5 Ways To Improve The System By Performance Management
March 22, 2019
Author : Charles Hill

Managing the people to ensure proper implementation of the policies is important for every organisation. That is why you need to learn the skill of handling a large team and ascertain that they all work together. For that, you will get plenty of assignments. That is exactly when you will need the expert guidance of performance management assignment help providers.

So, here, I am going to discuss 5 ways that will help you improve the system of the organisation through efficient performance management.

  1. Employee Recognition

Every employee is working for the organisation with one goal or other. At such a time, to enhance the performance of the employee, recognition is an effective way that any manager can adopt.

If you have an assignment, you should definitely suggest employee recognition as a way. Employee recognition is a way to let the employees know that their hard work is being noticed and appreciated by the manager.

It is not necessary that you spend for employee recognition. A simple “Great work you did on that project, John.” can also be sufficient to boost the morale of the employee.

Below are some mind blowing facts about employee recognition that stresses the importance of identifying and appreciating the work of the employees.

Infographic prepared by Davitt Corporate Partners

  1. Continuous Feedback

The key to success always lie in continuous improvement. The human mind is trained to never be content with what the person has and that is the seed of innovation. When an individual is satisfied with the results obtained, the room for improvement gets dark.

This is why, as a manager, one should always make the employees feel that they need to work harder. Now you will ask me that this contradicts employee recognition, doesn’t it? No, it does not.

Because you need to identify the difference between complaining and giving feedback. See the below examples -

“John, you did not include any charts or graphs in the report you submitted. I want the updated report on my desk by 5 today.”

“John, the report you prepared is really good. But it will be even better for everyone if there are some charts and graphs to explain the numbers. Can I have the updated report by 5, before I present it to the shareholders”

I don’t think that I need to say any further on this matter.

  1. Employee Expectations

The employees should be clear about what they have to do and what the company expects them to do. This is where the importance of clear communication swoops in. The companies should make sure that the employees are clear about their work duties. Hence, communicating the expectations well among the employees is important.

And that is how the employees are going to perform the job well. If the expectations of the employee and the employer are not on the same page, then the task will not be as it is expected to be. And that is when the manager thinks that the employee is under-performing. Clear expectations and work duties always improve the employee performances.

  1. Incentivise Employees

You must have heard people talking that they got performance bonus or they got incentive for achieving the target and other things. They are all part of the various incentive schemes that the employer takes up to make the employee feel that they are being appreciated.

Giving out paid benefits to the employees for their work ignites the will to get more. This is a great way that you can adopt to boost the employee performance.

If you do not want to give monetary benefits, there are several other ways for improving performance management using incentives -

  1. Giving additional work day off

  2. Give them a free meal at the restaurant of their choice

  3. Put in a good word to the boss

  1. Take Their Feedback

An organisation is made up of the employee and employer. The road of trust is two-way where the traffic should be from both ends. Hence, as an employer, you should make it a habit to constantly ask for feedbacks from the employees and look for improvement. You never know what idea might come in from a random person.

This will make the employees feel that they belong in the organisation and that their views are being valued. In the end, a healthy environment of discussion and experimentation is made.

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