BSBPMG522 Undertake Project Work Assessment Answer

BSBPMG522 Undertake Project Work Assessment Answer
March 10, 2020
Author : Charles Hill

In project management, students work upon several kinds of projects.BSBPMG522is a unit that enhances their knowledge of working with a single larger project or on smaller sections. Students who study this unit master all the skills that are required to develop a project plan, administer, and check the project, finalising it and reviewing the working projects to recapitulate the learning and apply them in the prospects. Toundertake project workis an integrated unit that is designed for aspiring project managers around the world. Students bring these assignments to ourproject management assignment helpexperts to understand several concepts better like timeline, quality standards, budgetary limits and more that are associated with project management. So, in this blog, let us see howMy Assignment Servicescaters to the requirements of students enrolled in this unit by providing them high-quality reference assignment solutions.

Background of Assignments that are a part of BSPMG522 Unit

As we all know that the domain of project management is mammoth and consists of several kinds of assignments. However, there are some specific ones that students have brought to us most of the times forBSBPMG522. In this section, we will be covering those for you, so that you get an idea about them and begin drafting perfect assignment solutions.One by one, let us talk about them now.

Assessment Task 1: Define a project and develop a plan

For the first assessment task in this unit, you will be given a workplace scenario. Studying it thoroughly, the work for you is to determine the scope of the project and prepare planning documentation. Then, you need to discuss this plan with your Operations general manager. Ourproject management assignment helpexperts carry out the following steps:

  1. First of all, we gain a thorough knowledge of all the policies and procedures that are mentioned in the ‘Max Lionel Realty.docx’. Similarly, we also study the scenario that is mentioned in Appendix 1.
  2. Next, our experts determine the cost, skills, suggested project deliverables from the Operations general manager.
  3. Thereafter, we find the scope of the project and based on this, develop a suitable initiation and scope documents for the assessor to review.
  4. The next step is to get hold of the details of the project stakeholders. Ourproject management assignment writersalso prepare plans for the stakeholders to communicate their ideas.
  5. Then, using appropriate project management tools, we begin drafting the project plan.
  6. In the end, we prepare the risk management plan for the project, a budget and discuss it with the other members in the team for feedback.

Assessment task 2 administer and monitor project

The second task in this unit mainly focuses on administering and monitoring all the steps of the project that have been carried out in the first task.

  1. After carrying out the first two steps as above, ourproject management assignment helpexperts pay attention to the record-keeping system used in the given scenario. We determine the personal need for support and delegate job responsibilities to all the employees working in the organisation.
  2. Keeping the budgetary constraints and timeline of the project in mind, we develop the project deliverables.
  3. Our experts also consider several important concepts such as anti-discrimination legislation, codes of practice, environmental issues, ethical principles and privacy laws.
  4. In the end, we complete this task by preparing the risk management plan and deciding the roles and responsibilities of employees in a tabulated manner like this:

Activities of WHS

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Assessment Task 3: Finalise and Review Project

Manage contigencies and negotiate with stakeholders Based on the assessment task 1 and task 2, ourproject management assignment helpexperts use the workplace scenario and draw consultation with the team and complete the rest of the steps in this assignment. In this task, students are required to record the financial keeping and based on it, reassign the job roles to the staff. In addition to this, considering the project outcomes, our experts complete documenting the sign-off for the scope of the project and plan.

  1. Here, we first compare the budgeted spend with the actual amount that has been spent. After this, we produce a budget variation report.
  2. After this, we draft a handover report for the sponsors of the project.
  3. While discussing the ideas with the project team, ourproject management assignmenthelp experts review all the outcomes of the project and compare it with the objectives (budgetary performance), the project management tools used and the findings in the project to use in the future.
  4. In the end, our experts draft a post-project review report to put forth the stakeholders.

This brings an end to all the three assessments that fall underBSBPMG522 Undertake Project Workunit. Though we have tried incorporating all the vital elements in this blog, there are some concepts which need a deeper understanding. Hence, if you wish us to guide you with them, then you can straightaway bring all your doubts to us. It would not take more than a few hours for us to draft a comprehensive reference assignment solution for you.

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