Industries around the world have benefitted from the rapid industrialization and tech advancement of the past few decades. With prodigious growth in information technology and sectors such as automation and machine learning, most industrial sectors emphasize heavily technological mechanisms and computers. It is estimated by experts around the world that this trend of shifting to automated technologies is only going to increase with time.

There has been a tremendous transformation in technologies which has helped in reducing the time and manual effort involved in the manufacturing and value addition sectors. However, along with these developments, there has also been a subsequent concern over whether the education and training system of today is prepared to accommodate this change. To ensure that the workforce of the present and future is preparing to take on the challenges posed by automation.

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The Increasing Disconnect Between Education and Industry

One of the biggest emerging problems in industries across the world is that the workforce and employees are not industry-ready. The education system of today is marred with many problems. The prevalent education system of high schooling followed by university education began in the western world almost 300 years ago, purpose-built to meet the requirements of that time. This system fails to accommodate the needs of the trade today. In the present system, educational programs are required to provide the students with a greater perspective about the scope and applications of different academic disciplines. The contemporary industries across the world require workers with practical training and trade exposure. The gaps in industry training and understanding of the core factors impacting an industry have caused major problems in all industrial sectors around the world. Many industries are suffering from the brunt of lack of a sufficiently trained workforce.

The Need to Demonstrate Student Awareness of Current Industry

From students to educators and from enterprises to researchers, lack of sufficiently trained personnel has surfaced as a considerable challenge across all industries. It has been seen that academic programs provided by the education institutions, schools and universities of today fail to provide the students with a global frame of reference regarding various industrial sectors. If you are on the lookout for report writing help, the experts at My Assignment Services can provide you with comprehensive one-to-one sessions and guidance.

The Problems Face by Contemporary Educational Institutions

With the widely growing realization of the many flaws of the educational system around the world, industries are also slowly waking up to the need for educational reforms. It is being seen that the emphasis of the educational sector on the historical aspects of a subject as well as the doctrinal knowledge is one of the biggest flaws of modern education. The past theories and postulates regarding industries are not sufficient to prepare the students for a career. Merely gaining knowledge about the previous industry trends cannot give the students the required impetus to add value to a new industry.

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Here Are Some of the Major Challenges Faced by Modern-Day Education

Most academic institutions around the world follow the trajectory of traditional education mechanisms however, the contemporary education system calls for major reform. Some of the sectors of reform that have been recognized by academic researchers, researchers are stakeholders around the world are as follows:

  • Research: the lack of an industry-ready workforce has thrown light on a significant problem. Experts believe that research needs to take on a more streamlined direction.
  • Industry-relevant training:The modern-day education system is also characterized by a tremendous emphasis on theoretical education. Whereas there have been many reforms in education, the lack of training is still an area that needs massive improvement.
  • Practical exposure:The present education model also needs to emphasize allowing the students to understand the practical needs of various industries through close industry interaction. This can be facilitated through increased interactions and collaborations with industry stalwarts.
  • Automation: Today’s educational system is not in sync with the modern trends of automation. Universities and institutions still impart to the student's skills that are largely rendered obsolete with the advent of automation and machine learning technologies. Computers have now become more powerful than before. They are capable of solving complex problems. It is important that the education sector understands and recognizes the need for automation and trains the students accordingly. Automation allows machines to perform the work of many humans.
  • Recognizing industry trends: the prevailing education system uses traditional methods of data collection and analysis. However, the modern techniques of data science can go a long way in helping students understand industry trends. Data analytics is still a largely ignored part of the university and school education in most countries. It is a tremendous source of potential, which if tapped well can help students and institutions prepare for better and more rewarding careers. Data science can help in recognizing the upcoming sectors and the nature of services required in the future to help modern-day businesses sustain themselves and thrive in a fast-paced business environment.

Bridging the Gap Between Education and Employment

By developing modern education as per the needs of the contemporary industries, the emerging gap between education and employment opportunities can be bridged. Education must offer greater flexibility to students to help them choose careers while gaining a real-world perspective about the variegated applications of the discipline. In today’s time, we need industry-ready professionals who can think out of the box and are prepared to take on the conflicts caused by fast-paced growth in industries. It is also important that education gives greater emphasis to data science and computerized learning to create professionals who are flexible, adaptable and resilient to the changes in the industries.

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