Not only Australia is the third most popular destination for international students, but it is also bestowed with 7 out of the top 100 universities in the world. Isn’t it amazing for a country which only has a population of 24.1 million? If we put these figures aside, one of the prime reasons for which students opt studying in Australia is because the degree from any Australian institution is held in high regards worldwide.

This has been very well explained by the content editor of Murdoch University, Alyx Douglas. He says,” The tertiary institutions of Australia have contributed over a 2.5 million international alumni, among which 15 are Nobel prize holders and are a product of theAustralian education system”.

Talking about the universities, by now, you might have already researched a lot and decided which university to enrol yourself in. As rightly named, ‘the land of plenty’ possesses a plethora of magnificent cities to explore, several breath-taking student accommodations as well as a wide range of exquisite beaches to lie on and an extensive array of wildlife to witness.Excited much? Great, let us slowly unravel Australia as the best place for studying abroad.

What Is Special About TheAustralian Education System?

There are so many reasons why Australia always has an upper hand among other international student destinations in the world. Let us talk about a few of them.

10 top australian universities

1. Unleash your inner-self

A lot of students are already innovative and agile thinkers; what they require is an atmosphere that the Australian universities provide. They equip each student with a breath-taking infrastructure that fosters practical skills in them. As the global dynamism demands entrepreneurial and innovative thinkers, the diligent panel of Australian education providers has mastered this art.

With their strong curriculum, you will automatically focus on practical aspects in your course and pace ahead with the dynamic world easily.

2. With These Globally Ranked Institutions, You Can Also Gain Work Experience While Studying

If you are sceptical about the ranking of your university, you can look at the global rankings such as the QS ranking, Times Higher Education and the Shanghai rankings. Consisting of premium teaching methodologies and great infrastructures, the Australian universities have been consistently in the list of top universities across the globe.

Almost every Australian degree consists of an integrated program wherein, you can get your hands-on industry work experience, simultaneously while studying. Isn’t it amazing?

3. Amiable and extensive student support services

Because you are far away from your own country, the Australian education system also offers a wide range of student support services. There are many quality control and government accreditation methods which ensure that you receive the best education.

You can grab useful practical advice on several issues such as socializing with students, legal rights and job opportunities etc.

Obtaining Student Visa For Studying In Australia

To procure yourstudent Visa (subclass 500)is an essential requirement when you are planning to study in Australia. However, the required documents may vary as per the course and the duration of the course.

You will need to produce proper documents to validate that you will be in a position to bear the expenses in Australia. These financial obligations include the cost of the program, accommodation expenses as well as travel and other expenses.

In addition to this, you also need to possess the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for your complete stay in Australia. This will be helpful in the times when you will be required to meet the cost expenses for health-related issues in Australia.

What About the Accommodations Here? Are they Budget-Friendly?

Australia offers flexible accommodation options to students to choose from, depending upon the budget.

accomodation in australia

You can choose from a range of options, which include:

  1. Short term: This option is best suited for those of you who have just landed in Australia. It includes a wide range of choices such as hostels, hotels, apartments. Other than these, you can also go for rentals through Gumtree or any temporary housing that your institution provides you with.
  2. Rental: If you plan to live by yourself or want to share it with a small group, then you can go for the rental accommodations. By paying a fixed security deposit, you can get access to this option.
  3. Homestay: In case you want the same comfort that you had in your own home with meals and cleaning, then choosing a homestay is the best for you. Here, you can get the exact living environment that you had at your place.

Average Cost of Living for a Student In Australia

Though Australia is considered to be a high cost of living for students, this is all in return for a high-standard and quality lifestyle and education. Even the costs vary student to student, depending upon the course, university etc, roughly speaking, if you are residing in Australia, then you might need to factor these expenses every week:

v On-campus accommodation: AUD 150-280

v Entertainment: AUD 80-150

v Homestay accommodation: AUD 235-325

v Public transport: AUD 15-55

v Groceries and eating out- AUD 80-280

The entire process of settling in Australia might seem to be overwhelming now, but with time, you will grow as an individual. And we suppose, this is more than just studying, right? Stay tuned for upcoming similar blogs about Australia, we’ll soon cover topics such as campus life, health and well-being, food shops and bars, and lots more.

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