Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders are indigenous Australians. Then, why do they constitute only 2.5% of the entire population of Australia? The reason lies in the dwindling figures of their social and mental wellbeing. This is the reason the life expectancy of any Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders is at least 10 years lower and death rates are twice as compared to other Australians.

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Social And Emotional Wellbeing V/S Mental Health

Social and emotional wellbeingis a broad umbrella that entails several other aspects which are crucial for every Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander. These include the social, cultural and emotional wellbeing of every individual.

There is a strongconnection to the landwhich impacts the living conditions of the indigenous Australians. There are a lot of other factors as well that have an impact on them such as spirituality, the community they dwell in, their family and the culture to which they belong. Also, past events and several policies impact their wellbeing to a large extent. There is also a strong connection between mental health and wellbeing which is demonstrated in the infographic below:

Connection To Land: Impacts On Mental Well-being Of Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islanders

Other than social and emotional wellbeing, another term which describes the wellbeing of indigenous people ismental health. Generally, it focuses on mental illness. If a person doesn’t have any mental illness, he/she is considered to be mentally fit.However, in the case of Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders, the term mental health describes several other aspects that influence their wellbeing. This is the reason why indigenous Australians prefer the term social and emotional wellbeing over mental health as this term entails multiple aspects and presents a holistic view of healthcare conditions.

What Are The Mental Health Problems That Hamper Social And Emotional Wellbeing?

Although there can be a variety of mental disorders affecting the wellbeing of an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, ournursing assignment writershave classified all of them into the following4 types of mental health problemsaffecting social and emotional wellbeing of an indigenous Australian:

  • Anxiety disorders

All the health disorders in which people get nervous and worry a lot about petty things are classified under anxiety disorders. A lot of torture has been inflicted on Torres Strait Islanders and Aboriginals for decades, which have impacted their mental health.

Examples of this include post-traumatic stress disorders and panic disorders.

  • Mood disorders

Mood disorders are the second category of mental problem that has affected most of the indigenous people in Australia. As per ournursing assignment helpexperts, every 9 out of 10 Torres Strait Islanders and Aboriginals suffer from this disorder every day. In this condition, most people feel ‘low’ and some exceptions feel ‘high’.

Examples of this include bipolar disorders and depressive disorders.

  • Psychotic disorders

Based on the past experiences of the Indigenous Australians, the majority of them lose connection with reality and this results in the change in their behaviour and thinking. This is the symptom of a psychotic disorder. Schizophrenia is one of the psychotic disorder, wherein people hear unusual noises and get confused with the things which are visible only to them.

  • Substance use disorders

Many times, Torres Strait Islanders and Aboriginals get addicted to alcohol or drugs which impact them adversely. Substance use disorders are a mental disorder in which in spite of knowing the adversities that the dug/alcohol is inflicting on the bodies, they continue to take it anyway.

In addition to these 4 mental disorders, there are other problems as well that have a lot of impact on the social and emotional wellbeing of indigenous Australians, which include grief and loss, suicidal thoughts, trauma, self-harm etc. Understanding the cognitive behaviour of a Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginals is really important if you wish to write an assignment on them with ease. In this situation, ournursing assignment writerscome into the picture and guide you on several aspects of Torres Strait Islanders and Aboriginals.

Factors Which Affect The Emotional And Social Wellbeing Of Torres Strait Islanders And Aboriginals

A number of factors can contribute to influencing the health conditions of the indigenous members in Australia. These can vary from normal day-to-day routines to major incidents in their past life.

Some of the most common ones are:

  • Dispossession from their native places (loss of lands)

As discussed, connection to the land is a major trait in every indigenous individual. Naturally, when these people are asked to leave their native lands, it renders them helpless and impacts their wellbeing adversely. The shift from their lands to another alien place is the main reason why they have always lacked in the part of growing holistically.

  • Impact of policies

There have been a lot of changes in the policies for Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders. The shift from one policy to another is not an easy adaptation process for them. Due to this, a majority of indigenous people are not socially and emotionally well.

  • Education, Employment And Their Overall Stand In The Australian Society

Being an indigenous Australian has never been an easy journey for them. This is because they have been denied opportunities in education, prospects of employment and income. Ultimately, their position in Australian society is nearly negligible.

This is one of the major reasons that affect the emotional and social wellbeing of Torres Strait Islanders and Aboriginals.

Healthcare Facilities To The Indigenous Population Of Australia

To enhance the healthcare conditions of the Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders, providing them safe and sound healthcare facilities is prime. For this, there are a lot of things which must be taken care of. These are:

  1. Be culturally proficient
  2. There must be an involvement of the member of the community in designing, delivering and evaluating the services as they would be able to relate more with them.
  3. Recommendations must be referred from national reports
  4. There must be flexibility in understanding the needs of the community
  5. With the help of governance arrangements, the healthcare officer must be accountable to the people of the community
  6. With healthcare services, they should also be able to provide social and emotional care to the patients

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In this blog, we could just accommodate a small portion about the Torres Strait Islanders and Aboriginals and give you an idea about some aspects associated with their emotional and social wellbeing. There are a lot of dimensions that are yet to be explored.

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