intricacies of writing a great dissertation so that you score stellar marks in your final submissions. Also, because it forms a major chunk of your credit, your GPA is heavily dependent on making it right. In this blog, we are presenting all the information that you need to know to write a stellar Dissertation Proposal. So stick till the end and get a ride to destination outstanding grades with us.

What Is a Dissertation Proposal Anyway?

You must have been familiar with academic essays by now. Like an essay, a dissertation is also a piece of an academically written document. However, this time, you will choose your own topic or the area of focus for the piece yourself. Therefore, the first step is to choose your topic that is also known as the dissertation title. After you have decided on a topic you want to conduct your research. you will have to formulate research questions, which is where the “proposal” kicks in. The dissertation proposal should cover the problem statements you would be addressing and analysing in your study. You need to come up with a methodology of execution for your proposal and should include the reading that you have conducted till now under the supervision of your guide. You should beforehand mention any limitations about your methodologies and study to prevent criticism at the time of submission and grading. It should also come with proper justification for your choice of the data sample, and ethical considerations. Dissertation Proposal

Barebones structure of the dissertation proposal will comprise of the following sections:


This section briefly covers the rest of the contents of the proposal. Explaining your methods, research results and aim in the introduction is important but they need not be talked in depth in the introduction. Treat it like an initial pitch of the idea. It sets the scene and puts everything into context. You may include a question or a problem that your research aims to solve and the impact that a solution could bring to society. Mention the potential benefits and tentative outcomes of the study. It should be presentable enough to evoke interest in the reader about the topic. Make sure that it conveys what you want to do and why you want to do it.

Main Body

The main body of the proposal is where the rest of the importance lies. It will contain in-depth explanations and arguments and would explain how the work is carried out with the appropriate methods, tasks, and equipment. The main body could be split into the following:

Aim & Objective

This section answers “What needs to be accomplished or established with the study?”. The section gives a broad indication of what the pupil wishes to achieve and discusses the aim of the hypothesis to be tested.


The objective of this section is to convince the reader that the following research methods of the arguments provided are sufficient to address the problem. It should be in context to the aim and objective of your study and the methods that would be used to conduct the research must be discussed in detail. It could include specific mention of the techniques, challenges, and a critical assessment of the proposed method.

Literature Review

Literature Review aims to critically analyse the studies and literature that has been chosen to refer to the proposed research. The aim is to convince the reader that the material that has been selected for reference is credible and reliable. You have to write this in a critical tone and mention the parameters of areas that the chosen reference material would be of use in your study.

Ethical Considerations

It should be established that the methods or any outcomes of your research work can have detrimental effects on society or the environment. Especially if your topic is related to medicine. The research may introduce moral and ethical dilemmas that are not usually addressed by other researchers during the research. The data collection methods should abide by moral and ethical codes and the researcher should take special care in ensuring that ethical standards are met. Informed consent is a necessary part that needs to be obtained from the participants, authorities and the research site.


Lastly, your proposal needs to discuss the specific time frame of the steps involved in the study. You need to provide the reader with a tracking mechanism to track your progress and critically analyse your advancement.

Pseudo Conclusion

No academic document is complete without a conclusion. Try to conclude the proposal in a concrete and confident tone to establish that you are fit to conduct the research and you have covered the prerequisites to take this research to the end. Mention the possible benefits of the research and how the research would be a step forward for you in your career. Your dissertation proposal is an essential step. Not only it prepares you for the research task beforehand but also gives you the opportunity to reconsider your research topic and evaluate for yourself. If done correctly, it will fetch you stellar grades and would lay a roadmap for your future research endeavours. To add to it, it will also help you cope with the anxiety that comes with starting a research project. It is also important to note that your research topic need not be set in stone with the submission of the proposal. Your research is subject to changes throughout the entire process. However, changes are regulated and vetted by the relevant authorities in the universities This short guide is compiled by one of our dissertation writing experts who has submitted thousands of dissertation proposals to students in the last seven years. If you’re having trouble preparing your dissertation proposal and been looking for an expert, then do get in touch with us today. Students from around the world have used our dissertation writing services and scored excellent grades in these tasks. At My Assignment Services, all your queries will be resolved instantly as our customer care representatives work 24*7 to assist students.

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