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November 30, 2017
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Project Management is the study of using established procedures, policies and principles to manage a project from its inception to its completion. Project management study will equip you with the knowledge to plan, organize and implement a project and oversee its completion. To further define the process involved in project management, let’s categorize them into 5 groups.

  • Initiation
  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Monitoring and Control
  • Closing

Project Management’s real world application is huge. It is useful in industries such as aerospace, construction, technology and healthcare and many more. According to an estimate prepared by the project Management Institute (PMI), 1/5th of the world’s gross domestic product is spent on projects and there is a huge global demand for skilled project managers. This is why most universities give special focus on Project Management Assignments. Universities design their assignment to test whether the student can do the following:

  • Critically review the concepts of project management and the role played by project managers in global and local contexts
  • Integration of ‘Human factors’ knowledge in management of a project
  • Critically review and present arguments on key topics of project management
  • Justify and promote recommendations as a means to facilitate efficient decision making
  • Design and manage projects using project scheduling tools.

In addition to the above, universities also expect students to demonstrate advanced knowledge in the principles of project management through research which is responsible, innovative and engaging, therefore, applying it in an array of academic and professional context.

By now, you must have already figured out that project management is a complex subject that needs to be studied comprehensively in order to write PM Assignments. The assignments designed for project management students, require theoretical and practical knowledge of different terminologies such as, aligning projects with strategies, stakeholder management, work breakdown structure, communication plan, risk analysis, critical path and critical chain, project scope management, project network and scheduling, costing, procurement and so on. Students also need to be well versed with different project management methodologies like Agile, Critical Path Method (CPM), Critical Chain project Management (CCPM), PRINCE2 and Waterfall.

Often, students are unable to write a project management assignment following all that is in the subject. Incomprehensive study and lack of time motivates them to submit an assignment that doesn’t match their professor’s expectation. This is the reason why students from all across the world are approaching professional assignment help providers. My Assignment Help is one of the leading project management assignment help providers, globally. We have a team of dedicated project management professionals with highest certifications in project management of different disciplines like Business, Engineering and Information technology. Our subject matter experts have practical experience in utilising the theories and practices of project management in a real-world scenario. Moreover, their flair for writing plagiarism and error free assignments make them perfect for writing your important assignments.

In the below project management assignment sample, the student was required to prepare a report applying program management processes via a case study of Benefits Management Plan for the Perth Arena Project.

To address this project management assignment, our subject matter expert researched and studied the benefits management plan for the Perth arena project and made the required assumptions. Our expert then proceeded to list down the benefits that needed to be achieved in the project, Key performance indicators for the benefit, key performance indicators for verification, person responsible for assessment of benefits, risk analysis for the release of benefits without hassles, and the strategic objectives supported by the benefits.

Benefits Realisation Table (Value 25%)

Aim of the Assignment:

  • Application of program management processes via a case study – Benefits Management Plan for the Perth Arena Project which in this instance will be treated as a Program.

Complete the Benefits Realisation Table:


  1. Treat the Perth Arena as a Program rather than a Project.
  2. Assume that the Perth Arena is 75% complete when writing your benefits table
  3. Identify THREE projects to be entered into the Benefits Realisation Table
  4. Make any necessary but reasonable assumptions and include above the Benefits Realisation Table
  5. Clearly articulate the Problem being solved or the Opportunity being explored for this Program
  6. Only use the template below (similar to what we will use in the Tutorial) for this assignment

Reminder: Benefits are achieved post project (refer to the PowerPoint slides on this topic)


The assignment must be typed on A4 paper (using one side only) and use the template provided above in single space typing and presented with a cover sheet setting out your name, lecturer's name, unit title and the topic of the assignment. All papers should be numbered. All assignments should be thoroughly checked for typing, spelling and grammatical errors before being submitted.


Word length should be approximately (500-700 words)


Program title: Development of Perth Arena

  • The Perth Arena has been already 75% complete and is a program under the Venues West several projects
  • Programs are completed within scheduled timelines and that there are no delayed extensions whatsoever.
  • Economic factors surrounding the projects remain the same during the time of development
  • The benefits are only assessable upon completion of the projects; or the projects have already been completed
  • The projects were done by contractors under exclusive government financing. No other parties other than the government are interested parties in the projects

Problem or opportunity statement To provide world class sporting, recreation and entertainment facilities to the Western Australia community and the world. There is need to provide a sustainable sporting, recreational and entertainment facilities that will meet the sporting and health needs of the Western Australian people and those of the world at large.
Benefits to be achieved KPI for the benefit KPI source for verification Responsible person for assessing the benefit Risks that could prevent the benefit from being realised Strategic objectives supported by this benefit
Project name: Champion Lakes Regatta Centre
Availability of world class canoeing, rowing and other water sports facilities Increased contracts for hosting water sporting events such as canoeing, dragon boating and triathlons Auditor general's report The Venues West COE can assess this benefit since he/ she is the person in overall charge of the project If the project is delayed beyond the scheduled time, there is a significant risk of missing this benefit Make Western Australia one of the best tourist destinations in Australia
Cultural heritage to the people of Western Australia Employment of Western Australians; community appreciation of the project Local community views The program coordinator can also assess this benefit since he/ she is the person directly in charge of the program Locals end up discriminated from the opportunities arising from the completion of the project Raise the pride of the state and the people of Western Australia
Provision of revenue to the government by hosting sporting and entertainment events Increased revenues collected by the government from hosting events Project manager's report Minister of finance Miscalculations/ incorrect estimation of project scope and requirements Venture into sports to increase the revenues collected by the government
Project name: Perth Motorplex
Provision of facilities for motor sporting including drag racing Increased requests to hold motor sports events Auditor General’s report Project manager Failure to secure contracts for motor sporting events Increase revenues from hosting events
Provision of entertainment facilities Increased entertainment events on the venue and contracts to hold them Program manager's report Project manager Failure to secure contracts to host entertainment events Provision of venues that can host international entertainment events
Provision of food and drink services during sporting, recreational and entertainment events Availability of variety of catering services to suit different tastes during the events Program manager's report Minister's office Disregard of laws prohibiting carrying of drinks to sporting venues Collection of revenues from catering services in events
Project name: HBF Arena Development
Delivery of new facilities for West Perth Football Club and Waneroo Basketball Association Increased sporting events and requests to hold sporting, entertainment and recreational events Auditor General report Program manager Delayed completion of projects Improve the quality of life of the community by availing recreational facilities that can assist them in overcoming sedentary behaviours
Availability of community sporting facilities Communal utilisation of the arena Auditor General’s report Program manager Delayed completion of the project Improving community health through availing recreational facilities
Expansion of netball and rugby facilities to include administration and player areas Hosting of netball and rugby events Auditor General’s report Program manager Delayed completion of the project Increase revenue collection from hosting sporting events

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