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August 10, 2020
Author : Kristy

“The only thing more disappointing than completing an essay assignment on a weekend is reading essays with an anti-climatic ending!” 

Unsatisfactory essay conclusions are a real bummer to read. If you are someone who writes stellar essays but still scores low, the way you are ending your essays might be the reason behind those poor grades. Not only improper conclusions can disappoint a reader, but it can also negate the hard work that you put in the rest of your essay.  But what is the solution? Well, one easy solution is to avail essay writing help from essay veterans at My Assignment Services. The other way is to read this article, understand what are dos and don’ts of writing a persuasive essay conclusion, and leverage that expert knowledge to write flawless essay conclusions.  

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Dos and Don'ts of Writing conclusions

Let’s start with the Don’ts, shall we? 


  • Don’t Simply Summarize; Conclude

Imagine reading an essay full of facts, opinions, and quotes from famous literature and then having to read all of it again in the conclusion. How is that for an anti-climatic ending? If your essay is a dough, then conclusions are the gluten that binds everything together. 

Try to imagine every argument presented in the body of the essay as a morsel of flour. Without gluten in the mix, it wouldn’t bind with each other. Your conclusions should bind together all the elements and opinions discussed in the body of the essay, together. 

  • Don’t Start a New Debate in The Essay Conclusions

One way to annoy a reader, fast, is to start a new debate in the conclusion without concluding the earlier ones. It confuses the reader and deters them away from reading your piece. 

  • Don’t Be Pretentious

Although this is uncommon with university students, sometimes, when authors try to be modest about their essay or opinions presented in the essay, they try to apologize to people in advance for the events when their opinions hurt someone. But it does not reflect your modesty, it reflects that you're unsure of what you have presented in your essay and don’t think that the reader should have invested time reading it anyway. 

Dos of Writing Conclusive Essays

  • Make Everything Fit Like a Jigsaw Puzzle

All those opinions that you present in the body of the essay need to be connected to each other. Everything mentioned in an essay should fit together like the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle. Establishing context between the different arguments and opinions presented in the body is an accredited way to conclude an essay. 

  • Conclude the Present and Reveal the Future

It especially works for essays on nursing, technology, or politics. While you can discuss the present developments and models available on a particular subject in the existing literature in your conclusion, you can also link the current developments and the arguments presented in the essay to answer how these developments can paint a new picture of the world in the future.

  • Quote to Amplify Your Voice

Quotes and essays go hand in hand. Quotes are an amazing match for the introduction of the essay as well as for concluding it. A relevant quote can amplify your message. Not only they substantiate your text, but the clever wordplay of a quotation can help the reader digest your content in an easy manner. 

  • Don’t Be Greedy, Provide Tangible Take-Aways

The best kinds of essay conclusions are the ones where a reader gets some tangible take-home information. Especially if your essay represents or states complicated facts and opinions, be sure to mention a tangible take-away conclusion of the essay 

  • Ignite a Fire and Extinguish It!

Well, don’t literally start a fire. What it means is to light up the fire of curiosity. Ask a question in the end and answer it. But make sure that the question is relevant to the subject matter presented in the essay. 

Now that we have discussed how to conclude a persuasive essay, should we quickly revise the concepts of persuasive essays

Let’s Revise With the Help of an Infographic Below

persuasive essay conclusion by experts

A persuasive essay revolves around a particular opinion and aims to present facts and information to persuade the reader into buying that argument or opinion. In other words, a persuasive essay is an advertisement for the author’s opinion and authors leverage previously published literature to reinforce their hypothesis, opinion, or theory. 

What are Some Impressive Persuasive Essay Topics?

  • Should Protestors be allowed to block Roads? 

  • Should people under 18 be eligible to vote?

  • Should Humans be banned from beaches to help restore corals?

  • Should Plastic be banned entirely around the globe?

  • Should the world switch to E-mobility? Is it ready?

  • Should countries dispose of their Nukes and sign a treaty?

  • Should private ownership of diesel vehicles be banned?

  • Should Fortune Companies be Taxed More?

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