Biotechnology and Society
May 21, 2021
Author : Albert Freddie

Biotechnology is an extensive area of study that encompasses a wide variety of technologies of living organisms or some of their organs to produce a plethora of products. Some of these include biofuels, drugs and therapeutics, chemicals that are environment friendly, nutritional compounds, and more.

A lot of students get curious to know if there’s any relationship between biotechnology and society. Well, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that biotechnology is present everywhere in society. In our day-to-day lives, medical biotechnology, industrial biotechnology and agricultural biotechnology play vital roles in all the activities. With the help of these, it is possible to degrade dangerous chemicals for solving a variety of environmental problems.

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3 Benefits biotechnology

Top 6 Ways Biotechnology Can Be Beneficial For Our Society

Over the years, there has been tremendous growth in the biotechnology industry. Now, we live in a society for industrial microbiology and biotechnology. We host a professional panel of over 2,500 experts who are well-versed with the latest trends in the field in which they specialise in.

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In these years, we have come up with innovative ideas in which biotechnology can be beneficial for society. These are:

1. Producing Chemicals, Energy, Fuels, and More Sustainably

In the last few decades, there has been a lot of depletion of fossil hydrocarbons. They take a lot of time to accumulate, that is, approximately about 600 million years and are non-renewable. Therefore, there is a need to save them. Here, biotechnology can be used to implement a carbon-neutral alternative. Our biotechnology assignment help experts suggest the use of biological synthesis. It is a process of producing chemical fuels by using plants that are renewable sources.

2. Bio-processes that Utilise Sea-water

It is a known fact that more than 70% of the surface of the earth is covered by water. However, there still exists a lot of things that we have not explored fully. As we now live in a society for industrial microbiology and biotechnology, biotechnology can be helpful in many ways. For instance, halliophic bacteria is one of the most important bacterias that is found in seawater. With the help of biotechnology, these can be engineered to grow quickly and with this, several useful products can be produced. These include polymeric materials, chemicals, and more.

Another promising technology here that can be utilised here is ocean agriculture. This process is dependent on photosynthetic biomass from oceans. For instance, microalgae and macroalgae. 

3. Non-resource Draining

As per our biotechnology assignment help experts, the sustainable aim of zero waste can become a reality with the help of non-resource draining. At different bio-refineries, waste streams can be converted into valuable fuels and chemicals, thus, leading to no waste at all. This way, we can help society to move towards the goal of zero waste.

4. Use Carbon Dioxide in the form of Raw Materials

In our society for industrial microbiology and biotechnology, there is a need to mitigate the use of CO2. However, living organisms need an excessive amount of carbon-di-oxide for carrying out different activities. With using biotechnology, various ways can be thought of to convert harmful CO2 into C1 molecules into a variety of raw materials, energy, chemicals, and more.

5. Regenerative Medicines

Due to the increased longevity, and treatment of injury, the use of regenerative medicines have become highly in demand these days. Different bio-materials can be used to carry out tissue engineering to give a boost to the production of regenerative medicine. Within the last few decades, stem cells have been useful in the production of regenerative medicines.

6. Improvements in Soil and Water

Within the earth, arable land and freshwater have become one of the most important resources. With the help of biotechnology, a new generation of technologies has been introduced. We have come across a number of technologies like bio-augmentation, bio-remediation, bio-regeneration, and more that have helped to bring improvements in soil and water quality.

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