The students studying this unit have to make themselves aware of the working of various office equipment and resources. Moreover, they have to manage and work with electronic data with the help of workplace documentation and equipment manuals. My Assignment Services is there to help you clear all your doubts related to writing BSBWOR204 use business technology assignment 1 answer. Let us approach each question one by one along with the reason.

Question 1

The first one asks you to mention three consumables for the use of a computer and printer. To write an answer, you first need to know what this question means by the term ‘consumables’. No, consumables here do not mean things that you can eat. Here, consumables refer to all the things that the computer and printer will use up. The consumables can be -

  1. Ink
  2. Printer paper
  3. Toner

The printer will use up the ink over a period of time, Deskjet printers generally, and have to refill again. When we are printing something, it will be obtained on paper. This paper is the printer paper which has to be placed once used up. Toner is also used by printers to print high-quality images and have to be refilled. There are a couple of safety features that you should keep in mind. What looks like nothing much can carry very serious issues with it. While replacing consumables, you should be aware of the safety issues to prevent office hazards.

  1. Whenever you are replacing consumables, make sure that you are following the advice of the manufacturer given in the instruction manual.
  2. When the ink has to be replaced, make sure that there is sufficient ventilation available in the room so that harmful chemicals do not get mixed with the air.

Question 2

Microsoft Excel is a tool that is used by business professionals for data entry and accounting purposes. This data is not presented as a raw form. For presentation purposes, we use Microsoft PowerPoint. Emails cannot store data. There is a limit on the size of the file that you can attach as an attachment in an email. When you type something using a keyboard, you get the input on the computer. Hence, it is an input device. Fixed disks are those which cannot be removed from the system unless we pull apart the entire system. This is why the fixed disks are generally built inside the CPU so that the user does not do anything to tamper with them. Using CDs and flash drives is a way of creating portable storage. That is why they are not fixed to the system.

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Question 3

As you can see, periodic maintenance is what keeps the system running smoothly. Due to all the work that we make the system do, we need to do a small maintenance check after an interval. This can include -

  • Dusting the equipment
  • Checking for viruses in the system
  • Creating a backup of the data
  • Freeing up the disk space

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Question 4

When you do not receive an email that was sent to you three days ago, you should do either of the following -

  1. Check the spam folder
  2. Sort the email with unread first to check if you missed it
  3. Verify your email address with the sender
  4. See if you have blocked some addresses from sending you emails

When a printer produces faint documents, try -

  1. Cleaning the printer head
  2. Checking the ink cartridges

  • Check if the paper path is clean

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