Businesses need legislative policies to govern their operations and take the appropriate course of action when the need arises. Formulation of such strategies often comes on the shoulders of the manager who is acting as a consultant for an outside firm.

You, as an operation manager, need to ensure that the business is functioning smoothly and properly. For that, here is a quick step guide on how to write legislative policies for companies.

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Beginning with The Policies – What Are They?

One of the most important parameters of the legislative policies of any organisation is the workplace policy. Before you dive into how to prepare workplace policies, you need to be aware of what are they.

Workplace policies are the rules and guidelines that define how various human resources management issues will be dealt with. The goals and objectives of the organisations are conveyed to the employees through these policies.

The workplace policies consist of one or more statements, rules & guidelines and the corresponding action to be taken in the event of the action.

Okay, I see it. But I don’t want to create workplace policies.

Very well, it is your choice after all. But this is not an episode of Game of Thrones and you are not Lord Petyr Baelish.

Your organisation is neither concerned with chaos as a pit, not as a ladder. It wants order and order is what it shall get. You have to create workplace policies to make sure that this order is maintained.

Ummm, okay. But how do I know my workplace policies are good enough?

That is too simple, kid. All you have to do is create organisation policies that have the following characteristics –

  • They are in accordance with the organisational values
  • They align with the legislation, laws
  • You are convinced after reading them that your organisation will function efficiently
  • They promote fairness in decisionmaking and continuity in operation of the business
  • They give the staff authority and power where legal actions are possible
  • They save time in dealing with problems and handle them quickly
  • They promote stability and equality among the employees
  • They keep the operation of the business on track when it is transitioning through a period of change
  • The business planning becomes a lot easier with a better framework using policies
  • The performance of the employees is assessed
  • The responsibilities of the employees are laid out

Ah, very well, then. How do I begin?


Step 1 – Management Support

Whenever new policies have to implement, you need the support of the management board. In the assignment of the BBQfun operational environment, you are a consultant writing the new policies. Thus, you already have the support of the management, i.e. the board of directors.

If your assignment does not specify such details, then gathering the support of the senior management is the prime support. You cannot simply throw a paper of new rules across the table at them unless you have bought their company. Till that, you have to first take permission from them and seek a basic idea of the new policies.

Step 2 – Staff Consultation

Since the company policy is going to define their work in a lot of ways, the employees should be consulted. While creating policies, the involvement of the employees promotes awareness of the policies and a better understanding among the employees.

For example, the BSBMGT517 BBQfun assignment says that new employees need to be brought it and the existing ones have to be updated on the new strategy. Thus, if you discuss the policies with the staff, it will help you identify issues that need to be addressed in the policies. You can create hypothetical employees or conduct an actual survey.

Step 3 – Defining Policy Terms

The policy terms should be direct and straightforward so that the employees understand it.

Define clearly the accepted behaviour and the unaccepted behaviour in the policy terms. To explain further, you can also five examples. For example, in BBQfun, you can write that ­No individual is to discuss the price negotiated with the vendors to an outside source under any circumstance. This is a violation of the organisation policy and can lead to termination of employment under corporate espionage.

Be clear in the policies who are covered under these policies. There might be some rules that you think are apt on the junior staff but senior management should be exempted from the same.

you shall not pass

That’s also one way of defining the policy terms, Gandalf style.

Step 4 – Publicise the Policies in Writing

The policies should be publicised, it should be provided to all the employees, existing and new alike. This is done so that the implementation of the policies should be effective. Cover the part-time employees, the full-time employees, the casual employees, the employees on maternity leave, etc.

The policies should be in plain English and easy enough to be understood by all employees.

Step 5 – Training

Once you have created the policies, have distributed the copies to all the employees, what next? You don’t want the policies to be used a table stand for the laptops, do you? It is somewhat difficult for the employees to go through the entire booklet word for word. Thus, the employees need to be trained in the policies.

Proposed staff meetings, conduct training sessions and explain company policies to the new employees at the time of their induction.

Step 6 – Implement and Monitor

Once you are clear that now everybody is aware of the company policies and that they can follow them effectively, you drop the pilot testing and go full-on mode. The policies are made live and every employee has to adhere to the guidelines strictly.

Track the performance, evaluate the response from the employees and modify the policies as per the needs. Also, create exemptions for the same.

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