Carper’s fundamental patterns of knowing are most used when you have to reflect on your own practice. The reflection based practice and fundamental patterns of knowing are like best friends, they get along well. But students and Carper’s way of knowing are each other’s nemesis. I know that you are also thinking if you should do this assignment or not. Hence, for you, I present a guide to writing SPG950 assignment answer.

Begin with event description

The question clearly asks you to analyse where Carper’s way of knowing are located within an event. The event does not mean Tomorrowland, Stereosonic or some other fest that you are dying to attend. Event means an incident of your practice that you will reflect upon. You need to describe properly what the event is and how did the event progress. You can be involved in any clinical situation and then use it to reflect upon yourself. Using this reflection, you will see how Carper;s fundamental patterns of knowing were applied in the practice.

Learn what is Carper’s way of knowing here.

The event description should have the following components -

  1. Start with when it happens
  2. Tell the reader about the patient you were caring for
  3. Tell what was the case and what was needed to be done
  4. Explain the situation where you acted
  5. If possible, explain the diagnosis of the patient that you observed
  6. Once you conduct the manual diagnosis, tell about what measures did you take
  7. End by telling if it worked or not

Start with ways of knowing

The question says that you need to identify where Carper’s way of knowing was applied in the event. The event is what you just described above. Now, you need to start picking every pattern off the 4 fundamental patterns of knowing. And you are lucky because the question has asked you to follow the structure of explaining in the following way -

  1. Empiric
  2. Aesthetic
  3. Personal
  4. Ethical

And do you know what is the best part? You can use them as subheadings! If you write assignments you would understand what a relief it is. Let me tell you one by one how are you going to answer these patterns.


In this section, you have to analyse the theories applied, medicine administered, policy adhered to and procedures followed. To answer this section, refer to Carper’s article that was published in 1978. I know that 1978 is way too historical for you but that it is what it is. Carper gave her theory in 1978 and that when you need to go. Read the theories and check what and how did you apply them in the case you experienced.


Aesthetics is a way of knowing. It is also called the art of nursing. It encompasses the other patterns of knowing and thereby creating a new understanding of given nursing phenomena. Aesthetics is necessary because it is because of this that the professionals have a wider consideration of experiences, situations and conditions in nursing. Here, you need to focus on appreciation (applications of the concepts) and creation of subjective, particular expression of a similar reality or any other imagined possibility.


Explain what is the personal way of knowing. Refer to Carper’s article to know what it is or ask me over a personalised session. After the boring textbook definition, shift the weights towards the self-realisation part. Now you explain how this knowledge is formed. Dig into reflection, self-actualisation, observation, etc. You also have to discuss what skills and knowledge did you develop through this pattern of knowing.


We know that a large portion of nursing is hinged on morals and ethics. You have to be fully aware of ethics. So aware that anyone can wake you up at 2 in the morning and you would still answer correctly. Explain if you took the ethical considerations into account in the event described. If yes, what ethical and moral obligations did you follow and how did you know to adhere to it.

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