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CO4514 Digital Forensic Technology is a unit that is designed for students who have a knack in forensic science and want to work in this field. As the name suggests the level of complexity, there are several challenges that come in the way of students writing the assignments. Over the years, a large number of students have relied on My Assignment Services to get their hands on comprehensive reference CO4514 assessment answers. We have a dedicated panel of computer science assignment help experts who have previously worked in this field for several years. With high-quality reference assignments solutions, we have also mentored the journey of students who clarified their doubts from our experts. In this blog, our IT assignment writers would discuss a brief approach to digital forensic technology assessment solutions with the help of the CO4514 assignment sample that has been drafted by one of our experts recently.

Let Us Have a Closer Look at the CO4514 Assessment

To know the approach better, let us first discuss the sections that the C04514 assignment answer constitutes of. Usually, the assignments that students bring to us contain two parts. We maintain a professional and experienced panel of experts who hold Ph.D. degrees in computer science from renowned universities all over the world, which makes us suitable for these assignments. Our computer science assignment writers have catered to both of these parts efficiently and delivered fresh solutions to students with ease. The digital forensic technology assignment comes in two parts, which are as follows:

CO4514 Assessment 1: Online MCQ

The digital forensic technology assessment 1 is an online multiple-choice questions assignment. It contributes 40% to the overall marks of the assignment. CO4514 Assessment 1 - Online MCQ In this CO4514 assessment 1, a total of 20 questions will be given that cover evidence acquisition and evidence handling. These questions are designed to test how efficiently students explore various domains associated with the issues of digital evidence. Some of the topics that we have guided students include:

  • Several standards such as the ISO27037, ACPO good practice guide so on
  • Theoretical knowledge on manual, live V/S dead-box, etc
  • A plethora of acquisition tools and devices that are available

These concepts have not only enabled students to complete this assignment easily, but also made them ready to face the digital forensic technology assessment 2. Let us talk about the next part of the assignment now.

CO4514 Assessment 2: Short Report

This is the second part of the assignment that contributes 60% of the total marks of the assignment. In 600 words, our computer science assignment help experts have provided excellent-quality short reports to several students who have approached us for guidance. how to obtain evidence from digital device The task is to research a specific digital device and discuss how to obtain evidence from the chosen device. Every student is supposed to research different digital devices for this assignment. Using the C04514 Assignment one template, our experts draft the reference report for this task. There are different sets of challenges associated with different digital devices, in terms of digital acquisition and the use of logical methods. So, for this task, our IT assignment writers conducted thorough research on the device that was given to us. After this, we postulated different ways to acquire evidence from the chosen device. In this report, we also explain where the evidence is stored in the device chosen. Now, let us give you a brief overview of the steps that are followed by our experts.

Steps To Write the Digital Forensic Technology Short Report

Without any further ado, let us get straight to the steps that our computer science assignment help experts follow to write the reference report for students. These are:

  1. Firstly, we provide a brief overview of the digital device that has been assigned to us. Here, we mention all the hardware capabilities of the digital device and summarise the main parts related to the acquisition of the device.
  2. Then, we evaluate the kind of acquisition that the device would perform.
  3. This is backed up with thorough research on the full physical, logical, part-image, and manual techniques of acquisition.
  4. The next step that our IT assignment help experts follow is to justify why we chose the specific technique for the device.
  5. Next comes recognising and justifying the tools that help us obtain the evidence from the digital device
  6. After this, we explain how we uphold the ACPO good practice guide principles.
  7. The next step is to identify some artefact that the device can provide us.
  8. At last, we complete the report by explaining and justifying the reasons why the artefact can be used to prosecute a crime.

The report drafted by us is based on this template as shown below. evidence acquisition fact sheet

In addition to drafting the C04514 assessment 2 short reports, we have also guided students in completing this evidence acquisition factsheet with ease. In recent weeks, we have received over 500+ orders on this particular digital forensic technology assignment. Based on the same template given above, here’s a sample of the sections, tools used, and justification, written by our expert. Do note that it is accompanied by an in-text as well.

digital forensic evaluation report

In case, you require a new and complete solution of this file or similar assignment questions, then we are readily available to assist you. Just ping us all your queries and we will get back to you in the shortest time and resolve them!

Important Points To Keep In Mind While Writing The C04514 Assignment Solution

Our professional computer science assignment help experts keep in mind a set of important points due to which we are able to deliver comprehensive reference solutions to students in this subject field. Make sure you too include these in your assignment to make it fetch top-notch grades for you. These are:

  1. There must be a critical evaluation of both the technology (software and hardware) that have been used in the process of investigating the digital crime
  2. Also, you must include a thorough study of the tools, techniques, and all the relevant issues that have been used by you to recover the digital evidence.
  3. Our professional IT assignment help experts make use of a wide range of technical vocabulary to interact with the concerned personnel in the assignment.

If you wish us to guide you with this assignment, then it is the right time to get in touch with us.

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Through this blog, we have discussed digital forensic technology in the easiest way possible. However, the complexities that students face while doing the assignment is a major hurdle. To overcome them, our computer science assignment help experts are all at your disposal! If you need a fresh solution of the CO4514 digital forensic assessment, then simply fill the order now form available on our website and send the assignment requirements to us. Our customer care representative will reach out to you in the shortest time. For more information on our services, you can visit our website, My Assignment Services, or chat with our team.


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