How to Search Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles from University Databases?

September 23, 2017
Author : Amy

Firstly, a student needs to understand that a peer-reviewed article is written by the research scholars of the same field. They hold relevant experience in the particular subject field. Now, you must be wondering why it is named as peer review. The prime reason is that these articles are reviewed by the peers or the other experts in the field in order to ensure the article’s credibility and quality. Many of your professors might ask you to refer peer-reviewed articles for your academic assignments, but you would spend the entire time wondering that why do we need these article? There’s a reason that they ask you to refer the peer-reviewed articles, as these articles are:

Evidence Credible: When an article is peer-reviewed it means that the experts on a subject has reviewed the article and stamped it as approved. This process ensures that the journal is a credible source of information. Current Content Applicable: Yes! The peer-reviewed articles are updated in accordance with the current research, unlike any other online search results. Current Body of Knowledge: This states that when you refer to peer-reviewed articles, you get an overview of the literature evidence available on the topic. Demonstrate the depth of research: While you refer to the various peer-reviewed article, it clearly states the depth of credible research done for your academics by you. Now, there’s always a way of finding these peer-reviewed articles, as a student need to login to his student portal and enter the library available by the University. On this page, you can search for some relevant and useful peer-reviewed articles by entering the keywords in the search section or you can either access the relevant database by your individual choice. This happens in the case where a student exactly knows from which database he or she could find the appropriate material. For a student, peer-reviewed articles are very helpful as they help them to learn about the broader dialogue. As they discuss typically other studies and research that have been done on particular research topic or question. We hope that the information was helpful to you, but for getting an in-depth understanding of peer-reviewed articles you need to see the video wherein, our academic expert has explained how you can search for a peer-reviewed article and how can they be helpful for your academic excellence. My Assignment Services always aims for students’ benefit and this is one of our way of helping you. You just cannot miss this informative video as after seeing this, you will get a better understanding of the peer-reviewed articles. This is not the end, as next week we will be back with another video, wherein our expert will introduce you with how to refine your research, in order to get accurate results so that you don’t miss out on anything important and save your time. Till then stay tuned and watch the most explanatory video about peer-reviewed articles available online. You may also want to be enlightened regarding the manner in which peer-reviewed journal articles are used to construct a critical literature review. Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

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