As schools close and universities cancel in-person lessons in favor of online teaching to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus, the lives of students have changed radically. In more than 130+ countries, all the schools have been locked down for an uncertain period, which in result strangely impacted the lives of nearly 80% of students globally. In this time of social distancing and high anxiety, it can help to step back and remind ourselves of the myriad ways people are still being positive. Let’s interpret how the people, especially students in the affected countries are managing their chores while keep studying and staying optimistic in times of dubiety.

homeschooling during covid-19

During this coronavirus outbreak, our team surveyed a few cities of Australia and found a bunch of interesting things that are helping them remain upbeat, so we asked them to share their experiences to keep you updated with the things happening around you. If you have also experienced or read about any act of generosity, something that can bring a smile on people’s face in this chaotic situation or any instant of the divine, either in your community or on the other side of the world, just comment down below at the end of the blog with what’s the source of your aspiration, and we will incorporate your case in a follow-up.

So this is something that has been keeping the team at My Assignment Services smiling

Feels like the coronavirus outbreak has left nothing unharmed in its wake, not even the animal pounds, says Charlotte. Quite a few people are making a brief visit to the available pets; similarly, the volunteers have also dried up. I was buoyed up seeing one of my classmates take in “Cooper”, an Australian Shepherd almost one and a half years old.

homeschooling during coronavirus

He was found dying of hunger a few weeks ago near a Big W parking area in Perth city, my friend Amelia told; so she carried him to the home and decided to look after Cooper till the time he is adopted and finds a forever home – outstandingly altruistic act one could do in the times of consternation and unreliability. Charlotte says that it has just lifted her spirits and now she also wants to help abandoned animals while homeschooling during coronavirus outbreak.

Noah, 13, from Melbourne, also has something to say

Until most of the shops were closed, and Melbourne wasn’t sad and empty, I relished the first few weeks of lockdown. As the days passed by, COVID-19 spread to more people and everything got locked down, so staying at home all the time was getting boring. Generally, I can be entertained really simply – all I need is an iPad or laptop to play videogames and yeah that is it. As every parent wants their kids to be healthy, mine also wants the same, so sitting all day and spending a huge amount of time playing videogames isn’t an option for me.

homeschooling during pandemic - Copy

I recently explored other ways to entertain myself. I consciously assessed the things I like doing and picked out all of my habits that can enhance my learning capabilities and I can have fun too. I have always loved reading, so now I spend most of my time reading books. Secondly, I really enjoy cooking, it’s just so satisfying when you have everything organized and ready to go then you make just a perfect dish. Anyways, most importantly while homeschooling during coronavirus I comprehended how to develop a Facebook professional page and a Wix page for my aunt’s painting, isn’t it great? So that’s the list of the things that I do during corona holidays, just curious what you do?

I forgot what made me smile and gave me energy when I was little, says Sophie

The realization of getting lost in the things I had to prepare for school has led me to meet myself again. I had entirely forgotten what made me smile and gave me energy when I was a kid. As it’s the season of rebirth in the midst of coronavirus outbreak and my school is also locked down for an uncertain time, so I started again making origami, more especially flowers. It is fun bringing some colours in this chaos. I feel Origami encourages creativity and the sense of beauty, unfailingly putting smiles on the faces of those who try when they see the final result!


Moreover, I can distinctly remember my secret passions, sitting in front of the computer and writing, as I used to. Outbursts, texts, and short prose that are born out of what I feel and the need to express myself. Sometimes we feel that no one can understand us, that some do not have time to listen to us, so the best refuge is sometimes your own person! Understand your sentiments, craft them on a piece of paper or just document them on your computer! Who knows, might be this will be the start of a new journey to write more often, more professionally even! People need to hear from you, by any means possible. This is what I learned, homeschooling during coronavirus - maybe it’s a blessing in disguise for you.

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Have you also been impacted by the school or college closures? In what capacity this coronavirus outbreak has affected your life? How do you keep your mood up? These are a few questions we want to ask you.

Share your stories with us and we will cover you in our next blog. You just need to comment down below at the end of the blog and your story along with your picture will be posted right here. If you are seeking for homework help, don’t hesitate to ask our assistance, we have been assisting students for a decade; be a part of our journey and explore academics the way you’ve never before!


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