Major Benefits of Learning AutoCAD For Mechanical Engineers

Mechanical engineering is one of the most flourishing sector in government and private sectors. It is one of the streams that encompasses business, law, industries and even medicine. Mechanical engineer’s primary focus is to plan and design mechanical objects, that could be producing a machine component or a motor tool or could be a complete machine or device like robot or a refrigerator. AutoCAD is a design program that is highly used by the mechanical engineers to produce preliminary designs and spot the errors or flaws in the design before production. This helps them save time and energy simultaneously.


AutoCAD or “Auto Computer Aided Design” is a line of three-dimensional and two-dimensional design and drafting software that was first developed and marketed by the Autodesk company. AutoCAD has a powerful package of features that helps to create diagrams, schematics, structures and true-to-life maps. CAD is widely used in catering to media special effects and computer animation.

The design created with the help of the computer programs are further used to produce models and create component design & production, and the analysis helps in calculating the stress levels, how the forces influence and what are the influences of certain (finite) elements in the design. “More than 60% of manufactured parts flaws are related to ambiguous drafts or improper and incomplete correction which can be overcome by taking the support of AutoCAD” as General Electric survey says. Therefore, it is obvious that AutoCAD is a convenient method than the typical prototyping method.


Here are some of the ways that AutoCAD helps the mechanical engineers to efficiently develop detailed, 3-D digital models and form a size-able database of information related to dimensions and ultimately save the cost, energy and time in comparison to other conventional procedures.

  1. Design production: The initial stage when mechanical engineers can sketch their ideas and analyze them to determine the most suitable solution to the given problem, AutoCAD can be used in this stage of design product. A mechanical engineer can make a blue-print of the project and can also view it in virtual reality. One does not have to redraw in case of any modification and can instead use simplified redesigns.
  2. Trouble-shooting: There are certain points in design that go unnoticed during the production. This can include a flaw or an error in the design. AutoCAD lets the designer in interpreting these inconsistencies or locating the flaws, and thus determine any malfunctioning element in the existing product. This helps the engineers to fix the problem while saving considerable amount of time on driving specification.
  3. Simulations: AutoCAD’s one of the best features is to provide graphic simulation that helps the designer to view how to the constructed machine would function. After design prototype is created, a simulated version of the prototype is created and this real-life prototype shows in action. Thus, simulation helps the engineer to know before if the machine will work as per the expectations or not.
  4. Quality assurance: AutoCAD has been reducing the stress from the heads of mechanical engineers by providing analysis components to simulate a variety of environments and can help them to determine the machine’s functionality in the particular environment. Along with the determination of prototype’s functional aspect, it also provides to test the performance of the prototype over a given time and demonstrating the expected performance rate so that machine’s functional time span could be estimated accurately before any maintenance. This way AutoCAD can help the engineers to generate proper specifications and deliver the exact product that the client requires.Quality System Quality Assurance Quality Control

There are more benefits that not only mechanical engineers but also civil and electrical engineers can earn through AutoCAD. Therefore, learning AutoCAD can prove to be really beneficial if you want to build a career in manufacturing industry, or fashion industry, or real estate. You can learn the subject theoretically and practically with the help of certain highly certified experts who are truly engaged in delivering the services. This way you can a good command on the tool within less time.

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