Back in the day, when I used to be a student like you, I also faced problems when research essay assignments were given to me. Further being a law student, it was always expected that whatever work I gave was not a mere figment of my imagination but a well-structured, researched, and eloquent piece of work. Thus the number of hours that I spent researching was massive. I wish, back then, I had taken guided sessions or mentoring, for that matter.

What is a Law Research Essay?

Essays are the kind of assignment that requires one to write, label, or elucidate on a subject-specific topic. An essay has various elements, including literary, criticism, observational, and reflection. A modern essay shall be more informative in a generic sense and might entail references. However, a traditional essay doesn't require any citation.

If we qualify the word 'essay' by the word 'research', it becomes important as there is a compulsion to cite appropriate sources for every argument. A research essay is one such piece of work that might require the author to come up with a hypothesis and then justify the same.

Further, qualifying the term' research essay' with the word 'law' became more complex because now you would be required to analyze the entire piece with legal perspectives, which might involve mentioning case laws and statutes and legislations accordingly. Thus, in short, there is a lot of struggle that you as a student might face when attempting a law research essay and might even seek law assignment help.

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Attempting Law Research Essays Without Academic Assistance

If you are an RMIT law student and need academic assistance, then relax! All your queries will be answered by the essay writing experts at My Assignment Services. By the time you complete reading this page, you will be in a better position to attempt all your future essays without any mentoring. Attempting or even trying the law research essay is an art. There are many aspects which the students have to keep in mind while attempting a legal research essay.

  • Read the instructions properly- This is the first and the foremost tip for all RMIT law students. The instructions are particularly mentioned in the rubric. Once you have understood the instructions, make sure that you make a rough sketch of how you will start your essay and all the sources required to complete the essay. At this stage, you have to keep three things in mind.
    • Analyze how the topic has some relation to your syllabus and what the area is which is known to you in general.
    • Once the above is done, ensure that you brainstorm to every level on how you can approach the essay in general.
    • Then form an opinion about acceptance and rejection of arguments you might have had on the topic concerned.
  • Develop Your Response – This can be done better if you take a quick peek into the college textbook on the topic. Mostly law-related issues have more or less the same content, so if you want to keep yourself updated, you have to ensure that you read the topic concerned in detail or the textbook.
  • Identify the main sources of data that you shall use. That is to say, look for both primary and secondary sources from the library or any other database.
  • Prepare and plan primary points of arguments that are required, that is to say, that come up with an introduction that shall help one introduce the topic. Then comes up with the body and finally ends in conclusion.
  • The focus must be on forming arguments that must occur in depth. This can be better done when you consider both sides of the debate.
  • Lastly, your arguments must be proofed appropriately. One has to analyze all the sources for significance.

Here are a Few Law Research Essay Samples for Your Reference

Law Research Essay Samples for Your Reference

Samples of Law Research Essay Samples of Law Research Essay at My Assignment Services

What If I Go For a Guided Session or Mentoring Session?

There is a substantial difference between self-attempting an essay and going for a mentoring session. But till now, you might have acquired some idea as to how to attempt the writing in general.

By taking a guided session or a mentoring session, the above shall be more elaborated by some expert in the field of law. Hence the overall theme of such a session shall remain more or less the same only. What is explained below shall be the same, which shall be taught or presented by our law assignment help service providers in their guided sessions. Some more important tips are elaborated as follows:-

  1. Keep an academic tone when making an essay which means that everything you have mentioned is being done clearly and concisely. Further, you should state and explain your position appropriately.
  2. The foundation of your argument should be observable and pertinent. Thus your sources must be incorporated with footnotes. In law, the citation method should be AGLC4. 
  3. Then, whenever you write an essay, make sure you utilize your own words rather than others. This brings originality and keeps the reader more engaged.
  4. Similarly, make sure to use direct quotes sparingly, intentionally, and effectively in each essay, depending on the necessities of the work. So direct quotes can be used, but their use should be avoided at all costs.
  5. While writing a research essay, never paraphrase a legislation or court case because it might change the nature of the decision or statute accordingly. Thus it may lead to wrong. 
  6. Finally, convey your work as professionally as possible by summarising and commenting at the end of the essay.

Thus, above mentioned were some basic techniques that can guide you to write your law research essay. However, if you don't feel confident or can't spare enough time to make it, then feel free to ask our expert, ‘can you help me do my law essay?’ My Assignment Services has supported thousands of students worldwide with their law academic essays and even helped them score good grades in these tasks. All you need to do is simply fill out the form and one of our experts will connect you within no time!

Our Experts can answer your Assignment questions instantly.

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