BAA215 Business and Corporate Law Assessment Item 1 Answers
May 14, 2019
Author : Ashley Simons

To be a law professional, knowledge of the Australian business and corporate law principles is necessary. But how to handle the BAA215 business and corporate law assessment 1 answers that are due soon? When you have to apply business and corporate law to authentic legal situations? You take law assignment help from the professionals for all such assignment related queries!

In this blog post, you and I are going to take a dive into the BAA215 business and corporate law assessment 1 answers for Case Study 2.

This is the assignment I am talking about.

I do not know if you have the same assignment or not so I have attached an excerpt from the one that I got. If you have the same assignment, then you are in for a treat and if not, well, you know what to do - contact My Assignment Services’ corporate law assignment experts.

corporate law assignment

This is the assignment that the student asked me to prepare reference BAA215 business and corporate law assessment 1 answers for. Just like I helped that kid, I am going to help you too.

I am going to tell you how to write the answer to this assignment.

1. As usual, read the case study

I cannot stress enough how important this particular step is and how much it is needed. Students often skip this one and directly start answering the questions. Do not worry, had I been asked to write BAA215 business and corporate law assessment 1 answers when I was your age, I too would have done the same.

But I have a little bit more experience than you in writing quality assignments so I tell you this - always read the case study. Your assignment might be due tomorrow but if you are able to understand the case study well, you can write it all overnight.

2. Question 1

Once you are done with the reading part, you can proceed with writing BAA215 business and corporate law assessment 1 answers. The first question says what type of company structure would you suggest. You cannot answer this unless you know the entire situation. You also cannot answer this unless you know what all are the different types of business structures that the government allows.

You see, there are a lot of business structures that can be a candidate for BAA215 business and corporate law assessment 1 answers. There is sole trader, company, partnership and trust where each one has a different characteristic. Where did I get this information? From the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, Australia.

Simply writing the type you have selected is not enough. You have to explain it with plausible reason in BAA215 business and corporate law assessment 1 answers. Justifications like “I felt so” or “I had a good feeling about this” are not going to work. A company will not hire and pay you thousands of dollars for gut feeling.

3. Question 3

For the third question, you need to open your books to Corporations Act 2001 (Cth). For the next part of BAA215 business and corporate law assessment 1 answers, search if the said act forces the companies to hold regular meetings or not.

No, do not use your own brain right now. You do not have to wonder “That would be too stupid of the government to make companies hold regular meetings” or “Why didn’t the government make them hold meetings when they know people are lazy?”.

If they do, how can a person who is always travelling attend these mandatory meetings?

You’ll get everything in BAA215 business and corporate law assessment 1 answers by us.

The corporate law assignment help service brought to you by My Assignment Services is a place where you are greeted by hundreds of subject matter experts. They are retired professors, part-time law professionals, masters and PhD scholars. What do they do? They prepare all everything that allows you to submit the assignment right on time with high-quality answers. If you want, we can send you reference BAA215 business and corporate law assessment 1 answers that are 100% original and prepared to suit your needs!

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Ashley Simons

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