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September 07, 2017
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Melvin’s Mail:

I have uploaded my full assignment guide, remember my company is ''FREELANCER LIMITED’’. Also, I have attached Harvard style referencing guide line which you’re required to use in this assignment. Our tutor gave us the weekly tips on this assignment which I have already attached.

He had provided us all the reference material and coursework which was needed for the assignment. Now, every attachment with the main assignment was submitted to the quality team and they made sure that it was allotted to the most relevant expert in the panel. Assignment requirements were as followed: Subject- Management Accounting Word Count- 2000 Quality Words Client – Australia

Assignment Question

200108 Contemporary Management Accounting – Autumn 2017


This assignment is a group case study of an Australian company designed to develop your understanding and visualization of the concepts and nature of strategic management accounting, develop your team, research and communication skills and prepare you for the demands placed on the modern accountant. It consists of a progress check, a full written report and an oral presentation.

Your Company

Name (Please Print) Phone EMAIL ID

Important: Assessment Timeline (1) The progress check (PC) on your assignment is due in Week 6. The PC is marked out of 2 marks, included in your practical mark, according to the criteria in the attached marking guide. One student member of the group is to submit online the requirements of the progress check in vUWS by 9:00am on Monday 27 March 2017 at the beginning of Week 6. The Word version of the progress check coversheet/marking guide, excluding signatures, is to be including in your submission with the agreed contribution percentages completed by the group. (2) The full written report must be submitted in one Microsoft Word document, by one student member of the group, to Plagiarism via vUWS by midnight on Sunday, 30 April, 2017 at the end of Week 10. It will be marked out of 16 marks according to the criteria in the attached marking guide. The Microsoft Word version of the assignment coversheet, excluding signatures, is to be including in your submission. A hard copy of the signed coversheet is to be submitted in the tutorial in week 11. (3) An oral presentation is to be made in class in Weeks 13 or 14. It will be marked out of 4 marks according to the criteria in the attached marking guide.


For the purposes of this assignment you are assumed to be a management accountant within one of the ASX listed companies listed below. These companies may consist of Strategic Business Units (SBUs), as defined in your text (p. 536), such as subsidiary companies or divisions or business segments within the company. Management accountants can play a key role in an organization’s success, defined through its goals and objectives, often summarized in the form of a public mission statement. A team approach is common because the work of a management accountant can be time-critical and cross boundaries of specialization. The top management (CEO, CFO, other managers and board members) of your company have requested that your team design a Balanced Scorecard (BSC) to measure performance of the company or one of its SBUs (of your choice) and that it examine the potential of and recommend one other innovative contemporary accounting technique (CAT) to be incorporated into its Management Accounting System (MAS). Your team has been given specific dates to report to top management with a full written report, and to make an oral presentation to them about your recommendations.


You need to address as follows, within a written report, these two interconnecting requests from management and submit your completed report in Week 10 16 MARKS Part A: Balanced Scorecard (BSC) PEST analysis, SWOT analysis, Critical Success Factors (CSFs), Balanced Scorecard (BSC) of the company/SBU ? Conduct Political, Economic, Social and Technological (PEST) and Strength Weakness Opportunity and Threats (SWOT) research and analyses ? Decide upon, support and explain Critical Success Factors (CSFs) and translate as strategic objectives for inclusion in BSC ? Design a Balanced Scorecard ? Explain the Balanced Scorecard design with a strategy map Part B: Contemporary Accounting Technique (CAT) Identify an appropriate technique of Contemporary Management Accounting ? Recommend one particular CAT and concisely describe it ? Provide reasons (supported by research findings) for selecting the CAT, and how it will assist management and measurement of performance ? Present and discuss potential issues for implementation and integration with existing MAS

  • Adherence to the Harvard Referencing style is mandatory.
  • Exemplars for previous assignments are available on vUWS. See marking guides for criteria.
  • Progress Check on your written report work is due at the start of Week 6.
  • You need to make an Oral Presentation of your findings (in Week 13 or 14): 4 MARKS

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Melvin’s Mail:

Hi! Hope you're doing well! Just wondering how you're going with the assignment..? Hope good ? Would you mind sending me the report whatever you have done up till now because my tutor is going to check the progress with the report tomorrow.

