If you are currently studying at the University of Melbourne, you may be interested in undertaking a concurrent diploma.

Diploma? What? I thought I could only get a degree. Nope. This article is hereto inform you on what exactly a Concurrent Diploma entails, what study areas are available, and how you can apply for one.

What & Why Concurrent Diploma?

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A Concurrent Diploma is an opportunity for undergraduate students to gain an additional qualification outside of their major area of study. This means you complete eight subjects, which in technical university terms, is worth 100 points. Now you may be thinking, “Oh no! A whole another year of study!” Not Necessarily. If you know from the beginning of your undergrad you would like to complete one, you may only add an extra semester or even less. It really depends where you are in your degree and what your major requirements are. One thing to note is this is a ‘Concurrent’ Diploma. You have to complete it alongside your degree, cross-crediting a minimum of 25 points (two subjects). What is cross-crediting you ask? Great question! It is when a subject credit both your degree and diploma.

Another thing to note is that you graduate once you have completedbothyour degree and diploma.

What are the subjects available in Concurrent Diplomas?

Melbourne University’s Concurrent Diploma courses include the following domains:

  1. Diploma in Informatics
  2. Diploma in Languages
  3. Diploma in Mathematical Sciences
  4. Diploma in Music

If you want, you can take a look at the course maps for all the aforementioned subjects by clicking here.

What happens at graduation?

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According to the ask.unimelb site, there a few major differences to just graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree.

  1. YAY! Two pieces of paper! You receive your degree and diploma certificates simultaneously, which is also denoted in the program.
  2. You are seated with those who completed the same degree and diploma as you.
  3. Everyone with a single degree will receive their first. Afterwards, all of you, who have both, (degree and diploma) will be presented with your certificates.

Flexibility of courses and simplicity of being a student in Melbourne University

At Melbourne University, you can switch between part-time and full-time study and set your own pacethroughout your education. Each unit (subject) is worth one credit point. If you're enrolled in three or more credit points in a trimester, you're considered a full-time student. Any fewer and you're considered part-time.You can choose how many credit points you study each semester. You're able to do more than four credit points in a trimester, but you'll need faculty approval.

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An intensive study can be really useful because you're able to complete a unit with just a few contact days per trimester. Depending on the unit, you’ll either come in for a few days in a row, a few blocks of days (like a couple of weekends for example) or a number of single days over a trimester. The intensive workshops and seminars give you face-to-face peer discussion and networking, but still, let you keep up your other activities. It can be especially useful if you're working full time or live far away.

The things to see through if you take a concurrent diploma


Melbourne University has got so various online sources – materials, tools, resources, and programs – that you can use to enhance your learning. You can supplement your on-campus study, study entirely online at our Cloud Campus, or even do a combination of on-campus and online subjects if it fits better with your timetable.

If there's a unit that you want to do as part of your course that we don't offer, but it's available at another tertiary institution, you may (with faculty approval) be able to enrol and gain credit towards your Melbourne University degree. Likewise, students from other universities may apply to enroll in units at Melbourne University.

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Make sure to start off your concurrent diploma early so that you do not have to face any complications regarding Visa. Also, you must know that you cannot enroll in concurrent diploma after the completion of your primary degree.

If you just want to test the waters and see what studying at Melbourne University is all about before enrolling in a full course, consider studying a single unit (or two). The unit can count towards a degree if you decide to enroll in one afterward, and you'll get to satisfy your personal and professional interests. Many tertiary-level units are available, but some may have prerequisites or special requirements – we’ll let you know.

Why should you choose this?

If you want to have some sort of qualification in each of the three areas. That’s why the concurrent diplomas were the perfect option; it is recognised as a qualification with my degree and is extremely valuable.

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You have got nothing to lose looking into applying for a diploma. You can have additional study in an area of interest, with an extra certificate to prove it!

So, go ahead and live your life to the fullest by applying concurrent Diploma(s) in your preferred courses. And thank the blogger later for the information.

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