A majority of us would love to read novels, books, short stories or watch plays and movies. But, is there anyone who is really interested to know more about the cycle of creating these? Only a handful of us would take out some time in knowing the story behind designing a novel or producing a movie. In order to do so, one needs to be thorough with different generic conventions associated with them.

Types of Generic Conventions

Nowadays, there is a pressing need for deciphering Different Types of Generic Convention And Why They Are Important. Are you looking for the answer to this question? Then, you have come to the right place. Since the last decade, our academic writing help experts have been engaged in this field to bring out all the conventions related to different genres to make it easier for students to sail through this process.

My Assignment Services is the largest platform for getting your hands on trusted academic assistance wherever you get stuck. Let us first know what are generic conventions.

What Are Generic Conventions? Hear It from Our Experts

When you come across any novel or movie, you identify it as some specific genre based on some fixed attributes. These attributes are often referred to as generic conventions. They are the elements of literature or art that help us in categorising the novel, play, book, short story, movie or drama into specific classes or genres.

Though understanding them is not a very complex errand, students often find it tedious to do it. In that case, our academic writing help experts simply suggest they review the basic storyline of the novel or movie and try to recall that one thing that reminds them of that in the very first instant.

Conventions mean rules associated with a particular type of writing or movie. If you think about the characters of sci-fi movies or their characteristics, then those will be known as the conventions of Western and science fiction genres.

Do You Know About Academic Genres Available Today?

There are different genres of academic writing that you might have come across. Fortunately, our academic writing help experts have covered each of them for the reference purpose of students in Australia and all over the world. Some of them include:

  1. Textbook
  2. Scholarly article
  3. Thesis
  4. Popular work
  5. Encyclopedia article

Our experts have not only helped students in understanding these but have also referred to them to extract information for a number of reference assignments that we have prepared in these years.

All throughout your educational life, you might have come to terms with these genres. Probably, you know the generic conventions associated with them as well. Therefore, let us proceed to discuss the category of non-fiction now.

Can Non-fiction Have Unique Genres?

There is a myth among a lot of students that only fictional novels or movies can be categorised into genres. On the other hand, non-fiction is also one of those categories that can be further divided into different genres and subgenres. Among all the different types of non-fiction, some of the most popular ones are technical writing, newspaper writing, and academic writing.

So, which are the Different Types of Generic Convention And Why Are They Important in the case of non-fiction? Let us quickly find out.

Generic Conventions Associated with Technical, Academic and Newspaper Writing

There are some specific features that one would find in the documents that fall under these categories. Depending upon these features, the main purpose of every other document is designed. Following are some of the conventions that will help you in identifying a piece of technical writing, journalism, or academic writing.

  1. There are separate headings to structure the entire document into coherent sections
  2. Lists are used to represent the information in a concise manner
  3. Figures and tables are incorporated to visually present information and data
  4. To enhance the readability of the work, visual designs are also used.

While it is obvious that we might know something about newspaper writing and academic writing for we are used to them, let us quickly recapitulate the primary purpose of technical writing based on these generic conventions.

What Are the Main Purposes of Technical Writing?

Technical writing is a more complex field for students as it is a bit new as compared to the other two fields. Also, it is done to meet the specific requirements of an organisation which is why it has to be done in a more meaningful and methodical way.

The primary purpose of technical writing is as follows:

  1. Communicating specialised information that can be used and accessed by people
  2. Information about the goals and vision of a particular organisation
  3. Precise and detailed information on carrying out an activity

To put it simply, a piece of technical writing must be reader-centred, accessible, effective, usable, goal-oriented and clear. Now, we will discuss one of the recent samples of technical writing that our academic writers have done for students to give you a clear picture of how it is supposed to be.

How to Approach a Technical Writing Assignment Like a Pro? Here’s How We Do It

This is the abstract of the technical writing paper that we have completed for the reference purpose of students. As you can see in the below image, there is some technical jargon used that is specific to the organisation that has been chosen for this assignment.

generic conventions abstract

Thus, it will only be accessible to those readers who know about this firm. Coming to the next sections of this assignment, this is how the executive summary is written for such technical assignments.

Executive Summary

If you require complete solutions to such technical papers, you can simply talk to us. We are here at your disposal 24*7 via live one-on-one sessions.

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