Problemsare not stop signs, they are guidelines.The reason to choose this topic was to make students aware about the real life situations dealing with the problems faced by them living away from home and getting adjusted in the new city, making new friends, and getting addicted to the atmosphere in the university. The data is collected from the student’s help website provided by the university including health camps organisation to student’s interest in joining the various clubs.

“Ancoraimparo” indicates the aphorism in Italian which translates in “I am still learning”. With the embodies of brand promise and values of heritage, who they’re today and who they aspire to be. The saying attributes to the poet of High Renaissance and it impressions the motto of the Monash University. Established in 1958 by Sir John Monash (Engineer, Military Leader, and Public administrator), the Monash University is Australia’s Fifth Best Universities for students to learn and grow. The largest public University of Australia has a total of eight campuses: six in Victoria, Australia (Clayton, Caulfield, Berwick, Peninsula, Parkville and Gippsland), one in Malaysia and one in South Africa. The University is the home to research and teaching center in Prato, Italy and a graduate research school in Mumbai, India. Ranked 80th Position globally, the Monash University is nest to students from all over the world. They focus to create a vibrant, inclusive, caring and safe campus experience for the students and through introducing innovative programs and services which strengthen community and foster wellbeing and performance. According to the survey done by My Assignment Services, Monash University is one of the exceptional universities in Australia which works in the student’s connection with the world and as the motto says “I am still learning”, University is making unusual and virtuoso minds and inspiring them show the equivalent outcomes in each and every fields whether it’s Business or in Research and technology. Students are constantly taking our guidance for studying in Monash University and we have been guiding them regarding studies and ambience of the University, and side-by-side we are making them aware of the struggles which they will have to face while studying Monash. Let’s see some of the struggles and hardships faced by the students.

Monash University: Student Problems

problems faced


Monash Residential Services (MRS) provides the operation and management of on-campus halls of residence for students. It manages five Australian campuses and one in South Africa. The main aim of the on-campus residence is to give the suitable environment for growth of the students.

The following is the list for the Residential on-campus which is located at the Clayton Campus:


  • Staying away from home is the real struggle
  • Usually it is very difficult to adopt new culture and people
  • Falling sick every now and then
  • International Students do tend to take time while adjusting


  • We all stay in 21st century and we have the facility of using the world’s best invention smartphones, you can use that to connect to your loved ones and stay in touch with them
  • If you are aware of the proverb, “Those who speak more are more famous and well-being in making connections with the new people” then you will have to act like that, try to talk to the people and make connections and stay in-touch with the campus activities and happenings.
  • The Monash University makes sure that all the students are hale and hearty in the campus it organises health camps and make them aware about the healthiness.
  • If you’re uncomfortable in adjusting or someone is bothering you too much, the university has its own students council and they even provide you with the link:

Breaking Out In Exams:


  • It is really hard to keep calm during exams as it is the most stressed out time of the year and you have to cop up with the situations
  • You might struggle to complete assignments and projects
  • Working hard is the key to success but it becomes difficult to manage things equally
  • Bad grades do demotivate students and they fall into the prey of depression sometimes


  • Students need to take care of their healthy routine and follow a balanced diet with regular exercise and need to keep themselves busy in something so that they can avoid the stress.
  • If you’re tending to see how they have question paper’s pattern then you can find it on the website it has all the resources including books and online help for the courses.
  • You can involve yourself in some of the amazing non-academic activities that makes you relieve from the academic stress. The Monash University offers following clubs for students:

Apart from all these, they have many clubs according to a student’s interest.

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Future Trouble In Terms Of Career:


  • “Run fast or you will lose the race”, as the competition increases day-by-day it is really hard to cop up with the new challenges which are arising such as jobs.
  • Competition never ends whether it is at college level or it is at job level, students really work hard to be the best but some of them fail miserably and that increases stress and anxiety in students.


  • The Monash University provides you with the career counselling, best options regarding the internships, proper guidance from the seniors and other job opportunities.
  • It has alumni programs where students receive guidance on the basis of their respective field mates who are outstanding in their fields and they mentor them.
  • Every department is provided with the career counselling cell so that you can find the best career options.

Managing Expenses:


  • Students find hard to manage the money and at the end of the month, they’re left with peanuts.
  • Impossible to manage Universities fees.
  • Bearing expenses in Australia are really difficult.


  • Students who are not able to meet up the end, they manage their expenses by doing part-time jobs outside the campus.
  • On-campus Job opportunities are also available for the students
  • Taking extra-classes would be the best option for the students who are willing to manage studies with job
  • Work from home jobs is also available
  • You need to manage the budget
  • Domestic and international students are awarded the scholarships so that they don’t have many burdens on them.

The Monash University is more than just study, it is more about learning while studying. It sparks up your interest and gives you the variety of challenges and opportunities to deal with them. The university life is actually not easy for anyone but once you get settled, you will discover various outcomes of the university in your real life and how it manages to shape your personality to deal with the future challenges, solve the problems and contribute to the community.

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