How to Cope with Academic Essay Writing Struggle
December 18, 2020
Author : Kristy

Let's all be unreserved for a moment and shout and admit the hard time we have in writing academic essays, semesters after semesters. Let it come out of you in full capacities. Yes, I can imagine some of you making the crying face, too. I feel each one of you. However, surprisingly, the education system wasn't at all supposed to be turning you into a 'stress-can.’ You believe that, right? So, is it our education system that has some problems which the legislators couldn't spot?

You might not want to hear this, but the United States embodies the most advanced form of the education system than any other country. Plus, the curriculum we follow, irrespective of the course we're enrolled in, is scientifically designed to best suit our needs and wishes. Besides, what if I also tell you that the problem rests in how we approach writing academic essays? Those of you who are thinking, ‘Are you going to write my essay, or what?', are specially requested to read on, because, in the end, there is something for them. But don't 'jump-scroll', just read on. And those of you, who are here to simply explore how they can cope with academic essay writing struggles, please follow the steps.

Getting started - Who all Here Like Overtures?

academic essay structure


I know most of us would probably push the skip button —the best thing after sliced bread. And this is precisely where we start making essay writing help one of the hardest things on the planet. In other words, we skip the part where -

  1. We understand the topic
  2. Analysis and evaluate
  3. List the resources
  4. Allocate time for reading the resources, and
  5. After confirming that all the last steps have been followed, choose a topic

You did not see the fifth point coming, did you?

Yes, the selection of the right topic should go through all the four steps first, and not the other way around. This is the most common mistake that students in their high school, colleges, and even universities make. They choose their topic before they have measured what it has in store for them.

And, from our elementary school days, this indeed was the way. We chose one of the topics that we felt was the coolest or most comfortable one and wrote it with all the bits and pieces of our writing capacity and the hypothesis (kid version) we were born with on the subject. And it was perfect, but only for those times. But after we reach a certain height in our academic lives, we get to adapt to the changes it demands. Like the way we dealt with candies when we grew up. We naturally abandoned our penchant for them.

Now, coming back to writing an academic essay, here too, we got to adapt to some changes. For instance, the object of writing any essay is to manifest that you do have the ability to think and contemplate critically about the topic. This very act certainly exceeds merely restating the questions and what you've already been taught in the class. It is because restatements and writing the ideas of your teachers/professors back to them have historically not been good with getting students the desired grades. And, isn't that our goal?

Recalling step 1 -

  • Do your research on a topic before jumping to write on one.
  • Do what is expected of you, i.e., think!

The ‘Write’ Direction

Let's dedicate this part to what the first one gave a hint of.

Research. Look up the internet, find some books on the topics, and make yourself genuinely aware of what your case should be. However, finding enough resources for your essay and familiarising yourself with them is when you get to halfway. The rest of the part in the second step of how to cope with academic essay writing is knowing the format of putting out the information.

Once you are familiar with the structure or format of the essay, you are looking to write, you are ready to hit the next stage. It is only because no matter which journey you are packing to embark upon, you must know the directions. If you don't know where you are heading, you are more of a vagabond than a traveler. Makes sense? Great!

Recalling step 2 -

  • Once you are done acquainting with the topic and choosing the one, start researching on the way the information needs to be put in an essay.
  • Knowing the format/structure of an essay, for a student, is like learning the directions for a traveler.

Getting Down to Writing, Finally.

Congratulations! You are now on the part when you can start writing your academic essay. Yes, the last two steps were exhausting. But, since you worked hard on those as suggested, now you may relax. Go out, take a break, have a good time with your friends, because you deserve it. And, also because the academic essay is going to need you to be relaxed, to start with.

Once you are back, take up the tools and start building! Wait, did I not tell you that this part is going to be easy? Well, I stand by my suggestion. You should be relaxed when you start writing because, in the process of pouring all you have about the topic, you are also going to merge and fuse your thoughts into them to make a synthesis. Again, don't get puzzled, because it's just what we call 'the discussing all that you have read and found about the topic, analyzing, and writing what these resources did not say directly, or did not say at all. That's all.

Because from step 1, we knew that restatements are not what we do in an academic essay write-up. We observe them, analyze them, and make new things out of them. That's the process that teachers and professors look for inside an academic essay before giving students an A!

Recalling step 3 -

  • Relax
  • Have some time to enjoy with your friends your way
  • Get down to writing
  • Synthesize the information you have while writing

Self-Criticism Equals More Marks

winning conclusion


Did you know self-criticism could be a good thing in academic essay writing? Not only a good thing for getting you marks, but for also pulling you out of the struggle, which is your state of mind (we did not disclose this earlier). It is because there is a no better way (of course, after citations of the works you read and talked about in the essay) to add validity to your arguments made in your academic writing­­­­­.

The purpose of an academic essay is to look for the level of critical thinking the student attributes.

By going after yourself, you would be showcasing your skills to your teachers/professors. Meanwhile, in the process, you are going to witness a great deal of energy and interest accumulating in writing the academic essay — almost as if the essay itself is making you write it.

Recalling step 4 -

  • Question your arguments, propositions, and theories. Try to highlight your essay's limitations because that is going to make your essay more complete while showcasing your exalted state of reasoning.
  • The 'struggle' is merely a state of mind.
  • Let the essay take over. Listen to what it is asking you to write. Listen very carefully.

Conclusion Part and the Part for Those Who Are Still Asking for 'Help Me Write My Essay'

Put together the entire content of your essay, in terms of its logical consistency, your questions, your solutions, your ideas, your doubts, and the rest of everything. Finish it with all your love, finish it right. Make acknowledgments if you want, prepare an excellent bibliography, some appendices, and you're all set to submit your academic essay.

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