When Amelia, a citizen of Australia, started her quest to find venues to study abroad, the USA topped her list as the universities here provides the kind of education and international exposure she wanted. But it was very soon that she realized that most of the Ivy League universities or the universities set up in the popular states did not fit in her budget.

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But she did not get bogged down by that, she knew that cheaper alternatives existed in the USA itself and she could get the best of both worlds. After extensive research, she found out some universities that matched her academic interests, fit in her budget, and also provided the kind of exposure she was looking for.

Amelia is not the only student who finds the Universities in the USA a bit expensive. If you are one of them, you’ll be quite surprised by this list that consists of 6 cheapest and best universities in the USA for International Students. We did some digging ourselves and came up with this comprehensive list of the cheapest universities in the USA for you to go through.

1. The City University of New York

The City University of New York is a public university and one of the largest urban university systems in the United States. It was founded in 1961 and includes 26 institutes with an award-winning board of faculties to spearhead all of them. It offers degrees in more than 80 different fields. What sets this university apart is that the institutions under the system provide unparalleled academic quality within a nominal fee range. The average tuition fee is $17,800. Well, private institutes of America are infamous for high tuition fees that technically push students into a vicious cycle of debt. This notion has been further spread through memes, trolls and has penetrated the internet. But this is not the case for Brigham Young University. It is a private and one of the very few non-profit universities in the states. It is situated in Provo, Utah, United States and comes under the Church Educational System. What’s more? It gives you the option to choose from over 100 different majors in various fields at this university.

2. South Texas College

south texas college of law

Have you ever heard the Netizens, the citizens of the World Wide Web, screaming at the top of their social voice that Education should be free and accessible to all? Well, South Texas College took the “accessible to all” part pretty seriously. Thus they have such a low tuition fee and welcome people from different ethnicities and economic backgrounds. The annual Tuition fee for International Students is USD 4,200 and offers degrees in a wide array of subjects.

3. California State University, Long Beach

california state university

California State University, Long Beach is one of the Public Universities in Long Beach, California. The University boasts an unmatched infrastructure and with its location overlooking the magnificent Pacific Ocean, it offers students the right mix of academic and outdoor life. Established in 1949, the university offers degrees in more and 60 different fields. That may sound a bit off is that freshmen at the campus require to stay at the campus housing itself, so if you were planning on to live in apartments out of the University, it would be pretty much a big no. Average Annual Fee: 10,000USD.

4. Alcon State University, Mississippi

Alcon University is one of the oldest universities established in the United States. It was founded in 1871 in Claiborne Country with an aim to provide education to African Americans. Today, it has grown to offer more than 50-degree programs and can host over 4,000 students on the campus. It is famous for the collaboration with the university across the globes and offers comprehensive student exchange programs. It encourages innovation and motivates budding sociologists and activists to play their part in contributing towards the development of a fulfilling social construct. They say “if you are an Alcornite, you have them both, the knowledge and the attitude to fulfil your dreams”. Annual Tuition fee: 6,888 USD.

5. Minot State University, North Dakota

minot state university

Some universities can be awfully cramped up and might host bloated class sizes. But not Minot State University. The University boasts of a student-teacher ratio of 14:1, that makes it a place to study at if you enjoy studying in closely knitted peer groups and love to build productive associations with professors. They offer over 60 undergraduate programs and offer diversity at the campus. Annual Tuition: 7,000 USD for international students.

6. Lehman College

Lehman College dates back to 1931 and is the cheapest of the cheapest colleges in the United States. It offers degrees in 35 fields and is pretty liberal about the acceptance of students in the community. The College was established with a vision to contribute towards the welfare of the society. It still holds the legacy and continues to educate people at nominal prices. Now that You have gone through the list of cheapest universities, why don’t you get on to packing your bags and start searching for cheapest flights to the USA? It is now your turn to choose the universities that best fit your demands and aligns with your learning goals. Make sure you conduct rigorous research and go through the prospectus of the university multiple times. Seeking admission into a university is a one-time affair in most cases. Hence, it is my advice that you spend ample time contemplating the decision.

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