Since the time humans have existed, managing is considered to be one of the most imperative activities of humans. Human beings are social animals who form groups to achieve organisational objectives. For managing these groups, the role of a manager becomes vital.

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Before I go on talking about different leadership styles and various techniques of employee motivation that are the most essential concepts for these assignments, let me give you a brief onM/s Paper Write Corporation assignment. This will help you sharpen your knowledge of different theories on management.

M/s Paper Write Corporation Case Study Interpretation by Our Management Experts

As per ourmanagement assignment helpexperts, this is the case study that has come to us recurrently. This is because it is designed in such a way that students get an opportunity to explore various management theories and practice comprehensively that are performed in this firm.

When students turn to us for guidance on this assignment, this is how we help them understand it and do it with ease.

Question 1

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This is theM/s paper write a corporation case study that students get most as their assessment. After reading it thoroughly, our case study assignment experts use Henry Fayol’s principles to cater to the problems that have been found out in the workplace. Some of the problems include no specialised work in the factory, not following the rules and regulations, absence of place for keeping the tools, inventory, etc.

There are 14Henry Fayol’s principles which are:

  1. Division of work
  2. Esprit de Corps
  3. Authority and Responsibility
  4. Initiative
  5. Discipline
  6. Stability of tenure of personnel
  7. Unity of command
  8. Equity
  9. Unity of direction
  10. Order
  11. Subordination of individual interest
  12. Scalar chain
  13. Remuneration
  14. The degree of centralization

Among them, our team of experts chooses the five most relevant to find solutions to the above-discussed problems.

Question 2

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This is theM/s paper write corporation assignment question 2. Technology is vital for the functioning of every organisation. In this second question, our assignment help experts make use of 5 modern-day technologies that were not being used previously to improve the productivity and efficiency of the firm.

For instance,

a) Using registers for maintaining employee attendance

In the first case, the firm was initially dependent on registers for maintaining the attendance of its employees. For this, our team of management assignment writers advises the use of automated systems to enhance the efficiency of this attendance management process. Smart employee attendance tools such as Qandle or wi-fi-enabled clocks can be helpful in this situation.

b) The company has a manual process of writing an entry in the books of accounts

In thisM/s paper write corporation case study, the firm was initially dependent on maintaining an entry in the books of accounts. To increase the productivity of the company, our management experts suggested the use of artificial intelligence and cloud computing. In addition to this, we also assist students in understanding the concept of data innovation to mitigate the loss of data.

c) The leaves are applied on paper which has a lengthy process of approval

We all know the enormous amount of time that gets wasted when leaves are applied on paper. This is why in the third part, our team of management specialists focus on the usage of sending applications through e-mails. With this, the employees who want leaves can directly send the e-mail to the manager thereby, cutting short the time consumed in the entire procedure.

Question 3

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Now, we move on to the third question of M/s paper write corporation case study. This section would throw some light on the concepts that we have mentioned in the beginning section of the blog.The first part talks about employee motivation the next part would emphasis leadership styles. Primarily, there are types of employee motivations that play a crucial role in motivating the employees in the workplace.They are as follows:

  1. Achievement motivation
  2. Affiliation motivation
  3. Competence motivation
  4. Power motivation
  5. Attitude motivation
  6. Incentive motivation
  7. Fear motivation

Coming to the next section, we make use of8 types of leadership styles that contribute immensely to bringing out the best in every employee in different organisations. These are:

  1. Democratic leadership
  2. Autocratic leadership
  3. Bureaucratic leadership
  4. Laissez-Faire leadership
  5. Coach-style leadership
  6. Strategic leadership
  7. Transactional leadership
  8. Transformational leadership

This is just a brief explanation of this assignment to make the task easier for you. If you are searching for a completeM/s paper write corporation case study solution, then do get in touch with an individual who is an expert in solving case study tasks. You will certainly get all the answers to your queries.

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By now, you might have at least got an idea of the complexities that are involved in such case study tasks. Coming to terms with a case study is itself tricky, as it requires a logical and analytical mind to decipher the problems addressed in them and provide robust solutions for them. Owing to this fact,My Assignment Services maintains a steadfast team of management assignment help experts who have efficiently catered to the requirements of every student who gets stuck in these assignments. If you haven’t found the answers to the M/s Write Corporation case study, then do let us know. You can call/email us and we’ll get back to you in no time!

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