COSC1295 Advanced Programing: Console Implementation Assessment Answer

December 23, 2020
Author : Julia Miles

In today’s world, there is a lot of significance to studying programming languages. Be it C++, Java, MySQL, Python or any other programming languages, for a student who wants to excel in app development, opting for such a course is the need for the hour nowadays. In Australia, advanced programming is one of the most sought after courses that attract millions of students every year from different parts of the world. And if you are one such student who wants to practise your knowledge of design classes in Java, then COSC1295 is a must for you!

RMIT is one of the most reputed institutions here that offers an interesting course for students interested in console implementation. It takes them around the vital concepts that revolve around design classes in Java and strengthens their common over those concepts. In the last few years, our Java assignment help experts have excelled in bringing students closer to their dream grades in these technical assignments with ease.

Interestingly, the position of a Java app developer in Australia is one of the highest positions here. Ranging from $50,460 and $106,632, the salaries of a Java developer in Australia is one of the most paid jobs. Naturally, the courses that revolve around Java attracts a lot of attention from the youth here and worldwide.

Owing to the importance of Java in Australia today, it is clear how beneficial this course is for you if you wish to practise your knowledge of design classes in Java. For this, you first need to walk through a number of assignments and get top-notch grades in them. Just like any other student who has approached us with their queries, you are not lonely in this venture. We are at your disposal 24*7.

aims of COSC1295

An Overview Of Class Design In Java

Before we proceed with the assignments that you will get for this course, it is important that our Java assignment writers give you a brief overview of class design in Java. A class is the primary unit in Java programs. From this, objects are extracted. A class is a combination of objects, behaviour and relationships. In Java programs, often it happens that the identity of one class is derived from other classes. This is known as inheritance.

There are several aspects of design class that need to be considered while designing a Java program. The reason behind this is that you need to  practise your knowledge of design classes in Java efficiently for developing accurate programs.

Over the years, students have reached to us with a variety of questions on this topic. Among them, one of the most common ones include console implementation. Our programming assignment help experts have catered to a wide range of such questions and provided instant solutions to students across the globe. Let us discuss two of those assignments that our experts have covered repeatedly for students.

How To Practise Your Knowledge Of Design Classes In Java In These Assignments?

Our Java assignment help experts have maintained a large repository of topics that you can refer to when you get in touch with us. Amidst them, now, we will discuss one of the assignments on console implementation and try to figure out the most suitable approach to such technical assignments.

So, without further ado let us begin.

Assignment 1

As you can see in the image below, it is the assignment for the COSC1295 Advanced Programming course that we have received multiple times from students. It is an individual assignment for students.

COSC1295 Advanced Programming

The main objective of this task is to design and implement a console application that is object-oriented. This has to be done using Java programming language. The name of this application is Unilink that serves many different purposes like creating and publishing a variety of posts in the university. For this assignment, this application supports the following posts:

  1. Event: In the application, the creator adds an event and students can access Unilink and revert whether they want to attend the event or not.
  2. Sale: In case, students want to sell off any item, they can easily create a sale post in the application and give their audience all the necessary details.
  3. Job: If a student wants to hire someone for any job, they can simply mention the pay that they will be offering to the hired employee.

If you wish to practise your knowledge of design classes in Java effectively for this program, then there are some points that you need to keep in mind, just like our Java assignment help experts do. Let us discuss them now.

How To Write A Flawless COSC1295 Advanced Programming Assessment Answer?

While preparing the reference assignment solution for the file that we discussed above, our experts stick to a fixed format and also pay attention to some of the points in each assignment. For this file, following are the things that play a major role in this advanced programming console implementation assignment solution.

  • There must be low coupling and high cohesion.
  • In the application, information hiding and encapsulation must be maximum
  • A good application is that which had no duplicate codes
  • In case you want to manipulate the properties of a superclass from a subclass, then you must use only those methods that fall within the superclass
  • Polymorphism has to be utilised the most whenever you want to invoke methods
  • Highlight the most crucial sections of your code separately so that the readers are able to comprehend them easily.

When you take care of these pints in your assignment, automatically you will practise your knowledge of design classes in Java efficiently in your work. Keeping these in mind, we are able to write flawless assignments covering a variety of advanced programming topics.

We are available 24*7 at your service. So if you wish to get instant reference solutions on any of the questions that are given to you, just hand them over to our Java assignment help experts. Even if you are perplexed with any of the concepts involved in such assignments, you can directly talk to us via the interactive face-to-face sessions that we hold frequently for students worldwide.

did you know

How Our Programming Assignment Experts Help Students In Crafting Precise Assignment Solutions?

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In addition to this, we have also come up with a lucrative range of benefits and value-added services for students to “make assignments simpler” for them. Some of them include multiple quality checks, a free Plagiarism report with each assignment to validate our original work and unlimited revisions. Since 2010, our Java assignment help experts have never let any of the queries of students go unanswered.

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