The subject matter of Political science finds its roots since the humans started living in communities. It is a major part of humanities stream and inter-disciplinary in nature. The objectives to study Political Science other than one’s personal interest could be to learn systematic study of social and political ideas, institutions, social events and practices, as well as relation of people with states and country. Assignments these days in these subjects are not confined to policies, political theories, administration, relations with remaining world, political behavioral, political theory, etc. A political assignment helps students to acquire in-depth knowledge of all the sister branches which create a new subject-matter and understanding of the phenomenon related to people and relations better. These subjects include anthropology, philosophy, history, sociology, law, geography, economics, psychology etc.

Political Science Assignment Samples

Usually every assignment is a challenge in itself and are assigned to test your mosaic of knowledge. However, after solving hundreds of assignments on this subject, we can segregate Political science assignments into broader types, of which following are some of the question samples that our political assignment writing experts have included to help you get a brief idea of our diverse assignment help services.

Kindly note that the following political science assignment samples are for general reference purpose only. In any case, they are not to be used, distributed or edited without bringing the same into our notice.

  1. Journal Articles Critique Assignment
  2. Political Science Assignment Questions

    In the given assignment the student has to read the journal and must know about the author's academic background. The reason which led the author to write the article will be indirectly mentioned somewhere in the article. The critiques assignments require a vision that thinks in a different manner, and sometimes comes from experience in literature. Our experts having a strong background in these subjects and if you want, they can help you understand Political science subjects during one-on-one online consultation or tutorial sessions.

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    This particular assignment goes on discussing the author's view on climate change and political impact it had across the world. One has to know details on climate change, things that need to be done to fix the harm done to mother nature, policies that support this view, groups of countries coming together to fight the climate changes, and special focus needed for the political after-effects . Well, it is okay if you think of all this as a complex task. In that case, we have our team of political science assignment help experts who provide assistance.

  3. Political theory Assignment
  4. This is very basic but mandatory assignment which student will need to submit while pursuing any higher education be it, graduation, post-graduation, or even Ph.D. degree. These theories can range from basic theories like Socialist and Capitalist rule as per the complex theories such as Post-structuralism, Majoritism, to even critical theories, and various school of thoughts like Anarchist school of thought.

    Political theory Assignment Samples

    These types of assignments need a background discussion on Social movement from authentic resources. Here, one must understand that in political science, word science is not constant and keeps on changing with time. So, one must know the chronology of all such movements in detail to complete an assignment within the given word-limit. Feminism and gender equality deal with lots of literature study and ability to frame it under appropriate political theories. Well it is important to mention that generic subject-matter may not fetch you the assignment marks, so for that purpose, our decade-long expertise is always at your service.

  5. Global, Urban and Social Studies Assignment

Such assignments encompass whole range of country-specific topics like governance, tribes, movement, or regional aspects like trade, policies, war, or worldwide community based aspects like climate concerns, gender issues, ethnicity diversification, majority- minority issues etc. To encounter such aspects, one must know that lack of strong will and leadership within a country generally leads to instability within a country that hampers further growth, GDP and trade patterns of that country. Also the neighboring countries policies go in against or in favor for that particular nation contributing to the instability. The assignments in this subject require one to dig deeper using authentic literature and powerful justifications - a practice that may not be very easy.

Our political science assignment experts can help you to get exactly what you have been asked in the assignment. Below is one example shared by our experts to help you understand the nature of this kind of assignment:

Political theory Assignment Format

For this particular question, some general global policies and guidelines of United Nations, European Union or any other governing organisation(s) must be known beforehand. One must know how and why some practices are banned, like drugs and narcotics, human trafficking, flesh trade and many more. Also, one needs to collect details on the countries that trade actively in drugs and contemporary problems they face in trading. Additionally, general biological effects of drugs on human body have to be discussed. If one would see the question, it poses an answer within the question as, "legalisation of cannabis".

Now such details or indirect clues when provided, many of the students are unable to identify it, but nothing remains off from our experts' eyes in any of the subject. Can’t believe? You can try us any time. In this particular assignment, one has to look for the option given - legalisation of drug! Well, it depends on you to whether you want to write in its favor or against it. Plus, your justification must be backed with recent and authentic data relevant that could back your opinion.

Common Mistakes to Avoid During Political Science Assignment Writing

According to our political science assignment help experts, there are various points that students need to adhere to so as to prepare a flawless assignment. Some of them are:

  1. Avoid giving general explanation, this gives a boring review to the assessor. Your assignment must have genuine facts, verified data and, it must include recent work done in the field of studies.
  2. Political science is a science, Accept the fact before sitting and writing the assignment. Never forget to quote examples of the events in the world related to the concept that is being explained by you in the assignment. You can always relate the topic, conclusion or the hypothesis of your assignments with practical examples using polity of any other country.
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  3. Avoid giving biased critique in critical analysis of journal, novel or theory. Although you can side either side of an argument, but having an extremist point of the view would give a negative impression of your assignment. So, back your arguments with authentic source and latest literature. The more perspectives you explain, your chances to score better improve.
  4. Use of unclear expression in an assignment displays the frame of your mind. So, you would never want your professor to infer that you are confused with your assignment question even after its submission. Have a clear view while organising the resources and clearly understand all the aspects before concluding.

How Would your Assignment be Different From Your Peers?

Our experts in the subject are well-versed with all the dimensions of Political Science as well as its sister disciplines like law, governance, geo-polity etc. Their expertise in their field for more than a decade, clubbed with exceptionally rich research directory of My Assignment Services ensure that all the guidelines, formats and every miniscule sectional requirement is discretely answered.

When you will submit the work assisted by us, it would be having unmatched authenticity and detailed analysis to make your assignments stand out of the rest. Our subject-matter experts and Quality Assurance team will proofread all your assignments to make sure that your assignments fully adhere to the mentioned guidelines, and are free from any sort of unintentional typographical or grammatical anomaly and plagiarism-issues. So your assignment which can get you high score is just one click/call away.

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