Follow These 8 Steps to Develop an Effective Marketing Campaign

March 05, 2022
Author : Olivia Moore

Campaign planning is a crucial task of the marketing operations team of any business. A marketing campaign is needed for effective marketing and plays a key role in the sales of the goods and services offered by a company. Every business has a different strategy for marketing its products and distinct target audience. Every marketing campaign has some specific requirements that have to be considered while planning a marketing campaign.

Regardless of the target audience and the genre of the good of service that a company provides, the campaign for promoting their products includes various steps that help decide the type of campaign that will effectively achieve target sales. Also, factors like the campaigning channel, the objective of the campaign and the target audience affects the outcome.

Researchers predict that by 2025 82% of the traffic on the internet will be through videos; hence video commercials are gaining popularity by the day.

Before technological advancements, campaigning used to be only offline, through local mass media or door-to-door. With new-age technologies, new campaigning strategies have arrived, digital marketing is the new wave nowadays that has scaled campaigning to another height. Internet users must've experienced various advertisements popping up on the screen while they surf the internet.

Such pop-ups are a part of the push marketing campaign, and various businesses have different requirements for marketing campaigns. Well, of course, you will rarely see an iPhone commercial popping up in a small window on your screen. The revenue of iPhones is high even with niche marketing campaign strategies due to their inelastic demand. On the other hand, local or lesser-known brands use various marketing strategies to promote their products.

Marketing Campaign Types

What are the Different Types of Marketing Campaigns?

The optimal goal of a marketing campaign is to increase sales and thus the company's revenue. A marketing strategy requires the marketing operations team to focus on the promotion., advertising, distribution, merchandising, and cost of the goods. A single product sale requires various strategies and distinct forms of marketing to fit the seasonal and product type requirements. The different types of campaigns as explained by our marketing assignment help providers are as follows:

Traditional Marketing Campaign:

A traditional marketing campaign relies on traditional marketing methods, television/radio advertising, newspaper ads, and placing advertisements in a local billboard or advertising spaces. Such marketing campaigns have been in use for a long time and are still useful for promoting a service or product locally, especially for aged customers.

Seasonal Push Marketing Campaign:

Companies use a seasonal marketing campaign to increase a seasonal revenue influx; foodservice providers use these campaigns on special occasions, festivals, and new products. Companies promote discount offers on their products through digital advertising or traditional marketing methods.

The social media marketing campaign of Instagram is over 1 billion dollars.

Product Launch Campaign:

Companies launching new products set up a marketing campaign to promote them. A promotional campaign often focuses on a local audience than a larger global audience. Foodservice providers launch local food tasting drives or offer free goods with their new products for promotional purposes.

Brand Awareness Campaign:

A company develops a brand awareness campaign to spread awareness about its brand. How are their products different from their competitors in the type of goods and services they offer? These are a few of the factors around which such campaigns are developed. Surveys and questionnaires are often used by businesses to learn the audience preferences. Doing so helps the audiences be aware of the brand and let the company know of the audience's requirements.

Email Marketing Campaign:

An email campaign is a regular ongoing campaign that companies use to contact customers. Email marketing is used for letting the customers know of the upcoming sales, discounts and products of the company.

These are a few of the most prominently used marketing campaigns; companies develop such campaigns to make aware, promote, and introduce their products. Some of these campaigns are seasonal, whereas others are used throughout the year. Especially email marketing campaigns are something that almost every type of business uses, except if the business is restricted to offline modes of marketing.

Elements of Marketing Campaign

Step-Wise Guide To Marketing Campaign Planning

In business, sector planning plays a crucial role; setting up a business to promote the goods requires extensive planning. The various types of marketing campaigns require planning and preparing from the different teams that fall under marketing operations. Even the email used for email marketing is somewhere, somehow written by a marketing team member. Similar goes for the marketing campaign planning; there are various steps and requirements that the marketing planning team heed to.

Target Audience

Deciding the target audience is the first step to planning a marketing campaign, don't spend too much time marketing the products to an audience that will not benefit you. There's always a specific audience for a type of product; students seek academic help, working professionals might look for professional shits, and so on. The accurate audience for a product will make it sell successfully.


Set goals or outcomes for your campaign; what outcomes do you expect from the campaign? What's the revenue target you want to achieve? All such details will help lay down the basic structure and budget for the campaign.

Did you know that Google and Facebook earn over 117 billion dollars through various brands advertising on the platforms? It's more than any channel, newspaper and radio network worldwide.

Generate Campaigning Ideas

After deciding on the target customers and the campaign's goal, the next step is to brainstorm with various campaign ideas. The marketing campaign's ideas greatly depend on the channel for the campaign, the type of the product, and the image that the company wants to portray. For example, when you hear 'taste the feeling", you know it's coke; the brand has ingrained their marketing campaign into people's minds. A marketing campaign must be catchy and relatable for the target market; people remember to leave a good impression through their campaign.

Marketing Channel

The mode for the marketing campaign is also very important, digital marketing, email marketing, traditional marketing or door-to-door marketing; all these channels are useful depending on the product type and user intent. If a product is popular, then the campaign is short-lived and seasonal. Also, you will rarely witness a person promoting facebook or Netflix through setting up a kiosk at your local store. As the requirement of the product is digital promotion, the marketing campaign is also set up accordingly. Similar is the scenario for offline or local goods and services.


Depending on seasonal revenue influx, companies come up with attractive discount prices, occasionally or seasonally. Such is done as a part of seasonal marketing. Also, a product promotion requires offers for the audiences to buy it; people love discounts, which effectively attracts new customers.


A campaign requires input from various departments under a company's marketing operations, and the process requires extensive planning and collecting various contests from those departments. Companies often need to outsource or hire freelancers for specific requirements of their marketing campaigns. Managing resources is very important for planning the budget of the campaign.


Once all the above steps are planned, you can create a budget for your marketing campaign. Campaign planning requires planning and making sure that your plan meets the budget requirements, or vice-versa is also important.

These are a few steps to be met while planning a campaign and the optimal way to go about it is to move to the next step after a step is done. Also, appointing different teams for these different processes helps in planning effectively. The marketing campaign plays an important role in increasing the company's revenue and bringing a seasonal influx for their various services.

The Dare-Coffee Marketing Campaigns of Australia is a Good Example

Various advertising campaigns help the audiences remember the products and services. Often, the popularity of an advertising video effectively increases the company's sales. A good tagline, a character commercial, or a catchy jingle might do the work of enhancing the brand image.

Did you know that the attention span of an average internet user is believed to be 8 seconds? But recent studies show that it has decreased to 5 seconds.

Many commercials may not portray the best features of the product yet successfully attract audiences to the brand. Some of Australia's award-winning advertisements are Dare Iced Coffee commercials where a father carries a dog in a baby carrier rather than a child. Later the scene is cut to display the father carrying the baby on the back in a back carrier. The slogan 'a dare'll fix it', such an ironic commercial is a successful example of how the companies can use disting ideas to intrigue the audience.

The audience's revenue and interest power a brand; if planned effectively, a marketing campaign can help empower the business. Campaign planning is an important part of business planning and strategizing the company's sales and marketing.

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