Do you have a politics dissertation to write now or anytime soon?

Are you still hung up on choosing the right one from the politics dissertation topics?

Are you waiting for a sign from the heavens above that a topic will sprout from the ground?

What about some good topics that Mr Putin himself recommends?

You might be Craving Some Political Dissertation Topics, but do you Actually Know How to Choose One?

I know you didn’t think in that direction. I can give you a number of politics dissertation topics right now but what do you know about choosing them? What if you want to know how you need to choose politics dissertation topics on your own?

Here is how –

I will start with the most obvious one that you already know. Choose a topic that interests you.

Do you want to throw a tomato at me? I can understand the frustration. As obvious as this tip sounds, many students often forget what it means and why is it important.

In a happy scenario, you become best friends with your political dissertation topics. You see that it matches your intellect level, it resonates with what you like to do and you will be living together with it. The topic will give birth to a proposal which will grow up to become a published book.

In a not-so-happy situation, you and your political dissertation topics have a toxic relationship. The weight of the topic keeps dragging you down. If you don’t choose a topic that you are interested in, then the dissertation writing can be a tedious task and acts as a hindrance to your degree and the book you are planning to publish.

Therefore, this obvious task of choosing political dissertation topics is not at all that obvious. You can take my help to understand more.

You v/s the Section of Students I like to call “The Lucky Ones”.

Why? Because these guys have a desire and a craziness for the topic. They have this question and they want to know the answer to that at all costs.

On the other hand, you, my sweet summer child, you don’t have any idea how can you choose one topic. And you know what? These people have the politics dissertation topics that can be measured, have all the sources available for their analysis, have a status that people think “Whoa” and have a faculty or professor available who can guide them. Aren’t these some lucky kids?

And what do you have? This blog where I am guiding you how to choose your politics dissertation topics.

But I have some good news as well. The proportion of the population of these “The Lucky Ones” is relatively low and the larger ones fall in where? That’s right, folks. The side where you are!

What to do when you are not on the other end of the table with “The Lucky Ones”?

There is a flow of steps that you need to keep in mind while choosing the political dissertation topics.

1. Look into the past

The probability that you are working on a topic that has never been touched by any other human is zero. Yes, literally zero. This is the 21st century where you are working on the research of scientists who lived 100 years ago. Unless you have created a way to teleport through space or a way to travel back into the past, your research is not something new.

So, you need to look back and look for political dissertation topics. Think about what event interests you the most and what question has been left unanswered for centuries that you want to answer.

2. Evaluate the research

You don’t want to start working on your dissertation only to realize later that there is no research and evidence available for that. Always look for the relevant data for your political dissertation topics before you start working on them.

There will be some sitting quietly and nicely in a library while there will be some whom you need to pull a lot of strings to obtain information from. Some will be in a mysterious archive room down at the corner of the room of the archives. Also, choosing research for political dissertation topics is not enough. You need to make sure that you can read and understand the sources available before you.

3. Be objective with your topic instead of being general

As much as you might like writing on a topic that lets you talk about everything broadly, your professor will actually be interested in something that is objective and specific. Be sure to not let the vagueness get the better side of you.

Choose those political dissertation topics that allow you to focus on a challenge. When you solve the problem and address one specific question at a time, the quality of research improves. Objective-focused dissertations have a better impact on the readers (in this case, your professor).

Oh, and don’t forget to check in on the latest happenings and global affairs as well. These things also form a great source where you can get your political dissertation topics.

A Few Political Dissertation Topics You Can Refer to While Writing Your Dissertation

Well, I am not a cruel man. I know that you need some examples to get on the journey ahead. You also need to understand whatever I have just told you above. What better way is there to explain all this other than showing some sample political dissertation topics.

  1. How did 9/11 impact international relations and how have they been amended since then?

  2. Is targeted killing and drone attacks a way to counter terrorism?

  3. Running the United Nations – an indirect influence of the USA.

  4. What impact does the tension between the USA and Russia have on world peace policies?

  5. How has Brexit influenced the trade policies within the EU?

  6. Does Britain think of itself as the boss of the European Union?

  7. How can Brexit influence the power of Britain over other countries?

  8. How the governments of developing countries exploit the population for their own gain?

  9. How had the Netherlands impacted the world by legalising same-sex marriage in 2001?

  10. Should legalisation of same marriage be a decision left to governments or the United Nations?

  11. How are relations between two countries affected by diplomatic immunity?

  12. The war against terrorism – how are western countries indirectly controlling middle eastern countries?

  13. Why does the United Nations penalise developing countries and not superpowers for violating international laws?

  14. How do foreign policies by the USA influence those of other countries?

  15. Is capitalism a necessary evil in a democracy?

  16. China – a threat to western ideals.

  17. The problem of Syrian refugees and how different countries reacted to this problem.

  18. Should the government directly control the media of the country in a democracy?

  19. How does the competition between various news channels impact the country’s global outlook?

  20. The killing of Osama Bin Laden – how did it influence the relationship between the USA and Pakistan?

  21. Can a third world war happen due to tensions between North Korea and the USA?

  22. How will a third world war decide the fate of global power today?

  23. Should nuclear technology be surrendered and destroyed?

  24. How did WWII lead to the creation of the European Union?

Is this your status right now for your political dissertation topics?

Well, lucky you, I am a political science expert myself. I can help you with choosing the best political dissertation topics. Or you can get it done with a professional hand like mine. All you got to do is email me the assignment details or fill the form here.

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