Earth Day 2018: Do Humans Really Care About Their Only Home, The Earth?

Earth Day 2018: Do Humans Really Care About Their Only Home, The Earth?
April 21, 2018
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About 90% of the plastic sold each year, ends up in the oceans, the landfills and our bodies. Do you know its impact?
Inspired by the book – the silent spring, the day, 22nd of April 1970, witnessed a 20 million strong protest on the streets of America. Its outcome was the Earth Day! Since then the population has doubled, also leading to emissions more than 1.2 trillion of CO2. So, there seems to have little or no change in the environment of our earth in the positive direction. Even though some of the major efforts such as banning of CFCs, 1997 Kyoto Protocol and 2015 Paris Agreement, were made in that direction, the results are still not desireable.

Non-recyclable Plastics Are A Danger to Society

In 2018, the theme is centred around plastic pollution. The pledge taken by a billion people, celebrating Earth Day, is to put an to end plastics by 2020 Earth Day. It seems unrealistic, but, there is a catch! Plastics go through a unidirectional process, which means they are manufactured and then go waste, thereby ending up in nature and eventually in our body. However, the goal is not close the plastic industry or production, rather recycling, and reusing it. There is one question that might interest you as well. How does a plastic from an ocean come into our body? The process is called bioaccumulation and biomagnification. This process follows the path of a simple food chain, which starts from the producers to the primary consumer to secondary consumer and so on and so forth.

Do we deserve the Earth? Learn Steps to Control Plastic Pollution

If we want tokeep surviving happily on this planet, some proactive measures must be taken which include the following.
  1. Awareness about all the campaigns (against plastic and for nature)
  2. Coordination with municipalities, NGOs, SHGs etc.
  3. CSR measures to refurbish plasticsgoods only from authentic sources.
So, this weekend pledge yourself to reduce and, if possible, reuse the plastic.

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