Sustainability is an important aspect of every organisation. Be it a small-sized or a large scale organisation, every firm has to adopt certain sustainability measures and procedures. This is crucial as with the changed circumstances, every company has to adapt to the new conditions to sustain in the industry.

BSBSUS501 develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainabilityis a unit that specifically focuses on ‘sustainability’ and aware students about all the concepts associated with it. The assessments that students receive will test their skills and knowledge of implementing the necessary changes in their workplace.

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An Overview Of BSBSUS501 Unit

Primarily, this unit is designed for all those students who aspire to see themselves at the managerial positions in future. Todevelop workplace policy and procedures for sustainabilityis one of the key responsibilities of every manager. Simultaneously, the students who study this also get acquainted with several approaches to create, monitor and work upon the existing strategies and policies within the boundaries of an organisation. These are used to engage and interact with all the relevant stakeholders and specialists who are involved in the organisation.

Taking a Detailed Look into the Assessments in BSBSUS501

Though there can be several assignments that can be given to you for this unit, there are two major kinds of assessments that students bring to us for guidance.

Being the most recurrent ones, ourmanagement assignment writerswill now discuss each of them for your reference, so that you understand the basic steps in drafting each of those.

These are:

Assessment 1: Short question answers

A total of fourteen questions are given to students in the first task. These questions revolve around several imperative concepts and hence, require a logical and analytical answer.

Let us discuss some of the questions to demonstrate how ourmanagement assignment helpexperts answer them.

  1. Outline the purpose and scope of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act) (in 60 – 80 words)

As you can see, the first question is based on theEnvironment ProtectionandBiodiversity Conservation Act. As our experts have dealt with this act in almost every assignment, they know all the requisites for this answer. After studying this act thoroughly, we highlight the purpose and scope of the act in about 60-80 words.

  1. Explain (in 10 – 40 words) the nine (9) key steps in a policy development process

This question talks about the policy development process. As per our management assignment writers, there are 9 key steps in a policy development process which are as follows:

  • Identify need
  • Recognise all those who will take lead responsibility
  • Collect information
  • Draft policy
  • Interact with the concerned stakeholders
  • Approve policy
  • Consider whether there is a need for procedures or not
  • Implement
  • Monitor, review, revise

Just like these questions, 12 more questions are centred around different acts and concepts related to sustainability within the workplace. Don’t know any of these? Try coming to ourmanagement assignment helpexperts to get the perfect solutions to all these questions.

Assessment 2: Portfolio, role play and presentation

ForBSBSUS501 Develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability assessment 2, you will come across a portfolio, role play and presentation task.

Firstly, you will get a case study to analysis based on which you need to draft a briefing report and give answers to the questions that have been asked.

We got thegrowth management consultants case studywhich a student recently sent to one of our experts. This consists of four parts, which are:

  1. Developing a brief report

sustainability briefing report

In the briefing report, ourmanagement assignment helpexperts introduced the current organisational practice and supported them with suitable facts and figures of sustainability. Then, we talked about the pros that sustainability will have on business planning by underlying the business opportunities.

In addition to this, we also make notes of the legal requirements in the context of growing management consultants. Referring to authentic and credible sources, we find out the most effective strategies that can help to mitigate environmental impact.

  1. Roleplay

Sustainability role play

The briefing report that you have drafted in the previous part need to be discussed with the stakeholders. This is theBSBSUS501 Develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainabilityRoleplay task that will help you get feedback and recommendations. With these, it will be easier to use this in the next task.

  1. Portfolio

sustainability portfolio

The next task is to prepare the portfolio for your organisation by using all the policies and procedures that have helped you in formulating the statement about the organisation’s commitment to sustainability. Now, it will be easier to prepare a robust business plan.

  1. Powerpoint

sustainability powerpoint

The last and the final task in thisBSBSUS501 Develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainabilityassessment 2is to prepare a PowerPoint presentation highlighting all the policy and procedure by explaining the pros of sustainability on the organisation.

The presentation will also talk about the new sustainability policy and the rationale behind it that has already been discussed in the briefing report. In addition to this, ourmanagement assignment helpexperts also evaluate the outcomes of the policy and procedures.

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