Once the assignment was done by our management accounting assignment tutor, the assignment was checked by our “Quality Assurance Team” who checked that the assignment was free from all errors, has all the guidelines take care off and that the assignment is not plagiarized (plagiarism was used). Then the assignment was delivered to Melvin through our customer care executives before the deadline, so that he has enough time for revisions. Our team asked whether he need any revisions and feedback. Melvin had some concerns and changes to be made. Our customer care executives made sure that his feedback was taken care off and the relevant changes are made.

Melvin’s Mail:

I really want to thank for you effort in this assignment, it really help me a lot. I have no doubt that your service is really awesome I would love to recommend your services to my friends also you'll be my first choice whenever I'll get any assignment in the future. However, my tutor gave me very bad feedback on this assignment, they're some amendments to be done in it...such as:-

  1.  Referencing needs to be changed
  2. this assignment should be done on deep research and sources to provide the information
  3. - each element of SWOT needs to have an in-text citation.
  4. -link CSF to SWOT using a coding System
  5. BSC design is:

    • 10 objectives with 10 lead measures and 10 lag measures, including
    • 4 objectives with 4 lead measures and 4 lag measures that are specific to your company/SBU and which are demonstrably translated from CSFs derived specifically from your research.

  6. Provide an explanation of your BSC design including

    • how the objectives and measures relate to the organization’s mission and strategy, your SWOT analysis and choice of CSFs. You may choose to display the explanation in a diagram or table;
    • how the lead and lag measures exhibit cause and effect relationships that are intended to result in an improved financial outcome. Display the explanation in a strategy map

Hope you understand the feedback, and amend these changes in assignment and let me score HD in this assignment. It is my humble request to you please do not let me down in this task I'm really hoping for better work and high grades.

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Assignment Solution Provided by My Assignment Services


Assignment Name:

Student Name:

Course Name and Number:



Executive Summary The report discusses the operations of the Freelancer Company. The nature of the industry in which the company is involved has been also assessed in the report. It discusses the vision and mission of the company to understand the far sightedness of the company. The strategic goals of the company have been discussed and their role in the accomplishment of the vision and mission of the company has been also assessed. The PEST analysis of the company has been conducted. It states that the company has not faced any significant political or economic issues till now but as the company has a user base that has a global presence the political interventions arising in the regions where its user base is present might have an adverse impact on the working of the company. The company has a global presence therefore; it is susceptible to the social barriers that may arise due to the diversity of the manner of working of its users. The company has to be technologically upgraded to be in business because it works through digitalization.The SWOT analysis of the company states about the strengths that the company enjoys by being one of the first company in this industry and already becoming a pioneer. It faces the weaknesses that arise out of the rules and regulations issues that might not be well understood and applied by its employees. The company already has a brand name therefore; it has the opportunity for acquisition and expansion by employing its capital. The threats faced by the company would be from the new entrants penetrating the industry whose demand might grow with the passage of time adversely affecting the revenue of the company. Therefore, a balanced scorecard was formulated keeping in mind the above criteria and the requirements of the company. The Balanced Scorecard incorporates the objectives of the company from various perspectives like the financial perspective, the customer perspective, the internal business perspective and the customer perspective. The objective that is to be attained by the company and the perspective to which it pertains has been specifically identified. The measure for assessing the result of the objective has also been described in the balanced scorecard. The actual results would be monitored against the targeted results to assess if the organization has been able to meet its objective.  The benchmark process would be adopted to identify the best practices that have been adopted by the competitors and across the industry to identify the parameters against which the performance of the company would be monitored.




The report discusses the findings of the research conducted of the operations and growth potential of the Freelancer Company. The operations and performance of the company has been assessed by identifying its vision, mission and goals. The alignment of the goals with the vision and mission has been discussed and the challenges that might be faced by the company have been also discussed. The nature of industry in which the company is involved has been assessed and PEST analysis and SWOT analysis has been conducted on the operations of the company. The issues or challenges that are faced by the company have also been identified and discussed. A balanced scorecard has been designed for the company that lists the goals of the company from various parameters. It also lists the targets and the manner in which the measurement of the performance would be evaluated to assess the actual results. The feasibility of application of bench-marking technique for contemporary accounting technique has been also assessed. The report discusses the suitability of this method for the organization and the manner in which it can be incorporated in the current system of the company.

