Students despise writing long assignments, especially the essays. And when they type for hours to see that they have not even hit half the page, they look for ways on how to make an essay look longer.

Writing an essay is boring. Even I am yawning while writing this blog related to the essay so that I can understand what you go through while writing the essay. I know we sometimes run out of ideas to write about!

To ensure that you do not suffer the same as I do, here are a few tips on how to make an essay look longer.

Read The Essay Again Once You Complete It

The students think that the best idea to increase the length of the essay is to increase the font size and the width of the page margin. But when the format specifies a font size and other details, this trick might not save the day for you.

If you want to know how to make an essay look longer, you can take help of the idea of reading the content again. When you have completed the essay and will read it once again, you might remember some ideas or arguments that are essential but are not included in the content.

If you are unsure of how to make an essay look longer, you can read the blog on how to write an assignment to learn what arguments can you include.

After reading the entire assignment again, you will be able to look for some ideas that you missed. Also, check the marking rubric and see if every parameter has been covered. Learning how to make an essay look longer is not even needed if you have fulfilled the requirements of the marking rubric.

Use Quotations and Citations

I know that you always do not want to write data, stats, and figures in the essay. Or maybe you did not get enough of that data. Now you obviously want to know how to make an essay look longer.

Using quotes from celebrities and famous people in the same field is a good way to give an authentic feel to the essay and also fill the words.

You can also cite the authors and other people in the essay as it is and fill the words. The students who have learnt how to make an essay look longer like this earn authority in the essay because they are using the words of other people as well. And they are actually not using useless content to fill the words.

When you are using the words of other person and are citing their statement, you are using your word count. Instead of focusing on how to make an essay look longer, focus on what all to include in an essay to make it look longer. Use the words in something valuable rather than nonsense.

Check The Structure Of Essay

Checking the structure means that you have first understood the structure of the essay that you have to write. When you are looking for how to make an essay look longer, you can use this. However, remember that you are not changing the format being followed all over the world.

Before you hop on the typing express train, check the structure of the essay that your professor asks for.

Or check the standard structure that is followed everywhere else. Compare it with the marking rubric. You cannot learn how to make an essay look longer unless you learn the proper structure.

The structure allows you to lay out all the points and arguments beforehand. When you have the structure handy, you are able to think it all out in a planned fashion.

The various types of essays that you can get in your assessments can be understood here. You can learn how to make an essay look longer for each of them.

Use Transitional Phrases and Idioms

The essays can be easily increased by a word or few by using an idiom. This also shows your language competency. For example, instead of saying that you can easily learn tips on how to make an essay look longer, I can say stop burning the midnight oil to make your essay look longer.

Okay, here the idiom used fewer words. But the point is that using transitional phrases connect the connect the content with other sentences. Therefore, each sentence is connected with the previous one. You don’t have to completely rely on the tips on how to make an essay look longer when you are able to connect the ideas.

That is the smoothness you need in your transitions as well.

Using a sufficient number of transition phrases and words, you can easily create a logically flowing content and also meet the words requirement without too much of data input. Some transitional words that are commonly used are; therefore, consequently, as a result, etc. You can also learn how to make an essay look longer by using words like –

  • Although,
  • Moreover,
  • Additionally,
  • On the other hand,
  • On the contrary,
  • At the same time,
  • As a matter of fact,
  • Similarly, and others.

These transition words and phrases also improve the readability of the assignment.

Use A Humongous Supporting Evidence

You can have cracked the key to the puzzle of how to make an essay look longer. When you take the use of a large number of supporting evidence, you are not only giving more and more credibility to the assignment but also saving yourself from the word count monster.

This evidence can be looked up on the internet and you can write a good proportion into your assignments. No longer worry about how to make an essay look longer because all you now got to do is conduct good research.

The supporting evidence can be in the form of examples from past events, your personal experience, any literature, etc. Anything which adds value to your argument is evidence and deserves to be there. When you know how to make an essay look longer, even if you do not have a lot of arguments to think about, you can make a couple of them too strong and make the essay long.

Consult With An Essay Writing Expert

When you cannot think of any possible idea or are not sure whether you want to pass this assignment anymore or not, you can always consult an expert. These individuals will guide you on how to make an essay look longer, what all to include in the essay, what is the standard writing structure followed for this essay, etc.

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Our team not only knows how to make an essay look longer, but they also help you write an essay with all the relevant information. Whatever be the topic, our experts can help you in drafting the best essays possible. This includes –

  • Using relevant information
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  • Using supporting evidence
  • Using proper structure
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