Academic writing is vital. Be it an assignment in class or a paper being drafted as a researcher, one has to bring their ideas out clearly and correctly. One such tool that has shot to fame recently for assistance in the same is QuillBot. This blog will cover what QuillBot is all about, its features and benefits, and how it can be a game-changer for academic writing. We will also be covering frequently asked questions such as "Does Turnitin detect QuillBot" and "How much is QuillBot premium."

What is QuillBot?

It is an AI-powered paraphrasing tool used to modify the text, along with grammar checks, which helps writers enhance the rephrased text with overall reading improvement. Here, in particular, it can significantly benefit academic writing, where clarity and brevity are essential. Quillbot paraphrasing tool also allows users to generate different versions of their text so that its uniqueness and engagement are preserved while retaining the meaning intended in the obtained initial text.

What are its Features?

1. Paraphrasing Tool

The critical feature of this is a paraphrasing tool. You can input the text, which will give you several rephrased versions that you may choose to use. This feature is fabulous for avoiding plagiarism and making your writing sound even more natural.

Quillbot 1

2. Grammar Check

QuillBot also has a fully functioning grammar check. It helps to point out different grammar mistakes so you can resolve them, quillbolt grammar check makes the writing quite polished and professional.

Quillbot 2

3. Multiple Modes

There are different modes available in this tool, including Standard, Fluency, Creative, Shorten, and Expand. Each has been developed in its own unique way: to either increase creativity or reduce the text.

Quillbot 3

4. Vocabulary Enrichment

It suggests synonyms and alternative phrases to the user to enhance the dynamism and variety of their vocabulary.

5. Summariser

The QuillBot summariser helps to condense broad texts into precise summaries, and this is very useful for getting quick insights from large documents.

Quillbot 4

Benefits for Assignments

Very resourceful for academic assignments. They can rephrase their work to avoid plagiarism, achieve clarity, and polish their writing style. The QuillBot grammar check helps ensure assignments are without errors, plus the vocabulary enhancement tool allows for more sophisticated language use. Overall, it can make the process of writing and editing assignments smooth and efficient.

Practical Applications

If you are wondering What is Quillbot and its uses then here is your answer below:-

Academic Writing

It can reword the essays, research papers, and dissertation paragraphs to be innovative and well-articulated.


QuillBot can help students develop unique content that also comes out attractively and grammatically correct for posting on their blogs or any other online publications.

Language learning

Non-native speakers of English can use QuillBot for suggestions on rephrasing sentences to learn the subtle uses of the English language in writing.

How can you Sign in to QuillBot Step-by-Step Guide? 

If you are thinking about how much is quillbot premium or how can you access it free by just log-in  you can get all your answers by only just reading the below steps:-

1. Instructions

Access QuillBot

Visit the QuillBot website and create an account or log in.

Source Text

Just type the text and paste it which you want to paraphrase or verify in the input box.

Quillbot 5

Select Mode

Select the mode you need (Standard, Fluency, and others).

Quillbot 6


Click the paraphrase button available in the right side of the corner. QuillBot will then rephrase the content.

Quillbot 7

Review and Edit

Read over the changes that are recommended, select the one that you like best, and make any further changes.

Quillbot 8

Grammar Check

In the very left side of the corner you will find many options there but you have to opt for quillbot grammar check option which will be on the second number. Use this grammar checker to check your text for some grammatical errors and correct them.

Quillbot 9

2. Tips and Tricks

Try Different Modes

Use Quillbot in the sense that you will experiment with the modes to see which one suits your writing best.

Review Changes

Always review the suggested changes to ensure they fit well with your overall content.

Combine features

It allows integrating the paraphrase tool with a grammar check for better outcomes.

QuillBot vs. Other Tools: Which One Stands Out?









Grammar Check




Vocabulary Enhancement




Multiple Modes




Free Version




Pros and Cons of QuillBot: Is It Right for You?




Paraphrasing Capabilities

Advanced AI-powered rephrasing with context-aware adjustments.

Free version has limited paraphrasing modes.

Grammar Check

Robust grammar checking feature that identifies and corrects errors.

Occasionally misses subtle grammatical nuances.

Multiple Modes

Offers various modes (Standard, Fluency, Creative, etc.) to suit different writing needs.

Some modes might not always provide perfect results.

Vocabulary Enhancement

Suggests synonyms and alternative phrases to improve writing quality.

Over-reliance on suggestions can affect writing style.


Effectively condenses long texts into concise summaries.

Summary might miss out on some key details.

User Interface

Easy-to-use interface that is accessible for beginners.

Users need to manually review suggested changes.


Offers a free version and affordable premium options.

Free version has significant limitations.

User Feedback

Highly rated by users for improving writing quality and efficiency.

Some users report a need for manual corrections.


Can be integrated with various platforms and tools for convenience.

Integration setup can be complex for some users.

Customer Support

Provides good customer support and helpful resources.

Support might not be available in all regions.

How Much is Quillbot Premium? 

The service has both free and Premium offers. In the Free version, there is a minimum number of options and low coverage within the offered paraphrasing modes. QuillBot's Premium version—valued at around $14.95 a month or $79.95 annually—has all the features, including advanced paraphrasing modes, unlimited grammar checking, and priority access to new features.

Quillbot 10


Quillbot is a powerful tool for those who engage in academic writing. It is an aid not only to students and teachers but also to researchers in their paraphrasing, grammar-checking needs, and generally enriching one's vocabulary. Be it the need to avert plagiarism, enhance writing style, or save time, this is one tool to have.

Give QuillBot a try today to revolutionise your academic writing experience. Don't forget to check out our related articles for more tips and tools to enhance your writing.

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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs) 

Does turnitin detect quillbot?

Turnitin can determine paraphrased content owing to the detection of similar sentence structures and ideas given. However, using QuillBot to shake up the text would prevent the direct match anyway.

Can turnitin detect quillbot? 

Turnitin only detects similarity, so it may not be able to detect the use of QuillBot, but it will catch anything that is not entirely paraphrased.

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