Research and Investigation Process

The research and investigation process was conducted by gathering the information about the company from both primary and secondary sources. The primary sources state about the operations and the growth of the company. The objectives of the company have been identified from the primary source like the Prospectus that had been filed by the company for the public issue. The Appendix 1 contains the vision and mission of the company. The strategic goals aligned with the vision and mission of the company are also present in the Appendix 1. The SWOT and the PEST analysis has been conducted of the company keeping in mind the nature of the industry. The company is susceptible to social, political and economic changes arising in countries which have its user base. This information is present in the Appendix 2 which has been extracted from the prospectus. For the company information secondary sources of data have been also referenced. The legal issues faced by the company for confidentiality breach has been obtained from the secondary source. The Appendix 3 contains the penalty that has been levied on the company for confidentiality breach of its user. These factors have been assessed and evaluated to form a Balanced Scorecard for the company which is able to consider the objectives from various perspectives. the company for confidentiality breach of its user. These factors have been assessed and evaluated to form a Balanced Scorecard for the company which is able to consider the objectives from various perspectives.

Vision of the Company

The company is one of the first pioneers of its industry and is currently the largest outsourcing marketplace of the world. The vision of the company is to build Australia’s first global consumer technology company (Lower, 2013). It wants to make an impact on the people across the globe by giving them a job (Freelancer Prospectus, 2013). The following information is present in Appendix 1.

Mission of the Company

The mission of the company is to connect the entrepreneurs globally by connecting the small entrepreneurs of the developed countries with the small entrepreneurs of the developing countries (Freelancer Prospectus, 2013).

Strategic Objective of the Company

The strategic objectives of the company aligned with its vision and mission (Freelancer Prospectus, 2013) of the company has been discussed here under:-

  • Aggressive development of the services of the freelancers to facilitate the co working of people on any job, of any country and of any language.
  • Investment in technology and engineering to ensure the best quality and seamless services to its customers.
  • High investment in the brand for increasing the awareness, volume and the revenue across the globe.
  • Assessment of acquisition and expansion opportunities across the globe on a continuing basis.

PEST Analysis

Political – Keeping in mind the nature of the industry in which the company operates it does not faces any political challenges. They have no material benefits for the company and also do not pose any adverse risk in Australia. However since the company has a global presence any significant political intervention of any country might impact the number of customers of that company (Appendix 2).


The company is involved in the freelancing industry whose has recently evolved. The company operates on digitalization therefore; its users can be present across the globe without any physical presence of the office of the company. Since, the users are present globally it makes the company susceptible to the political intervention that may arise at any specific location where the users of the company are present. This might have an adverse impact on the operations and profitability of the company in that region.


The economy is mostly expected to mostly have a positive impact on the industry of the company. The Global Financial Crisis witnessed increase in the number of user base of the company. At the time of crisis, the project owners resort cost reducing means therefore; they assess the feasibility of getting the work done by the freelancers. In the same manner, the number of service providers also increase in these conditions which is a beneficial factor for the company. The nature of industry of the company makes it economical for the users to avail the services of the company. They charge fee to the users only after they earn it on the projects that are assigned. Therefore, the expenses to be incurred by the customers are incidental to the revenue which makes the industry more lucrative to its users.


The Company has a global presence irrespective of the fact that the number of offices of the company is limited. Therefore, it would have socio-cultural impacts on the operations of the company. It might face the barriers due to socio-cultural environment because of the diversity of its users.


The main operations of the company are based on the digitalization work therefore, it is important for the company to always remain ahead in this field. It is required to continually update its technology to ensure the best quality service to its customers

SWOT Analysis

The SWOT analysis of the company has been conducted by assessing both the internal working conditions and the external working environment of the company. The analysis has been discussed her eunder:-


The strength of the company is its global presence. The company is able to obtain customers globally. The company is one of the first pioneers of the industry therefore; it has been able to form a brand in the industry while the other companies are still trying to penetrate the industry market. The company has always aimed at long term growth at the expense of the short-term profits of the company (Freelancer Prospectus, 2013).


