March 22, 2019
Author : Charles Hill

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What is the assignment?

Just to be sure that you understand what I am going to answer in this post, I am going to give the details of the assignment details for which I prepared BSBMGT502 assessment answers.

In this assignment, you have to display that you can follow up to performance management in the context of the given organisation. You need to give answers to the scenarios that are given in the assignment.

Here goes nothing.

Scenario 1

Organisations exist to servea particularpurposeinsidethe community, right? Hence, your answer should show the importance of feedback. Think that you should use the feedback from the market, use that feedback to boost organisational performance.

Then, shift your focus to the information in the feedback. The data in the feedback is related to the services provided by the organisation and the experience of the individual. So, you may work with this feedback containing ideas for improvements on what the organisation may doto boostthings further.

What to do in the shop you are managing? You can analyse the feedback from theshopperswithin themarketto work outwhether or notthey are practically possible. Onchoosinga particular method, you can implement them in the organisation by involving employees members and considering their opinion on the matter. For example, the staff may follow smart client service when they are dealing with a customer in the shop. Furthermore, the staff can offer additional services (called value added services) to their customers,likeinstallation and maintenance.

To train the employees in an organisation, you should implement the training procedures at the organisation in a series of phases. You have to establish the weak areas inside the organisational processes and identify the staff that needs improvement. The employees will be taught about the way to conduct their duties and improve structure performance.

Moreover, it has often been found that introducing a reward system to motivate the workers as they learn the new market trends is a great idea. So, you can also use this strategy for the employees who perform well by be rewarding them in different ways. This could include bonus allowances, leave days, etc. encouraging the workers to work ascertaining that the organisational performance is improved.

Scenario 2

Choose any of the three issues out of the list given. For my BSBMGT502 task 4 answer, I chose equal employment opportunity, anti-discrimination and environmental issues.

We all know that the organisation works as per some laws. These laws oversee the various activities inside the company. In work matters, the laws say that the organisation should avoid discrimination. Also, they should offer the same opportunity to all to get the job. All this information will be available in The Discrimination Act 2004. As per the law, no organisation should use discrimination while hiring employees for their organisation like victimisation, on the basis of age, sex or race. The Environment Protection and Biodiversity Protection Act 1999 necessitate that all organisations play their bit in ecological issues. The company is in charge of tending to and looking after high ecological norms with its activities.

Scenario 3

First, see what might be the problem of Kim Smith. But do not suggest anything like “What the hell, Kim? You missed the client request again!?” No.

While managing Kim Smith, you should look for the most proficient method to manage the circumstance of helping her improve her execution levels. It is not shame to look for guidance as a supervisor and departmental head. In this circumstance, hence, you should look for counsel from the human resource manager. This is on the grounds that the manager has immense experience and capabilities in managing employees.

The managers are also trained so that they have the capacity to manage the employees when the need emerges. Moreover, they are in charge of dealing with all the representative undertakings inside the organisation. This allows them to remove a few representatives from obligation provided they don't stick to the principles and guidelines that have been delineated by the organisation.

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