Flora And Fauna: Why It Is Important For Humans?

what does flora and fauna mean
November 15, 2021
Author : Albert Freddie

There is a great significance of Biodiversity for humans; it has an intrinsic value. Since the world has evolved, flora and fauna have complimented each other and also made it easier for humans to survive.

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Facts about Australian Biodiversity

Global Importance of Flora and Fauna

Importance of Flora and Fauna

Source: soe.environment.gov.au

You might be intrigued to know that Australia is well-known for possessing a wide range of distinct ecosystems that constitute diverse flora and fauna.

  • About 25% of the Biodiversity in the world is present in Australia itself. Approximately 1,50,000 species are known here and other than this, there are a number of species that remain undiscovered.
  • Australia ranks among the world’s 17 megadiverse countries
  • Some characteristics of the Biodiversity present in Australia include diversity, adaptations made in terms of evolution, endemism, and more
  • There are so many paleoendemic here that are specifically connected to the Ancient History of Australia.

5 Core Values That Humans Place On Flora and Fauna

Humans have always been dependent on Biodiversity and have placed different values on them. Do you know the most important ones? Well, our science assignment help experts have conducted extensive research in this field and come up with the following five core values that humans place on Biodiversity.

These are:

1. Economic

Humans get a lot of raw materials from flora and fauna that they can produce and consume. This is the reason the life of farmers, fishermen, etc are completely dependent on biodiversity for earning their livelihood.

2. Scientific

Flora and Fauna depict an entire ecological system that is enough for us to understand the natural world and how it originated in the past.

3. Ecological Life Support

There are so many ecosystems sustaining in the world today. Biodiversity provides them with the supply of oxygen, clean drinking water, pest control, plant pollination, treating the waste in water, and other ecological life support activities like these.

4. Cultural

Every culture, especially the Australian culture is solely connected to Biodiversity in every term. Be it the expression of aesthetic expression, identity, or spirituality, there is a close connection of culture with Flora and Fauna.

Even the Indigenous Australians have a lot of spiritual beliefs related to plants and animals. This shows the strong connections that they have with Biodiversity.

5. Recreation

A major part of recreation relies upon Flora and Fauna such as Bird Watching, fishing, hiking, camping etc. Even the tourism industry is completely dependent on Biodiversity. So, if Biodiversity gets hampered, then these values will also deteriorate and tamper with the well-being of humans. By now, you might have understood the importance of Flora and Fauna for humans.

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How to Write an Assignment on Flora and Fauna?

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Flora and Fauna reference

In this excerpt from the solution, you can see how our science assignment writers have calculated the species-area relationship between the species and their biodiversity. Coming to the next part of the assignment,

Flora and Fauna sample

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