The major weakness identified is the lack of intense training that is required for the employees. The company handles the confidential data of the customers therefore; it is the responsibility of the company to ensure that the data is not compromised. All the rules and regulations prescribed for handling the sensitive information is dealt efficiently with by the company. The company had to face data breach charges in the year 2015 when personal information of a user had been compromised by an employee of the company (OAIC, 2015). The responded filed a suit against the company and the company was awarded a data breach charge of $20000 (Appendix 3).


The Company after becoming public in the year 2013 acquired substantial funds therefore, it has an opportunity to acquire the competitors and other companies in the same field for expanding its services. The company can also consider opening new offices at various locations to improve the marketability of the company and access to users of the company. The company has been able to obtain global reach through digitalization market but has limited offices globally. Therefore, it can consider increasing the number of offices for improving the user base of the company.


The main threat to which the company is susceptible is the uncertainties of the social, political and economic conditions of the countries in which it has a high customer base. In case these factors are adversely impacted they would have a negative impact on the operations of the company. It also faces threats from new entrants and existing customers who also have a high demand and might adversely impact the business of the company in future years. The SWOT Analysis has been presented hereby in a tabular form:-

No Strengths No Weaknesses
S1 Strong Financial Position (Freelancer Annual Report,2016) W1 Freelance Users perceived as small and non-performing (Burke, 2011)
S2 Exponential Industry Growth (UBS,2017)    
S3 Brand Establishment (Freelancer Annual Report 2016) W2 Lack of regulatory knowledge of employees (OAIC, 2016)
S4 Global Presence (Freelancer Annual Report 2016)    
S5 World's largest Freelancing and outsourcing service (Herrmann, 2015) W3 Lack of Control over Service Delivered (Ivanoff, 2014)


No Opportunities No Threats
O1 Advancement in Technology (Freelancer Annual Report 2016) T1 Threat from Competitor (Titley, 2015)
O2 Growing industry still in infancy (UBS,2017) T2 Deterioration of remuneration received by users (Adin, 2016)
O3 Acquisition of Competitors  (Freelancer Annual Report 2016) T3 Loss of jobs in home country (Adin, 2016)

  Critical Success Factors The critical success factors refer to the factors that play an important role in the success of an organization. These factors can be assessed by studying the vision of the company and the industry in which the company operates. It is important to identify these factors as the strategic plans of the company are based on these factors. The critical success factors that can be assessed for the company in the given case have been discussed below:-

  • The company must aim for diversification of the types of services that it provides to the users. If the company is able to offer services to a wider range of users and can meet the requirements of greater number of users, an increase in the revenue and profit can be expected.
  • The company must include rigorous training for the employees. The employees are the individuals who coordinate the operations of the company. Therefore, it is important that the employees are trained so that their performance is improved. The training may include both on-the floor training and off-the floor training.
  • It is important for the company to maintain the confidentiality of the information it acquires of its users at the time of rendering of the services. The nature of the industry entails the acquisition of personal sensitive information of the users. Therefore it is important that the confidentiality of the information is not compromise.


SWOT Code Critical Success Factor BSC Perspective
S1, O2,S4 Increase profitability/profit margin Financial – 1
 S4,O2  Reduction in Operational Cost  Financial – 2
W1,T1,T2 Improving customer relations and satisfaction Customer – 1
W1,S3 Improve market share Customer – 2
 W2, T1  Better Staff Training  Int. Business Processes – 1
 S8, T4, O5  Monitoring Quality of Service  Int. Business Processes – 2
 O2,O2,S4  Facilitate business growth  Int. Business Processes – 3
 S3,S4,O2  Opening of New Offices  Int. Business Processes – 4
 S2,S3,O2  Maintaining a favorable reputation  Learning & Growth – 1
 S4,T1,O2  Competitor Acquisition  Learning & Growth – 2
 O2,S3  Increased compliance to CSR  Learning & Growth – 3

