Cervical Cancer is one of the deadly diseases that exist in our society. Although it’s a rare disease but can happen to any woman out there.

As a nursing student, you have to go through a lot of research, not only to make your assignments to have an updated knowledge of the clinical developments all around the world. If you are looking for someone to explain a nurse's caring experiences for patients with cervical cancer for your assignment, you are the right place.

We understand that being a student, you manage multiple tasks: assignments of different subjects, self-study, internships, exams, and whatnot! The main problem arises while making an assignment because there is a particular format in which an assignment needs to be submitted.

Since critical care nursing is one of the most branches of medical science, you must have found a lot of complex topics related to it but are unsure how to include those topics in your critical care nursing assignment. Experts at My Assignment Services resolve such issues on a daily basis. No assignment can be made without a thorough understanding and research on the subject, and that's the part where you get stuck because research methodologies are not generally taught in colleges. Read the full blog to learn more about it.

early warning signs of cervical cancer

What Is Cervical Cancer?

Cervical cancer is a condition that builds in the uterine wall that links vagina to the uterus.

It is also termed as ovarian cander, and it has seen that it is mainly caused by different forms of the sexually transmitted infection (HPV), a sexually transferred disease.

It has observed that when any person is contacted with any kind of HPV their immune method usually eliminates the virus from compelling damage. Nevertheless, in a tiny number of individuals, the virus exists for years, directing to the procedure by which specific cervical cells ripen into cancer cells.

Cervical cancer is a dangerous illness that affects women all over the world. Cervical cancer kills 270,000 individuals worldwide yearly, needing additional measures for therapy and deterrence. It has been observed in Korea, where the mortality rates of cervical cancer are sixth and ninth, respectively, among females.

Cervical Cancer Awareness Among Nurses

The disease's fear Nurses voiced their frustration at witnessing patients go through a traumatic experience while combating cervical cancer. This prompted people to form favourable opinions about the illness's prognosis and labelled it as a terrifying condition.

Helplessness due to an existence prognosis The nurses voiced helplessness when nursing individuals with cervical cancer because they believed it was difficult to give customised nursing care to match the various situations of the patients.

Some nurses believed that the vaccination was the greatest approach to avoid the condition, and as of their preconceived notion they believed that ovarian cancer was mostly induced by inappropriate intimate interactions, they believed that they did not require any HPV vaccine.

Caring Experiences for Patients with Cervical Cancer Research by Nurses

While dealing with patients having such deadly effects, every nurse has to face a journey as well. Our experts have done research and collected the nurses’ caring experiences for patients with cervical cancer. Look what they observed:

➤ Cervical cancer is stigmatised since it is produced by a sexual transmission illness. Those who cared for patients having cervical cancer possessed medical understanding of the disease's aetiology. As a result, they carefully answered these questions, beginning with the assumption, "it may be a bias." They suspected that the patients had had numerous sexual encounters or had gotten the illness via their sexual partners.

➤ Nurses stated their unpleasant sentiments toward the sex encounters of cervical-cancer patients. Because of their worry for their patients, due to the prejudice that the clients' sexual interactions had caused the cervical cancer.

➤ Nurses who have been critically involved with the sufferers of a similar age to themselves or the nurses who had a small kid like the patient are usually declined towards the patient, emotionally. And they genuinely sympathised with the challenges any cancer patient have as as a "woman," given that this might well have been their experience.

➤ Nurses typically stated that when caring for cervical cancer patients, they observed many individuals suffering from cancer become powerless & hopeless, and that their bad feelings were influenced by the willingness to treat themselves on their own , resulting in many gloomy occurrences. Nurses empathised with the patient's dilemma and helpness, they also deemed helpless due to the patient's deadly disease- cervical cancer prognosis.

➤ The more delicate and burdened the patients with cervical cancer, regardless of age, are said to be sensitive, according to respondents. In reflecting on their nursing experiences with diverse forms of endometrial cancer, they also stated that individuals having ovarian cancer were much hypersensitive and appealing in nature, albeit this might have lived due to their impressionistic perspective.

What Kind of Care is Required in Such Diseases?

Critical care nursing is a very niche segment of nursing where you have to deal with patients with acute and life-threatening diseases such as cervical cancer. The profession requires licensed nurses capable enough to perform, care, and monitor the patients whose conditions rapidly change. These changes are truly intimidating as the patient's life is always at risk.

Critical care nurses have to deal with the following primary responsibilities on a daily basis:

  • Evaluate and implement plans diligently related to the patient's care and constant coordination with the healthcare team members for smooth functioning.
  • Time to time monitoring of changes in patient's pulses, ventilation, and the cardiac status
  • Identify and eliminate risks related to the patient's health.
  • Perform basic care apart from all other duties, such as medication, dressing, taking vitals, helping patients to move or walk.
  • Inform the concerned doctor in case of any abnormalities in the patient's condition.
  • Respect patients' beliefs, values, and rights
  • Coordinate with patient's family and provide accurate updates on the health

What are the Skills Required to Become a Critical Care Nurse?

Having the right skills is the quintessential part of any profession, including soft skills. If you want to flourish in this field, you need to have the following skills:

Communication skills: In order to understand the complexities of the patients' disease, their suffering, and concerns, a critical care nurse shall have smooth communication skills to convey patients' requirements with the doctor and vice versa.

Organisational skills: This is a must-have skill, as every registered nurse works with multiple patients each day to ensure that every patient's critical condition is managed carefully.

Emotional and Mental stability: If you're going to be part of this profession, you have to be emotionally and mentally strong to handle immense pressure and stress and cope up with such situations.

Physical Strength: You cannot take care of others until and unless you're physically fit. Conclusion: a critical care nurse has to work for long hours. They are on their feet moving patients for tests and other activities most of the time.

Technical advancement: A critical care nurse has to operate tools and equipment to diagnose the patient. For other health check-ups, one must understand the proper functioning of such devices and types of equipment.

Get Advanced Knowledge and Learning Experience from the Experts

Nurses are essential to people's health, contentment, and quality of care. They are well equipped to communicate with clients and speak for them in healthcare settings to the doctors. Nurses are a direct point of contact between the organisation, doctors and the patients. Hence, fair practice is essential for nurses. Nursing is a field that requires theoretical and practical knowledge, and you may learn all the practical skills through practising as a nurse. Still, the theoretical skill demands various assignments be finished and delivered. You may face issues when working on your assignments due to a lack of adequate resources material; fill out the enrolment form to get nursing assignment help and contact our experts today.

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