Balanced Scorecard

The Balanced Scorecard has been presented here with:-

BSC Perspective BSC Objectives Lead Measures Lag Measures
 Financial – 1  Maximize Profitability  Increase in the number of services offered  Percentage change in profit
 Financial – 2  Reduction in Operational Cost  Control on discretionary costs  Percentage change in operational cost
 Customer – 1  Improving customer relations and satisfaction  Reduction in number of customer complaints  Customer Feedback
 Customer – 2  Improve market share  Increase in the user base  Change in the Market Share
 Int. Business Processes – 1  Better Staff Training  Introduction of new employee training seminars  Performance Appraisal Analysis
 Int. Business Processes – 2  Monitoring Quality of Service  Taking corrective measures for deficiencies  Customer Ratings
 Int. Business Processes – 3  Facilitate business growth  Introduction of new services and increase in geographical base  Increase in the revenue across periods
 Int. Business Processes – 4  Opening of New Offices  Establish office in new locations  Change in the number of offices across period
 Learning & Growth – 1  Maintaining a favourable reputation  Timely redressal of complaints  Market Survey for Feedback
 Learning & Growth – 2  Competitor Acquisition  Identification and evaluation of competitors  Number of acquisitions in the year
 Learning & Growth – 3  Increased compliance to CSR  Identifying the CSR requirements for the entity  CSR Requirements fulfilled

BSC Explanation and Design

A balanced scorecard is a structured report that lists the objectives of the organization according to the various perspectives. The targets for attainment of the objectives are determined and the actual results are compared with the targets. It revolutionized the conventional thinking about performance metrics (Kaplan and Norton, 2007). If the balanced scorecard of the company is studied we can observe the various objectives of the company from different perspectives. All the objectives are associated with the growth and profitability of the company. The target value can be specified with the objectives to ascertain if the company has been able to meet its target at the end of the year.

Contemporary Accounting Technique

Contemporary Accounting Technique that is appropriate for the company is benchmarking. It is a form of comparative analysis and some common parameter is required for the comparison analysis (Kelessidis, 2000). The parameter for measurement can be the process and practice that has been adopted by the competitors. For common processes the parameter can be of the companies who follow the best practices and are renowned for the adopted approach. The company is a pioneer in its industry therefore, it is important that best practices are followed within the organization. Since the industry of the company is relatively new it is best to adopt the processes that have been implemented and are effective keeping in mind the requirements of the company. The technique will help the management in formulating the plans and processes. Since a parameter would be present for evaluating the performance it would effectively deal with the shortcomings at the initial level.

Impact of CAT on BSC Objectives

Some of the BSC objectives that would be achieved by the CAT have been presented below:-

  BSC Objective How Benchmarking will achieve the objective
 Financial – 1  Maximize Profitability  It would help in the identification of standard price that is charged to the users in the industry. If the operating margin of the company is less it would be able to correct the same which would result in profit maximization.
 Financial – 2  Reduction in Operational Cost  It would help in the assessment of standard costs that are prevalent in the industry. If the higher proportion of operational cost is being incurred the company can take appropriate measures to prevent them.
 Customer – 1  Improving customer relations and satisfaction  If the company is able to control the cost of the services that are provided it will be able to pass on some of the benefit to the customers that would result in improved customer relation and satisfaction.
 Customer – 2  Improve market share  The standardized cost would ensure that reasonable revenue is charged by the customer. It would help in improving the market share.
 Int. Business Processes – 2  Monitoring Quality of Service  The benchmarking would help the company in identifying the services that are rendered by other competitors to the customers. It can incorporate the services that it did not render previously.
 Int. Business Processes – 3  Facilitate business growth  Standardized service with standard revenue charged from the customers would facilitate the growth of the business.
 Learning & Growth – 1  Maintaining a favourable reputation  The company would be able to identify the practices that are prevalent in industry. It can ensure that it provides all the services rendered by its competitors in addition to the services that are exclusively provided by the company. It would help the company in gaining an edge over the competitors and maintaining a favourable reputation.

Implementation Challenges and Solutions.

The technique encompasses the best plans and policies which might be difficult to implement and incorporate if the organization has already adopted certain methods and procedures. The working environment of all the companies is different. Therefore, the best practices might not be very effective for the organization if they are not customized as per the specific requirements. The company operates globally and on digitalization therefore, it is important to incorporate the important factors into benchmarking that arise from these aspects. The implementation challenges and the solution to these challenges have been discussed below:-

  Potential Issues Potential Solution
Technology The transfer of data from the old software to the new software would be a challenge. In case of incorrect transmission the results generated would be improper. The data transmission can be done by adopting the concept of maker and checker. The data input would be verified and authorized by a verifier before it is uploaded on the new system.
  The management accounting system would take time to adapt to the needs of the organization. The organization can initially work on a trial and error basis to assess the shortcomings of the proposed accounting system and the manner in which it can be addressed.
Processes The required change in the software can disrupt the normal working environment of the company. The company can opt for a gradual change simultaneously working on both the systems to ensure no disruption in the normal operations.
  Data of the other competitors must be easily available. The unavailability of the data required for the application f the benchmarking process would be a challenge. The company can search additional sources for obtaining the data that is not available from primary and secondary process. The benchmarking parameters can be formed only by considering the available data.
People Training would be required for the personnel for the changed software and the changed organization system. The company can initiate the training processes before the application of the new system so that employees have the working knowledge of the new system.
  New system might experience resistance to change from the employees who would be familiar with the old system. This issue can be dealt by organizing interactive sessions with the employees to make them understand the benefits of the new system.


From the strategic analysis of the operations of the company it can be concluded that the balanced scorecard formulated would help in the growth of the company. The balanced scorecard has been formulated keeping in mind all the perspectives into consideration. The growth of the business is dependent upon all the perspectives therefore, it is important that the company formulates its objectives from all the perspectives. The balanced scorecard would assist in monitoring the performance of the company and identifying the perspectives where the performance of the company is lacking. These perspectives can then be studied through the benchmarking process to understand the weakness that are present in the current system and the manner in which it can be improved. Benchmarking would describe the practices that have been adopted by competitors and the industries to cater to the requirements of the perspective in question. The management can then chart out the plan and policies that can be implemented by it in meeting the goals of those perspectives. The other practices that have been adopted by the industries and have yielded effective results can also be studied by the company with the benchmarking process. It would be necessary to modify the formulated plan as per the workings of the company to ensure that the implemented plan is effective.


Adin, R. (2016). On Politics: Freelancing in a Trumpian World. [online] An American Editor. Available at: [Accessed 25 Apr. 2017]. Burke, A. (2011). The Entrepreneurship Enabling Role of Freelancers: Theory with Evidence from Construction Industry. 1st ed. Senate Hall Academic Publishing, pp.1-5. Burke, A. (2012). The Role of Freelancers in the 21st Century in British Economy. 1st ed. PCG. Davies, M. and Girdler, D. (1999). Benchmarking. 1st ed. ILAM Freelancer Ltd., F. (2017). Freelancer International Pty. Ltd.: Private Company Information - Bloomberg. [online] Available at: [Accessed 13 Apr. 2017]. Herrmann, S. (2015). Freelancer Ltd - Growth Portfolio. 1st ed. [ebook] pp.1-2. Available at: [Accessed 25 Apr. 2017]. Ivanoff, A. (2014). The Pros and Cons of Working with Freelancers — SitePoint. [online] SitePoint. Available at: [Accessed 25 Apr. 2017]. Kaplan, R. and Norton, D. (2007). Using the Balanced Scorecard as a Strategic Management System. [online] Harvard Business Review. Available at: [Accessed 12 Apr. 2017]. Kelessidis, D. (2000). Benchmarking. 1st ed. [ebook] Available at: [Accessed 12 Apr. 2017]. Kitching, J. and Smallbone, D. (2012). Are Freelancers a neglected form of small business?. 1st ed. Journal of the Small Business and Enterprise Development, pp.74-91 Lower, G. (2013). to go public and list on Australian Securities Exchange - SmartCompany. [online] SmartCompany. Available at: [Accessed 13 Apr. 2017]. OAIC, (2015). HW’ and Freelancer International Pty Limited [2015] AICmr 86 (18 December 2015). 1st ed. [ebook] OAIC. Available at: [Accessed 13 Apr. 2017]. Titley, C. (2015). Why I think Freelancer (ASX:FLN) could return 50-60% over the next few years.. [online] Livewire Markets. Available at: [Accessed 25 Apr. 2017].


Appendix 1

Source: Freelancer Prospectus, 2013

Appendix 2

Source: Freelancer Prospectus, 2013

Appendix 3

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